Why Liverpool Should Sell Fernando Torres To Pave New Future For Reds

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It’s no secret that Chelsea has a love affair with Liverpool’s Fernando Torres. Chelsea has on repeated occasions attempted to pluck the World Cup winner from Anfield, to take him to the posher confinements of Stamford Bridge in swanky west London. So the news tonight that Liverpool has rejected a reported £35-40 million bid from Chelsea hardly comes as a surprise.

However what is surprising is that Liverpool confirmed that an offer was made by Chelsea, and that it was rejected by the club. “The player is not for sale,” said a club spokesman.

But why should the club spokesperson have said anything at all about the rejected bid? Is Liverpool trying to covertly raise the awareness among rival clubs that Chelsea bid £40 million for the player, thus perhaps trying to ignite a price war? Yes, the club says the player isn’t for sale. But clubs often say that in hopes of appeasing supporters that they’re not trying to outwardly flog their most prized asset. And at the same time sending the signal that the player is a prized possession and that the club shall not let him go unless it’s a princely ransom.

The question is, at what price should Liverpool change it’s opinion that the player is not for sale? Consider that £40 million is a British transfer record offer. Also consider that Manchester City tried to sign Torres last summer. And imagine if Chelsea and Manchester City got into a price-war over the Spaniard with Real Madrid poking its head in to see if they could lure Torres back to Spain. With just a few days to go in the January transfer window, the thought of a full-scale price war for Torres must be delectable for Fenway Sports Group.

For a player who has only scored 9 league goals so far this season, £40 million is an incredible offer. Torres is slowly but surely regaining his form in the past few games but he is still a shadow of himself and his career at Liverpool has been riddled with nagging injuries which he has been slow to recover from. El Niño has the potential of getting back to his dangerous self especially under the management of the iconic Kenny Dalglish, but how long will that take?

My belief is that Liverpool should sell Torres if an offer of £45-50 million comes in for the striker. It’s unreasonable to expect that his value will exceed that in the next few years. And with £45-50 million in the bank, Liverpool could purchase footballers such as striker Luis Suarez for £20 million, midfielder Charlie Adam for £14 million and another proven striker, such as Diego Forlan, for up to £16 million to partner Suarez up front. Three players for the price of one sold. It’s something that Liverpool should seriously consider.

I realize that supporters of the Anfield club are emotionally attached to Torres who, at times, is one of the best strikers in the world. But the 26-year-old striker is not on top of his game right now and it’s still going to take precious time for him to get back to his best, if that’s even possible. Liverpool is currently at a crossroads where they need to rebuild for a new future. I think the Reds should take the money and run, and begin to recoup the profits they’ve made from him (given his original transfer fee of around £20 million from Atletico Madrid, and the countless shirts they’ve sold with his name adorned on the back).

It’s time for Torres to be sold to the highest bidder for the good of Liverpool. Every player has his price and £45-50 million is just about right.

UPDATE: Torres believes that a departure from Anfield is now the right move for his career, according to The Guardian. Despite the newspaper reporting yesterday that an exit clause was in his contract, the newspaper has now declared that there is, in fact, NO escape clause. The paper adds that “Torres does not want to miss out on the opportunity to join Chelsea for a second time. He has urged the Fenway Sports Group to broker an agreement that is good for both player and club.”

UPDATE: Fernando Torres submitted a written transfer request Friday to Liverpool, but the request was rejected according to the official club website.

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  1. That’s really risky move, when Liverpool gets more stable. Then may we can say sell him. But not now. I mean we don’t need 3 players right now, we just need 1 player during this transfer window.

  2. One point Torres would never play for Real Madrid so Barcelona
    & probably finish his career with Athletico Madrid when he returns to
    Spain eventually.

  3. sell torres your nuts…and charlie adam is not worth 14 mil. your a manc. forlan is 29 surez is not proven.. we dont sell are best players… and only if torres wants to go otherwise no thanks..

    1. *our

      sorry it bugs me.

      adam isn’t worth 14, nor issurez worth 29. it’s all part of negotiation, the public displays by ajax to the dinners with agents.

      torres won’t want to be sold and shouldn’t be sold… ok maybe for 100 million, you can’t pass up 100 million!

