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What Would Be Your Dream Champions League Quarter-Final Draw?

320px uefa champions league logo 2svg What Would Be Your Dream Champions League Quarter Final Draw?

It feels like Christmas Eve tonight. Tomorrow morning, we’ll wake up and there’ll be several presents waiting for us. We have an idea what they’ll be, but we won’t know for sure until we rip off the wrapping.

I am, of course, talking about tomorrow morning’s draw for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. Whether you support one of the eight teams or not, you’ll want to know who will be paired up with who. This year, especially, the teams in the final eight are especially mouthwatering, namely Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan, Shakhtar Donetsk, Schalke and Manchester United.

Out of those teams mentioned above, which ones would you like to see matched against each other? And who would you like your team to avoid?

As a neutral fan who doesn’t support a Premier League team, I’d love to see all three English takes qualify for the semi-final. So, a Barcelona against Real Madrid match would be a brilliant way to ensure that one of the Spanish teams falls on the sword, as well as ensuring it would be a brilliant two-legged contest. I’d love to see Tottenham Hotspur continue its herculean run in the tournament by qualifying for the semi-finals, but I’d hate to see them matched up against Inter Milan again. Been there, done that. So, if Spurs could get Schalke, that would be ideal. That would leave Chelsea facing a tricky two games against Shakhtar Donetsk, while Manchester United would face Inter Milan.

Of course, I could be totally wrong. And that’s what is wonderful about this stage of the tournament. Depending on what balls are pulled out of the hat tomorrow morning, everything could change. Whatever happens, we’ll love every minute of it.

Not only that, but tomorrow we’ll find out what the path will be to the final. We’ll know which teams will have a chance of playing in which semi-final. So, by the process of elimination, we’ll be able to guess who will face who in the semi-final, as well as marveling at the prospect of who will play in the final.

The draw for the round of 8 in the UEFA Champions League will begin tomorrow at 7am ET. Be sure to join EPL Talk for a special update where we’ll be posting all of the news as soon as the balls are pulled out of the hat. These draw events are always filled with a lot of pomposity, so by the time they’ll get to the actual draw, you’ll be very anxious. As will I. See you on the homepage tomorrow morning! And don’t forget to post who you want to see picked to play who. Just post it in the comments section below.

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48 Responses to What Would Be Your Dream Champions League Quarter-Final Draw?

  1. C Dub says:

    Barcelona vs. Manchester U
    Tottenham vs. Shakhtar
    Real Madrid vs. Chelsea
    Schalke vs. Inter

  2. Andrei says:

    United vs Real – Ronaldo return to Old Trafford.
    Chelsea vs Inter – sweet revenge.
    Spurs vs Barcelona – a rare defeat for Barca at Nou Camp? Even if Spurs crash out it maybe a thrilling match up.
    Shakhtar vs Shalke – I wan’t Shakhtar in the semis.

    And don’t want to see four Real vs Barca classicos in one month.

    • will alfaro says:

      who ever posted this is brilliant, and knows what he is talking about. …

      those games listed up there could perhaps be the best games to name out

    • [OPTI]Madschester United says:

      Don’t forget they are drawing for the remaining rounds too… you should pick winner from those 4 match-ups and fill in the tree :)

  3. BA14 says:

    Real Madrid v Manchester United
    Chelsea v inter Milan
    Tottenham v Barcelona
    Shaktar Donesk v FC Schalke

  4. TheVodkaYeti says:

    In our half of the draw, Inter, Schalke and Shakhtar, don’t care who we get tomorrow.

    The others in any combo in their half. :)

  5. kau mat jambu says:

    real madrid vs schalke
    chelsea vs inter milan
    barcelona vs manchester united
    shakhtar vs tottenham

  6. Temi Getfema says:

    Man Utd vs Shakle Chelsea vs Real Shaktar vs Spurs Inter vs Barca

  7. jinhuangdi says:

    Barcelona vs Real Madrid. See if Mourinho can do his magic against Pep. Check ou my new blog at

  8. geki says:

    I would really like to see Spurs take on Barca

  9. will alfaro says:

    who ever posted this is brilliant, and knows what he is talking about. …

    United vs Real – Ronaldo return to Old Trafford.
    Chelsea vs Inter – sweet revenge.
    Spurs vs Barcelona – a rare defeat for Barca at Nou Camp? Even if Spurs crash out it maybe a thrilling match up.
    Shakhtar vs Shalke – I wan’t Shakhtar in the semis.

