Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 29: Open Thread

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Seven is such a lovely number. We have 7 Premier League matches on deck today beginning with the Birmingham against West Brom derby at 7:30am ET (ESPN2 for our U.S. readers). Whatever you do, don’t underestimate this match. Both teams have survival to play for. Carlos Vela has been an inspiration for West Brom and has given the Baggies another dangerous firing weapon up front (other than Peter Odemwingie) that Arsenal fans wish they still had instead of him being on loan. And it’ll be fascinating to see how Birmingham plays after their heroic performance in last weekend’s Carling Cup Final.

It’s definitely at that point in the season where every match matters. So the rest of the fare on Saturday features some delectable games such as Arsenal versus Sunderland (can the Gunners keep knocking on Manchester United’s door?), West Ham versus Stoke (can the Hammers continue their push out of the relegation zone?), Bolton against Aston Villa (will we see Stuart Holden versus Michael Bradley), Newcastle against Everton (can the Toffees get two wins in a row to push away from the bottom?) and Fulham against Blackburn (where it’s crucial that either side gets three points).

Last but not least on Saturday we have the 12:30PM ET game between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic, a derby of sorts. Wigan, bottom of the table, will be desperate for any points while Manchester City will try to kick on after the Kolo Toure scandal. Will we see the return to goalscoring form of Carlos Tevez, or can Roberto Martinez’s men grab a point like Fulham did last week?

By now, you probably know the drill. Either before, during or after matches, feel free to use this open thread as a place to vent, rant or make observations. Post in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 29: Open Thread”

  1. I think the highlight of the weekends game is going to be the Liverpool v Man Utd game. But we do have 2 derbys today. As well as some relegation battles.

    An interesting day for myself too as I am making the switch from Dish Network to Direct TV. I never thought I would see the day but with FSC+ being available in some from of HD as well as The Soccer Mix Channel im going to be quite interested.

    I wasn’t aware of The Soccer Mix Channel too after I ordered there service yesterday.

    The reason im moving is due too price.

    Im not sure if I will have Dish Service this morning as I requested that they cancel service from today.

    I will be watching Newcastle v Everton of course hoping that Moyes don’t start a 5-4-1 postion. Just a shame I can’t get the game in HD today.

    1. The Soccer Mix Channel is the one where you can watch several games on DirecTV at once right? Yep, I wish I had that too. Still stuck with Comcast, which is definitely not bloody Comcastic. As for the games today, I’m looking forward to them all but I’m especially interested in West Ham against Stoke. Newcastle against Everton could be a good one too depending which Everton turn up.

      The Gaffer

      1. Yep Gaffer The Soccer Mix Channel is where you can watch several games at once. There is a screen shot here

        It got to the point where I was paying over $100 a month to Dish and of course new customers get better deals then current long standing customers.

        If only you could get rid of Cable. I just use the cable company for the internet. Vonage for the house phone and Direct TV for my TV.

        My dish is cut off so Im not going to watch a stream as the game is on FSC+ at 8pm tonight I will probably catch it tonight. I work nights so I don’t mind a delayed game or using a DVR.

        I am with you on that. What Everton is going to show up. As well as what formation and team is Moyes going to use.

  2. How come the Arsenal game on FSC is not going to be available at midnight on For $15 a month, I think we’re entitled to it.

    1. Any live Premier League game on FSC will be available on demand on at midnight that day. Why? If you were able to watch it live on, many customers would cancel their Fox Soccer Channel subscription and just subscribe to instead.

      The Gaffer

        1. Arsenal v Sunderland is on Fox Soccer Channel. Any EPL game shown live on FSC won’t be available until midnight tonight on If it’s not listed on right now, it should be at midnight.

          The Gaffer

          1. Again, I refer you to the website. Man City vs. Wigan is listed as being available at midnight. Arsenal v. Sunderland is not listed at all. The site lists games that will be available to watch delayed.

              1. Hey Gaffer, can you tell me what nigh Hawaii 5-0 is on?
                Come on people, give the man some peace and get a DVR!

  3. Think Stoke are reconsidering not signing Ba…
    West Ham look like a team that could score 4 or 5 every match.

  4. What are we going to do with these referees? Titus Bramble holds Arshavin’s hand for four strides and then gives him a push in the back for good measure, and nothing?

    As always plenty of blame to go around to the Arsenal players as well, but I can’t let Anthony Taylor and his assistants off the hook today.

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