  4. don’t be daft he is the best striker in the world 40mil in this market is not even close second Forlan didnt make it at man u so why would he make it now

      1. Lol did you watch his time at manure?

        32 yr old for up to 16 mil. Then with your vague up to Torres would be up to 200 mil.

        And yes i watched Adam against manure. And definitely he is not worth 14 mil. Not to say he is not good. Just too pricy.

          1. I think he’s a decent player, but a portly lad who can’t last 90 minutes is not worth 14 million quid. He was shattered after 60 mins. I’ve tried to watch blackpool as much as i can this season because I”ve been a follower of Holloways from his plymouth days. The lad is too rotund and gets knackered too easily to be 14 millio quid.

            He also has only 18 months left on his contract. I’d take him at united for 8 million tops.

  5. torres is getting back into it!! hes alreay scored 3 goals under kenny dalglish.

    16 million for forlan?!!! u got 2 be jokin. hes 32 in may. we’l only get about a year out of him.
    also fenway want 2 buy young players that they can sell for more than they paid!!

  6. Charlie Adam isn’t worth more than £4M. Forlan £16M??? You need your head examined. Gaffer: 1. old-timer, oldtimer, gaffer, old geezer, antique.

    1. Sean, I said “up to £16 million” for Forlan. Liverpool could try to negotiate the price down given Forlan’s age, but Tottenham are still supposedly interested in getting the Uruguayan striker.

      No need for name calling mate.

      The Gaffer

  7. To sell Torres would be madness, we should be adding to the squad with players of quality, not selling possibly the best player we have (when on top form). The reason we’re after another striker is to add to Torres and to step up when he has a dip in form, not replace him.

    He may have only scored seven goals this season, but he has scored 65 in 101 games for Liverpool, which is phenomenal by anyone’s standard.

    Maybe Liverpool are telling of Chel$ki’s bid to point out that ‘Torres is not for sale’.

    Cristiano Ronaldo scored 102 in 196 games for united and was sold for £80m, so why is Torres supposedly worth less than half that?

    If Torres wants to go that’s another thing, but if he is happy or at least content, then we should rebuff any offers, especially those that undervalue him.

  8. Good bit of stirring, but a complete crock all round. Not only that, and I know it’s not saying much, but Torres has scored nine this season in the league, not seven. Not only that but £14m for Adam??? and more astonishingly you reckon £16m for Forlan – a 30 year old that has proven he can’t play in the Premier League (10 in 63 games up front for Man U).

    Call yourself the Gaffer! do you even watch football?

    1. Jules, you’re correct. He has scored 9 goals this season, not 7. I’ve fixed that in the article, but 9 goals from a striker of his quality is still nothing to write home about.

      Forlan had a horrible time at Old Trafford but that was 7 years ago. Did you watch him play in the World Cup last summer? He was one of the stars of the entire tournament.

      Whether you agree or disagree with the valuations I’ve written in for the different players, the point is that Liverpool could get three world-class players for the price they’re selling him for. And if the valuations of the players are far less than what I wrote as you inferred, then perhaps Liverpool could get four world-class players from the money they collect from Chelsea for Torres.

      The Gaffer

      1. Isn’t one of the “rules” in Soccernomics not to buy a player based on a recent World Cup performance? :)

        As I said below, he’ll be too expensive, at the wrong end of his career, and currently plays in a league that flatters him.

        Also as I said, I really can’t think of any player or players that could replace Torres other than a Rooney or Drogba. Even if we could get one of those players if would be for just as much money.

      2. The last point – that Liverpool could get 3 world class players for the price of selling Torres – doesn’t make sense at all.

        Suarez is not world class. He may be in the future if all goes well for him. He has the potential.

        Forlan may just be world class but he didn’t cut it in the EPL with manure then so it is a risk to bring him back now. He may not cut it still. Not to mention he is 32 not 23 years young.

        Lastly, if you think Adam is world class then EPL must be filled with world class players.

        Even as a possibility your point won’t stand up because please name me 3 world class players who together are only worth 45 mil.

        Keeping in mind one single Dzeko just moved for 27 mil to Manc. And Bent (hardly world class) moved for 24 mil. Oh hey look 2 non-world class strikers already cost more than 45 paltry mil.

        Then again that’s just my opinion.

        1. Peter, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Luis Suarez IS a world-class player. Did you watch the last World Cup?

          “If you think Adam is world class then EPL must be filled with world class players.” Yes, Peter, I do believe the Premier League is filled with world-class players.