    And don’t want to see four Real vs Barca classicos in one month.

    those games listed up there could perhaps be the best games to name out

  10. [OPTI]Madschester United says:

    The more exciting the matchup in the Quarters the less exciting the matchups later on. For me, watching rare matchups is often more interesting than the usual or recently played games. For example, watching Milan vs. Madrid this year was not as exciting as last year, same goes for Bayern vs. Inter. Even the all-english final of Chelsea vs. United in 2008 was too regular to give it that added spice. Furthermore, since the remaining games are all drawn (Quarters, Semi’s and Final) tomorrow, here is my top draw:
    Inter Milan vs. Manchester United (Schneijder vs. Scholes, Chicharito vs. slow defense)
    Real Madrid vs. Chelsea (Mourinho returns)
    Shaktar vs. Barca (banana peel?)
    Schalke vs. Tottenham (give Tottenham chance to go to semis)
    Manchester United vs. Real Madrid (Ronaldo returns to OT)
    Barca vs. Tottenham (outstanding prospect of attacking football)
    Manchester United vs. Barca (best chance to beat Barca is away from Nou Camp)
    Manchester United win the TREBLE… ok ok ok … now how do I pinch myself and wake up from that dream… :D :)

  11. Nick says:

    United vs Real – Ronaldo return to Old Trafford.
    Chelsea vs Inter – sweet revenge.
    Spurs vs Barcelona – a rare defeat for Barca at Nou Camp? Even if Spurs crash out it maybe a thrilling match up.
    Shakhtar vs Shalke – I wan’t Shakhtar in the semis.

    ^ Pretty Much That

  12. Tuttle says:

    Schalke v. Inter
    ManU v. Real
    Chelsea v. Barca
    Spurs v. Shakhtar

  13. Arbry says:

    Man Utd vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Barcelona vs Chelsea

    Schalke vs Inter Milan

    Shakhtar vs Real Madrid

    Enjoy the quarterfinals :):) and i think the final will be Man Utd vs Inter Milan

  14. The Gaffer says:

    Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf (i.e. Barcelona)?

    The Gaffer

    • [OPTI]Madschester United says:

      Not afraid… in fact, I think Chelsea are most likely to be able to beat barca over two legs. Around 60% to win in my book, with other teams ranging between 20% (Shaktar, Schalke) to 50% (Madrid)

  15. bradjmoore48 says:

    Dream Scenario:

    Real Madrid v Schalke 04 – Raul & Huntelaar return to the Bernebeu
    Barcelona v Shaktar – Barca has trouble playing in Eastern Europe, but as always, destroy all who enter the Camp Nou
    Tottenham v Inter – Gareth Bale runs the Inter backline ragged twice again
    Manchester United v Chelsea – well, someone has to go, right?


    Real Madrid v Barca – 4 clasicos in a month, and these are the ones that will REALLY matter
    Man United v Tottenham – Spurs continue to settle down tactically while Bale, Lennon and van Der Vaart burn past a depleted Man U backline.

    Final : Barcelona v Tottenham – oh yes, Spurs are my dark horse. An absolute hell of a game, final score – Barca 3, Spurs 2. Messi scores a hat-trick, his first 3 goals on English soil.

    • [OPTI]Madschester United says:

      Any team that scores two goals against barca will beat them… you just had Tottenham win the Champions Leauge!!! WOW!
      :) :D :)

      • bradjmoore48 says:

        HAHAHA fair point.

        Wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, honestly. I’d much rather Spurs take it than pretty much anyone else left (other than Barca), esp. Chelsea and Inter.

        Would make the North London rivalry interesting, Spurs will hold that over Arsenal for YEARS.

  16. Joe says:

    How can anyone be hoping for anything other than Barcelona vs. Real Madrid? If they’re drawn against each other, that would make four matches in 15 days between arguably the two best teams in the world.

    • [OPTI]Madschester United says:

      I don’t find Barca THAT entertaining…
      Tottenham vs. Madrid would likely be the most entertaining final (with great direct football).

      United/Chelsea/Inter vs. Barca would probably put all non-Utd/Chelsea/Inter fans and non-Barca fans to sleep within 20 minutes.

      • Joe says:

        I’ll never understand why “direct football” is more entertaining that intricate passing and communication that takes years of playing together at the highest level to develop. I sure hope Stoke makes it to Europe next year, for all you direct football fans.

  17. Terry says:

    Shaktar vs Inter
    Spurs vs Chelsea
    Winners to meet in the semis.

    Man United vs Real Madrid
    Barcelona vs Shalke
    Winners to meet in the semis.

    That’s what me octopus tells me :) .

  18. Malcolm says:

    1. Man United vs Chelsea
    2. Barca vs Shalke
    3. Inter vs Shakhtar
    4. Real vs Spurs

    I just think Chelsea, as in the past, will draw an English team. I’m picking Chelsea against Man United but woudn’t be surprised if it’s Spurs.

