The Preferred Side Of A Nil-Nil (Mid-Week Show): EPL Talk Podcast

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftWhich side of a nil-nil would you rather be on? It’s a serious question, because in Champions League, after one leg, it matters. Taking a 0-0 on the road has entirely different implications than coming back home with one. Yet there’s still debate as to which situation is preferred. José Mourinho has said that he doesn’t mind the 0-0 at home to open a tie. Alex Ferguson clearly doesn’t mind returning to Old Trafford with the same.

On this episode of the podcast, in the wake of Manchester United’s 0-0 in Marseille, we talk about the strategies behind playing for the second leg. We also talk about Chelsea’s performance, a 2-0 win in Copenhagen. Should the first win since Fernando Torres was bought be considered a step forward?

We also reflect back on mid-week Premier League action, look forward to this weekend’s fixtures, and then shift our focus to Sunday’s League Cup final, where Birmingham City has a chance to earn a spot in next year’s Europa League. Should the Carling Cup grant entry into Europe? And how important is it that Arsenal’s kids finally claim some silverware.

All that on this, the mid-week edition of the show.


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