          The Gaffer

          1. Gaffer, plenty of players shine in the World Cup, look like world beaters, only to be a big flop when signed to big transfers. Diouf, Diao are two Houllier flop signings off of their performances in the 2002 world cup.

            Furthermore, Suarez played a more advanced role in his Uruguay team, with Forlan playing the #10 schemer role. Suarez still only scored 3 goals, two of which were tap ins.

            Finally, Eredivisie flatters decent strikers as the league tends to play VERY open attacking football. Even Dirk Kuyt had 149 goals in 306 games…

  9. If someone came in with 50 or 60 million in the summer for Torres, Liverpool should take it. I just think he’s too injury prone, and while he’s still got some moments ahead of him, he’ll spend too much time out of action. It could well be time to make a few quid on him.

    1. The key words there are ‘in the summer’. We certainly shouldn’t sell him 3 days before the end of this transfer window with no time to replace him. That would be madness. Apparently there is no release clause so it’s up to us whether we want to sell. Lets keep him and see how he gets back into form under King Kenny. The early signs are good. I can’t blame Torres for wanting to leave- he wants to play in a club with ambition and from what we have seen of FSG this transfer window if they do have ambition they don’t have the resources to back it up.

  10. Adam is maybe not worth 14 mil, but based on what I have seen, he is worth close to that, maybe 10-12. Who knows how good he could be with top class players around him. Forlan is not worth 10 to any EPL team based on his form at man u. Suarez is has potential; but Liverpool should spend money on young talent better than Jonjo Shelvey and go the route of Man United and Arsenal.

    1. Forlan hasn’t ever been realistically linked with Liverpool and shouldn’t be. The Gaffer was just using him as an example. We don’t want him at all. Too expensive, at the wrong end of his career, and playing in a league that flatters him.

      Suarez would be a good transfer but for no more than 18 million. Wait until the summer and we can probably get him for that – they’re putting him out there for 25 million quid to see if anyone is desperate enough.

      I think the best January buy would be Adam for somewhere around 10 million.

  11. The problem is that even “big” teams only get a player like Torres once every ten years or so. You don’t replace him – not even with three above-average players. Other than bringing in a Drogba or Rooney – and they would cost just as much.

    By the way, this market (especially the January one) is getting silly. Suarez for 20-25 million and Adam for 10-14 million! This is the kind of silly transfers that have gotten us into trouble.

    1. Great article??? There are three days left in the transfer window. How are we going to be able to negotiate deals to replace him within three days?- especially when clubs will see we’ve just had a big injection of cash and will up their prices causing our owners to pull out of negotiations. We’re having enough trouble signing the players we have already identified without addfing in extra complications. The article is frankly bizarre.

      1. It’s looking more likely that Torres may leave according to today’s UK papers. How would Liverpool be expected to find players to replace Torres in such a short amount of time? That’s not Chelsea’s problem. It’s Liverpool’s issue.

        The Gaffer

  12. Gaffer,

    I think you misunderstand FSG’s intentions for Liverpool FC. They have said on many occasions that they have no intention of selling our prized assets (read: Reina, Torres, Gerrard, arguably Johnson) and only have the intention of bringing in more talent. You seem to rely a lot on the fact that Liverpool has yet to be able to bring in new talent and thus, selling Torres should free up those ‘extra’ funds that will unlock the doors to new players. This is a misunderstanding. The only reason Liverpool has yet to wrap up any deals for transfers is that Liverpool refuses to fall victim to inflated player prices the likes of Man City and Real Madrid seem to care very little about (I will admit, Real’s recent purchases—Ozil, Khedira, Adebayor—have been prudent).

    That being said, selling Torres would be a poor, poor decision. Granted, he hasn’t lived up to expectations over recent years, there have been MANY changes in the backroom staff and LFC as well as the general philosophy behind the club since H&G have made their way out the door.

    I’m sorry, but the notion that Torres and Gerrard should be ‘offloaded’ to pave the way for some great Liverpool revolution is just misguided and extremely out of touch with what Liverpool is all about. Gerrard has served the club as well as any player has served a club in the history of football, how could we repay this loyalty by offloading him to some other league for the remaining 4 years of his career (self-proclaimed I might add). Torres is only 26 years old and, as you put it, starting to recover his form, I believe he’s notched 4 goals over the last 5 games, and it would be 5 if not for a poor offside call by the (male) linesman. As soon as FSG manages to bring in a better supporting cast then I’m almost positive Torres will reclaim his spot as one of the best strikers in the world.

