Behind the Curtain at Fulham’s Craven Cottage: Video

MOTD2: Fulham: Behind The Scenes from Bilet on Vimeo.

Fulham’s Craven Cottage is one of my favorite grounds in the Premier League. So much history and so much class. So it was a wonderful treat today to come across this behind-the-scenes video I uncovered which takes the BBC MOTD2 viewers into the places at Fulham that an average punter would not be able to see.

For a deeper look inside Fulham’s ground, view EPL Talk’s set of Craven Cottage photos that we took from a visit to the ground in 2006.

Spotted at The Offside Rules

7 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain at Fulham’s Craven Cottage: Video”

  1. I was lucky enough to watch Fulham/Bolton at Craven Cottage some years ago- I was too little to remember it fully now, but I remember it being a very pleasant ground, and looking back, there’s nothing quite like that atmosphere. Seeing a smaller ground like CC makes me yearn for the days of Highbury, it pains me to know that when I finally make my trek to London to watch the Arsenal, I’ll have to sit in a generic, large stadium with no atmosphere whatsoever.

  2. Great piece. With all the American players over the years Fulham has been a favorite for the Yanks. Seeing this piece makes us feel even better about the club and want to follow it even closer.

  3. Great photos! I just got back to the States after seeing the Fulham-Chelsea game (went to Anfield as well) and I fell in love with Craven Cottage. Not only were my seats fantastic (I was in the neutral section) but they were a great value. The crowd in my section seemed quite international and the atmosphere was convivial. It was also very easy to get to on public transit. I’d definitely go back before seeing other (larger) London arenas.

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