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Balotelli’s Wink (Weekend Review Show): EPL Talk Podcast

wink Balotellis Wink (Weekend Review Show): EPL Talk PodcastLaurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer dissect the weekend that featured two FA Cup semi-finals and plenty of Premier League matches. The duo discuss Manchester City’s surprise win against Manchester United, what it means for Stoke City to get past Bolton, Arsenal’s near win against Liverpool, the battle to avoid relegation and much more.

Founded in 2006, the EPL Talk Podcast is the number one Premier League podcast on the Internet. During each episode, we bring you intelligent debate about the world’s most popular sports league, featuring deep analysis that you won’t find with other podcasts. And each episode is available to you for free.

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11 Responses to Balotelli’s Wink (Weekend Review Show): EPL Talk Podcast

  1. Martin says:

    Shortest review show ever? Add in there was no midweek preview show. Steering us towards the pay model for the site?

    • Laurence says:

      Haha, No Martin. It was just a timing issue for Kartik and I. There is no intent for the content to change here! Even though it was shorter, I hope you enjoyed the show.


      • The Gaffer says:

        Like Laurence said, it was a scheduling conflict. I think we can be excused one Football Weekly-length show for once.

        The Gaffer

        • Martin says:

          Well, as an Arsenal fan I was looking forward to Kartik slamming the team after the debacle that was the Liverpool game. I imagine Laurence was elated. Was hoping to hear a bit more about it than what was presented.

          Keep up the good work!

  2. I enjoyed the show, haven’t heard one of these for a while but it was good

  3. Armchair ref says:

    Balotelli, what a winker, what a winker!
    2 match ban awaits poor loser, old camel lips!

  4. Shawn says:

    Good show, as always. I’m going on record, however, that I’m calling a Stoke win in the FA Cup final – Stoke will not only “bring it” to City, but I expect that they will bully (could be read as “play dirty”) and City doesn’t respond well to that style of play. Expect an ugly, ugly, UGLY game!

  5. Why? says:

    Shawn I don’t think Stoke will be able bully City as they are also a very large, powerful and physical side just like Stoke. With players such as Yaya, De Jong, Richards and Kompany to name a few they are a match for them in that department. Which teams have bullied them? I haven’t seen this happen. City have better quality but I don’t think this will count for to much in this game, it’s a one off game that any of the two can win. I am very happy to hear that the City Manager and players are very weary of Stoke and well aware that it is not over yet, otherwise I think it would be advantage Stoke but City are showing the respect that the other finalist deserve.

  6. Jon Sharp says:

    When Three’s Not a Crowd: Hoping that Richard comes back soon. Laurence is doing a fine stand in job as the moderator, so too Kartik as the principal pundit. But I miss Laurence’s insight and his sardonic comments about my favourite team (to paraphrase Mae West, “any attention is good attention”). So when it’s just the two of you could Laurence try and wear two hats and offer a bit more opinion?
    I enjoyed the focus on the lower prem teams a couple of podcasts ago. Hope to hear more, partic. as the lower part of the league is pretty exciting.

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