    In sum, I disagree, for the reasons mentioned above. Additionally, your thoughts are far from novel, and this has to be the nth article I’ve read about “why Liverpool should sell Torres.” My question to you is, what makes your idea more novel than me writing up an article “why ManUre should sell Rooney” or “why Spurs should sell Bale”?

    1. Justin, as far as I can remember, this is the first time I’ve written that Liverpool should sell Torres. I’m sure there are others who have made the same argument but I haven’t read them. The difference why Liverpool should consider selling Torres (instead of Man United selling Rooney and Spurs selling Bale) is that I believe Torres is at the highest value right now that Liverpool can possibly get for him. With Bale, he’s so young that his price can continue to rise if he keeps on playing like he does. Same with Rooney. If he can return to his greatness, his stock will rise.

      Besides, whether Liverpool “have no intention of selling our prized assets” makes no difference. Torres has a clause in his contract whereby he can leave the club (if he wants) if a club comes in with a £50 million bid.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer:
        Sorry to chime in. But re: your argument.

        You should know that in that case, it’s not strictly speaking “selling”. And the debate about whether they “should” sell Torres is then irrelevant.

        My personal view is actually not that Torres shouldn’t be sold at any price, but that he’s worth more than 50 million since Rooney (who I think offers less than Torres) was quoted at 60 million from Madrid..

        1. If they can get 60m GBP for Torres, more power to them. But Torres’s escape clause is 50m GBP, so I don’t see a club paying more than that unless they got into a bidding war.

          The Gaffer

        1. Gaffer, your primary concern seems to be balancing the books rather than building a football team. Are you an accountant by any chance?

      2. This whole idea of selling players at the peak of their value just depresses me. What happened to wanting the best players on your team long-term? What happened to waiting to watch your favorite player come out on the field, the one who’s been there for years and struggled through some tough times but came out on top? It seems like you think modern football either is or should be about accounting more than anything. You can accuse me of living in some fantasy world, but my ideal beats the shit out of “businessball”.

  13. I think you should have read up more on Torres regarding Real Madrid, he will never join that club, Barcelona will be more likely. As for 14 Million for adam, 10 Million will be more acceptable.

  14. Definitely not this winter window, and definitely not for a penny below the 50 million release clause.

    Torres is a more complete player than either Rooney and Drogba. He has Drogba’s ability to hold up the ball (when Drogba isn’t diving), and Rooney’s explosiveness (when Rooney’s ankle is fully healed). And Rooney isn’t a #9 anyway.

    If Rooney was speculated to be worth 60 million, Torres for 50 million is a steal in my opinion.

  15. What this bid may end up doing though, is it might end up putting more pressure on NESV to buy Suarez this window. We’ve already sold Babel for a knock down price (hopefully they were smart and put on a sell-on clause), and while I have my doubt that Suarez will end up as the new Tevez (as he claims), he should be a very good upgrade from Maxi coming in from out wide in the 4-2-3-1.

    I’m also not convinced that Adam is the new Xabi Alonso. Adam gets forward much more and he doesn’t have quite the patience to not always try the hollywood passes. Alonso’s best attribute, in my opinion, is not his ability to spot a brilliant pass, but know when to just lay the ball off to the full-back and recycle possession. From what I’ve seen from Adam is that he might not have the discipline to perform this Alonso/Pirlo role. And we already have a few players in the central attacking midfield position who are better in that role (i.e. Gerrard/Meireles), and decent backups/youth (i.e. Cole, Shelvey, Pacheco) who warrant a look.

    By the summer he’ll be in the last year of his contract, thus there’s no way he’ll be worth 10 million. 5 million may be a fair price.

  16. What a stupid article. If it were the very beginning of the Summer transfer window and Liverpool had identified a range of possible alternative targets then the question might at least be open. But 4 days before the end of trhis transfer window with the club struggling to buy a striker and you’d be absolutely mad to sell him. FSG have already lost a lot of credibility this transfer window for their failure to buy players. Imagine if they added in the sale of Torres to their under-achievement thus far! They would be forced out by the Summer. Besides all of which Torres will shine under Dalglish. The author of this article is simply a moron.