    I also think Shaktar will be in the semis as I can see them beating Inter.

    The semis will pit winner 1 vs winner 3 and winner 2 vs winner 4.

  19. Thomas Zajac says:

    Spurs vs. Barcelona – Could be a more interesting match than people give it credit for. Plus if they lose I don’t care. I’m a huge Spurs fan but they’ve already had a great run and have proven that they are a force to reckon with. At this point Spurs need to concentrate on the EPL and qualify for next year’s CL, especially considering how the last few games went.

    Real vs. Man U – Ronaldo back at Old Trafford. Simple as that.


    Real vs. Schalke – Raul coming back to Madrid is why this interests me. Though Real would dominate so it might not be as interesting to watch.

    Inter vs. Shaktar or Chelsea vs. Shaktar. Both matchups would be pretty lively I think. Maybe Inter vs. Chelsea.

    • nik says:

      schalke vs Man u ,

      barca vs chelsea

      shaktar vs spurs

      inter vs real
      schalke vs shaktar , even spurs ideal match for all neutral sick of watching same team wining all hype nothing else

  20. ambarish says:

    the draw would be
    man u – real
    chelsea – inter
    barca – tottenham
    shaktar – schalke

  21. Sufail.l says:

    Real madrid vs shalk 04(raul returned bernabu) chelsea vs shakthar donesk man united vs inter milan tottenham vs barcelona

  22. Danny C says:

    Barcelona vs Man U- The top team in Spain against the top team in England

    Tottenham vs Shalke- Two underrated teams going at each other

    Inter vs Shakhtar- The reigning champions versus the heavy underdogs, David and Goliath

    Real vs Chelsea- Two superpowers of Europe in great form in the Champions league

  23. Sergioramiz says:

    Man Utd vs Shakhtar
    Chelsea vs Schalke
    Madrid vs Inter
    Barca vs Spurs
    Man Utd vs Chelsea
    Madrid vs Barca
    Man Utd vs Madrid

  24. Ricky B says:

    We all know these draws aren’t random. Barca and Man U will draw the desirable Schalke and Shaktar. Inter and Madrid are destined for each other as well as a London darby Chelsea v Tottenham. all three English sides will be on one half of the draw to guarantee one but only one english side in the London final. Draw will look like this…Top Half: Tottenham v Chelsea plays winner of Man U v Schalke…Bottom half: Barca v Shaktar plays winner of Madrid v Inter. Semis: Man U v Chelsea and Barca v Madrid. Barca ove Chelsea in the final.

  25. Pwnage says:

    go man u and chelsea will lose and real madridd

  26. shawn sagar says:

    i wont predict who will play in the quater finals
    all i can say is that 1 english team will be in the final since the final is in wembly
    (man utd, chelsea, tottenam)
    i’d say chelsea because they are the srongest of the three

  27. justin h says:

    barcelona v manchester united
    real madrid v inter milan
    chelsea v tottenham hotspur
    schalke v shakthar donetsk

    those would be the best matchups

  28. shijin says:

    Man Utd vs Schalke ” i need utd on semi-”
    Chelsea vs Barca ” tats a sweet revenge”
    Madrid vs Shakhtar ” i need madrid on semi-”
    Spurs vs Inter ” in italy spurs play brillient football”

    all this there should be a ” madrid vs barca” final

  29. jebrel says:

    Man united vs Barcelona
    Real Madrid vs Chelsea
    Inter Milan vs Spurs
    Schalke v shakthar donetsk

    the final game will be between Barcelona vs Inter Milan then . then bar ca will be the champion of uefa 2011.

  30. yusuf says:

    man united vs Barcelona
    real Madrid vs spurs
    inter Milan vs Chelsea
    Schalke v shakthar donetsk


  31. Ayrton says:

    Manchester United vs Barcalona
    Chesea vs Real Madrid
    Spurs vs Inter
    Schalke vs Shakter

  32. Amit says:

    all epl team do not look good even barca also . mardid some how improve this time inter was just lucky to be in quarter shaktar is really good team i hope man u play agints shaktar .schalke after magath do not know i deal match will be shaktar vs schalke final n shaktar wins eastern Europe deserve more this time .

  33. sname192 says:

    Barca vs Man.utd
    Inter vs Totenham
    Real vs Shalke
    Sahtar vs Chealsea

  34. Vendetta says:

    I want this one:

    Man Utd vs Real Madrid

    Schalke vs Chelsea

    Shakhtar vs Tottenham

    Barcelona vs Inter Milan

  35. shimels says:

    Man Utd vs Real Madrid
    Barcelona vs Schalke
    Chelsea vs Inter Milan
    Shakhtar vs Tottenham

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