Manchester United Finalize Details of 2011 U.S. Preseason Tour

Manchester United's Ryan Giggs participates in a training session in Chicago as part of their 2010 US tour.

EXCLUSIVE: Manchester United’s 2011 summer tour of the United States has been finalized, according to an unnamed source.

The tour will kick off with Manchester United playing against Seattle Sounders on July 20 or 21 in Seattle, Washington. The club will utilize the Nike training facilities near Beaverton, Oregon to prepare for the club’s first preseason friendly of the United States.

After playing Seattle Sounders, Manchester United will fly to Chicago where they’ll play against Chicago Fire on Saturday, July 23. Event organizers were originally planning on having the game played at Wrigley Field, the legendary baseball stadium, but it appears that the deal may have fallen through, and that the game will be played at a different Chicago venue instead.

Next on the itinerary for Manchester United is their participation, for the second year running, in the MLS All-Star Game. Last season, Manchester United defeated the MLS All-Star Team 5-2 in an exciting game in Houston, Texas. But this year’s MLS All-Star Game will be played on July 27 at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

Last, but not least, Manchester United will complete their United States preseason tour with a mouthwatering game against Barcelona on July 30 in Washington D.C.   After the game, Manchester United will return to England to finalize preparation for the 2011-2012 Premier League season.

An official announcement regarding Manchester United’s tour is expected to be announced in late March.

Since breaking the news that Manchester United were in serious discussions as early as December to tour the United States, EPL Talk has received countless phone calls and e-mails asking for ticket information. Ticket details are expected to be announced in late March. But without a doubt, tickets will go fast. In previous years when Manchester United has toured the United States, the best places to find ticket news were to become a member of One United USA (the official Manchester United Supporters Club of America) or to visit the official Manchester United website.

What are your thoughts about the four cities that Manchester United have selected for their U.S. preseason tour? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

45 thoughts on “Manchester United Finalize Details of 2011 U.S. Preseason Tour”

    1. “glory glory hunting United”

      Well you are right. United are always on the hunt for glory.
      How’s Uncle Fester treating y’all?

      1. You mean the Toad? hmm. why not ask Liverpool.

        did you read the story I posted???? you must be proud to count them as your own.

    1. I know right. Especially considering a good chunk of the readership on here is from the states, this post was completely out of line. Get with it EPL talk.

        1. Haha, I was just poking fun at tonyspeed…. in all honesty, I thought the post was great and have already requested time off to head to Seattle and Beaverton.

          1. When we get closer to the official announcement in late March, I should have more info about the open trainings that United will be having. I’ll be in contact with Manchester United in the coming weeks to find out more, and will be sure to post the info on this site.

            The Gaffer

  1. Gaffer, thanks for the info. With daughters living in Seattle and Beaverton I’ll be making my plans to see the game with the Sounders and watch training at Nike. I did the same thing in 2003 when United played Celtic in Seattle and trained in Beaverton. I saw Manchester City train at Nike last summer. Nike’s facilities are first class and give fans an opportunity for an up close look at the squad and staff.

  2. Can’t wait to see them come play in Chicago! Missed the training session last summer but wont miss this!

    1. Eddie, I believe so, but we’ll find out for sure at the end of March when the Sounders and Manchester United formally announce the deal to the public.

      The Gaffer

    2. The game will definitely be at Qwest. All Season Ticket Holders for the Sounders have tickets to this game so it has to be played at Qwest. Anywhere else would be a huge mess. Also, lots of STH opted out of this game in their season ticket package so more lower bowl seats should be available than usual.

  3. I love the fact that United comes to America on a consistent basis. But I wish they would switch up the cities a little. Maybe a trip to the south. Atlanta, Charlotte, or Miami, it doesn’t matter where United go they will sell out. My two cents.

    P.S. I’ll probably still head up 95 for some Barca and Two Amys action.

    1. AC Milan will be playing Barcelona in Miami on August 3 at Sun Life Stadium. It’s not Manchester United, but it’s a pretty good Plan B! I’ll be there for sure.

      The Gaffer

  4. As much as I like the proximity of Red Bull Arena, isn’t it far too small for these two teams? They played to sold out crowds last summer.
    The Giants Stadium seems to be a better fit.

    1. Definitely, but for whatever reason, MLS has decided to host the game at Red Bull Arena. I would have preferred a game at the New Meadowlands.

      The Gaffer

      1. The new Meadowlands is just as bad as the old for real football. I saw England play Columbia, and watching David Beckham take a one step walk up to a corner sorta takes away from the game. I go past the Red Bull Arena everyday on the train, it looks like a real European football stadium.

        and the NMS is huge. and not a MLS stadium.

        1. I agree that Red Bull Arena would be a much better place to watch a game, but there are going to be a lot of upset people in the Tri-State area who will not be able to get tickets. This game is going to sell out super fast, so Man United fans may want to make sure now that they’re members of One United USA if they want to ensure they get tickets.

          The Gaffer

  5. United would be welcome in Seattle after a lackluster friendly schedule last year (Celtic, Boca Juniors, Chivas). We should be able to fill the stadium with 66,000+. Most of us would rather draw one big name than three weak ones. Boca Jr’s & Chivas were especially dissapointing.

  6. WHY! Why is it when New York gets the All-Star Game its those glory hunters Manchester United who will play, I was really hoping Arsenal would play in the All-Star game.

    1. LOL at Robin for using a term as an insult without even realizing what it means. But yr so right, why not a game for such a modest little club like Arsenal *snerk*

      1. HAHA, I’m gonna quote MNUfan1991 here.

        “glory glory hunting United”

        Well you are right. United are always on the hunt for glory. -MNUfan1991

    1. Should add that the Sounders do a great job of bringing teams in to play friendly games. In their 3 years of existence they have played Celtic FC, Barcelona, Boca Juniors and now Man U.. This is the best organization in the MLS by far, and will continue to lead the way for soccer fans and the league itself in the United States.

        1. I knew there was someone I was missing. Regardless in their short history they have already played some of the best teams in the world. Only playing the Brazilian nationals could beat this lineup. Class act.

    2. hi patrick i am a life long man utd fan who was born 40 miles from the theatre of dreams. i live in seattle and really want to get tickets to the game against the sounders in july 21 or 22 do you have any info on getting tickets i would appreciate any info you can give me
      Thanks Des

  7. Let me start off by saying,that I’m a Manchester United fan. I just think that MLS playing them two years in a row is a bad idea. There are lots of other teams that MLS should try to schedule to play against the All Star team. How about,Arsenal,Liverpool,Newcastle United,Club America,Bayern Munich etc.

  8. Thanks for the info but when will you know more about the open trainings. Also where will the trainings be at. And are any other places to get the tickets cause I live in Canada.

    1. Manchester United will be making an official press announcement next week, I believe. As soon as we have more information, we’ll publish it on this site.

      The Gaffer

      1. Thanks Gaffer I need to know A.S.A.P because I’m planning on going to open training sessions not the games cause I’m trying to get the players autographs. Will they be giving autographs anyways cause I dont want to go for nothing or else i’ll go to the game in Chicago.

        1. Paul, I don’t have any additional information, so best bet will be to wait until next week when the official news is circulated. Everything will be clearer at that stage.

          The Gaffer

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