    1. Liverpool may be forced into selling him if Chelsea or Man City offer 50m GBP. So what would Liverpool do then with a few days left in the transfer window? Wait til the summer to buy players? Then there really would be a mutiny.

      The Gaffer

      1. Man city is trying to offload strikers, but buy more at the moment. May be in the summer when Tevez and/or Balotelli leaves.

        And given that Chelsea is trying to haggle over 5 million dollars of future payment over Luiz, I’d be surprised they pay the release clause this winter.

        Moreover, I would be very surprised if he leaves in the winter even if anyone of the teams fork up that money right now.

  17. This article is a disgrace to our best player(Torres) and whoever posted it is not a Liverpool. If we could give time en support to Hodgson who plumeted us into relegation battle why do we have to debate over whether Torres should be sold.
    Yes he has’nt scored many goals this season but that doesnot solely justify our poor performance. Shame on any Kop who believes in this article for its clear they have not learnt anything from the Xabi Alonso departure we cant give up our prolific Striker with class for mere proteges riding on good form.
    Whoever posted this article is either a Man.U fan or a pathetic joker.

  18. To the Gaffer:

    Why should Liverpool sell Torres to other rival teams in England. Are you nuts!!!. Yeh Torres can be sold, for the right price that is. Nothing less than 80miilion pounds, to some Spanish or Italian giants to have hords of money available or can borrow from the bank. Lets break Ronaldo’s fee. Either than that, Torres is staying put, Suarez will be brought in, together they will be a hit, with Suarez doing all the dogged work in supplying to Torres, also chipping regular goals. Charlie Adams definitely a good player, but not woth 16m pounds, maybe 10 m max. What is Holloway smoking ??. LFC really requires another top winger to strenghten the side !!!

    1. I think you and holloway share spliffs if you think torres is worth at LEAST as much as an in-form christiano ronaldo. As a newcastle fan, i know a bit about a good striker whos highly overvalued. Torres wont leave anyway, Daglish seems to have him firing again. If he did, he would not be worth 80 million… maybe at the end of the season when hes probably in the top three strikers (if recent for stays) but that is highly optimistic. That being said i would like to see liverpool in europe again. Its starting to look possible, and i cant see it going well if youre suddenly Torresless

  19. Hey!what about torres himself! he loves liverpool…he want to win cups with it…do you realize that…a player is a person at first step…you just look at players like a machine without emotion…
    i’m sorry for you…

    1. Fernando, so why then has Torres reportedly told Liverpool that he wants the club to “listen to bid from Chelsea after club turned down first approach,” according to The Daily Telegraph this morning?

      The Gaffer

  20. Liverpool just needs to get two top class creative wingers and Torres will start scoring goals like funs. Get Arda Turan, Jesus Navas, Ashley Young or N’zogbia.

  21. I firmly believe I will never see Torres play for any English team,other than Liverpool…He really does love the city,supporters,Anfield.And With NESV wipIng out the debt,profit(though always welcome)is not the first concern.They know the real way to up your profits is by building a winning team,and Torres is definitely part of that plan.

    BTW-Adam for 14m? Hahahahaha.Seriously?
    6-8m tops…And YES,it’s absolutely because he palys for Blackpool.He plays for a side that still has very real chance of being relegated.He is their greates asset through talent or money,let them choose.They choose wrong and he’ll be rotting in the championship next year…If hes still lighting the world afire,Liverpool will sign him for even less.

    1. 50, so why then has Torres reportedly told Liverpool that he wants the club to “listen to bid from Chelsea after club turned down first approach,” according to The Daily Telegraph this morning?

      The Gaffer

      1. Reportedly being the ultimate word….And even with that,its been reported(theres that word again) that there is no buy out clause…Totally fabricated…If thats the case,why would Liverpool sell? Barring some horrific injury Torres’ stock could only go up between now and this summer by returning to old form…

  22. If the buyout rumors are true & Chelsea meet it…thats a different scenario.(still dont think thats the case)
    But :
    A) Still like i said,cant see Torres going to another English club
    B) Theres no reason for Liverpool to sell right now,plenty of time left on Torres’ contract,things can only get better…

    This has become a constant transfer period non-story,Liverpool are in bad shape,every club wants Torres,nothing new…..please move on.

    1. The story continues. Torres has said this morning that he a departure from Anfield is now the right move for his career. He does not want to miss out on the opportunity to join Chelsea for a second time, and has urged the Fenway Sports Group to broker an agreement that is good for both player and club.

      The Gaffer

  23. God forbid you say anything remotely opinionated about Liverpool. Quite frankly, Torres has been a shell of himself ever since Euro 2008. I’ve been waiting and waiting to see him return to top performance and I’m just not seeing it. He gets hurt, he returns to the pitch, he runs out of gas, he gets hurt again. Oh yeah, throw in a goal or two in there during that timeframe. He’s certainly been one of the most over-rated players the last two years. If he comes back to top form then that will be awesome. Until then, put the Kool-Aid down and stop yelling at people that simply want to discuss various options the team could pursue!

  24. Torres is Liverpool’s first proper # 9 since Rush. Every player has his price but 40 million pounds isn’t it. You’re being a little harsh in saying Torres only scored 9 goals this season. The player was out of form, injured, isolated up front, and had to endure the nonsense in the boardroom. With those problems solved, there is absolutely no reason to sell him in January, if the player wants to leave, let him leave in the summer, hopefully back to the continent.

  25. I love this blog for posts like this because of how it makes the sports fan think, or not think by reading some of the comments left. As a diehard Liverpool fan, I’m torn on whether or not to let him go. He is no doubt one of the best when he is on top of his game. As a coach, I consider the game winner in the Euro 2008 final the best goal I have ever seen, but that is something for another debate. However, he has not been in recent years, and we need that desperately. It could be because of injury, or also due to not having someone to compliment him like Mireles has done in recent weeks, but none the less, it hasn’t happened. I wonder what if he never gets it back? Can we keep hanging on?

    I think it is in the best interest for all parties for Torres to stay through the year. It seems that Kenny has brought back some vitality to the striker. If this continues to happen and his form continues to improve, not only will this be beneficial to Liverpool’s season, but also up Torres’ value at the end. Should he be sold, Liverpool could buy more players with that scenario obviously.

    What makes me laugh the most about the post is the paragraph about purchasing the three players. What seems to be missed by the readers are the words “such as” before the ones mentioned. All that is being stated is an example, not that they actually would purchase a Forlan, or any of the other players even though they have been linked to Suarez and Adam. The whole point is 3 for 1 and with the right 3, that could have a great impact both this year and next.

      1. Yeah, using examples in writing is a mind-boggling concept. :)

        Here’s my update, though.
        Torres : possibly +50
        Suarez : -22
        Adam : possibly -12

        That leaves 16 million quid. Judging by this market that’s not much. Maybe use it for Downing>

        1. Downing would be ideal and a perfect fit to replace the ineffective Joe Cole on the wing. Gaining Downing, Suarez and Adam for the price of Torres would be very good business in my opinion.

          The Gaffer

          1. I thought Downing would have been a good buy two weeks ago but I doubt Aston Villa will let him go this winter as Houllier will need him to feed crosses to his shiny new toy.

            I haven’t given up on Cole yet but I think it’s time for Dalglish to consider starting Johnson in the midfield. Kelly seems solid enough at Right Back.

  26. Just to put my predictions down in writing;
    Luis Suarez will be sold to LFC for 17-21M and some other piece like a friendly or player.

    Torres will not be sold in this window. He will be sold in the summer for over 40M unless we pull off the impossible and nab a CL spot. ~Maybe~ winning Europa would keep him around.

    Charlie Adam will not be purchased and he will be quickly forgotten come Feb 1st. We will buy a higher quality, younger player in the summer.

    1. Close…26.5 Million Euros, Ajax was asking for 30, so it looks like they compromised. I think this is somewhere around 22 british pounds.

  27. Oh you can love Loverpool so much it blinds you from reality.

    Fernando Torres stated last year and this year that he wants to play for Chelsea and Liver-lovers still believe he wants to stay! Think about Chelsea too, they about to sell Drogba to Real Madrid and so they need a quality striker like Torres (though Torres is a more brittle form of Drogba with a bit less polish). As for those who think Torres will only go to Barca, what are you drinking??? Barca is saving that sterling for Fabregas who has stated this year and last that he wants to move to there.

    On a side note, Adam is worth 16, no doubt about it. Forlan as well, but I can see Forlan moving to a team that needs help now to win the FA, UEFA to PL but not to Loverpool where they look to have 2 years rebuilding.

  28. First, the bid from Chelsea was 35 million pounds. The buyout claus in Torre’s contract is for 50 million pounds. So if Chelsea bid 50 million pounds and the player agrees to move then there is nothing Liverpool can do but let him leave. According to reports Torres is keen to move on as he feels that the club has not lived up to their promises of bringing in quality players. Since Torres will be eligible to play in the CL it makes him even more attractive to Chelsea right now.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind selling Torres for 45-50 million pounds and begin the rebuilding process. The problem of course is that selling him now does not give the club enough time to buy a quality striker to replace him. Suarez is being bought to compliment Torrres, not replace him.

    Liverpool might assure Torres that if he wants to leave he can do so in the summer. A good compromise in my opinion.

  29. Should Liverpool sell Torres… for the right price why not. Right now? HEEELLL no. If, as you said, Liverpool would then have the cash to splash on new/exciting players, Great! But who can Liverpool buy in the next 3 days, that can score goals in the EPL? If Liverpool buy Suarez now, and he does acceptably in the EPL, and the offer of 50+ million is there this summer, ok fine, you’ve got all spring/summer to find possible replacements. Will there ever be another Fernando Torres Liverpool’s # 9? No, I wish he would stay for another year or two at Anfield and then make his way back to Spain, Sadly it looks like that won’t happen.
    Should they sell? Sure, just not right now.

  30. I would sell Torres now but not for anything less than 45 million pounds. Now that Suarez has been bought Liverpool can manage till the end of the season. Then spend the money wisely in the summer.

    Torres has been a shadow of himself this season. Even his two goals against Wolves were tap-ins. He has not looked the part and if he wants to leave then I would oblige provided Liverpool get close to the 50 million pounds that is his buyout. No use keeping a player who wants to leave.

    I’m not sure that a Torres-Suarez partnership is enough at this stage for Liverpool to finish in the top 4 so they might as well concentrate on getting into the top 6 and use the Torres sales money wisely in the summer. Prices in January are always inflated. Liverpool should use this fact to their advantage and get as close to 50 million for him.

    1. Selling Torres now just sends the message we are not an ambitious club. If we can at least keep him till the summer we can line up a series of signings of the stature of Suarez and soften the blow of his departure then. Torres will be worth more in the Summer because the signs are that he is starting to rediscover his touch. Kenny will know how to get the best out of him- Hodgson didn’t have the faintest clue.

  31. Torres’ body language has been all wrong this season. He has been complaining about every push and shove and seems a very frustrated figure. I think he has run his course at Liverpool and the club should cash in on him while they can get a huge figure for him. Something close to his buyout of 50 million should be accepted. Since Chelsea made their 35 million pound bid it is Torres that has asked Liverpool to work something out with Chelsea. That means it is the player that wants to leave and so sell him for close to 50 million and start rebuilding.

    Personally I think only Rafa Benitez knew how to get the best out of Torres. Not sure if he’ll ever be good as he was under Rafa so why not cash in on him now.

  32. You’re a good writer and an intelligent lad. You pose a great number of interesting and worthwhile theories that are very valid and possible. It’s unfortunate that all the scousers have to be as rude and uneducated about topics to fly off the handle and pound whoever they feel is attacking them and their legacy. In truth, it’s very easy to get the ire of a scouser due to these same attributes.

    Fair play to you gaffer, and I do believe Adam is worth somewhere @ 10 – 15 million, he is a solid player and what he does for Blackpool is invaluable. Current market value on Torres would be $35 – $45 million, when in form a top 3 if striker if not the best striker arguably, much better than his countryman Villa in my opinion. But he has not been in form and is not 100% yet and you can tell his passion is not at Anfield. Dalglish was a great move for that club, he is a great emissary for that club and brings a certain style and dignity with him, much like Sir Bobby Charleton does for United or Beckenbauer for Bayern Munich. Bottom line is though, he is not happy, does not want to be there and Chelsea are making a legitimate attempt to bolster their club and transistion for the future.

    Look, one of my closest friends is Reds fan, but he would even acknowledge for the right money and especially at this time in a very dire situation for Liverpool, the money would come in handy. No club openly admits to negotiations ususally, especially not right away and especially when it is the club who is being negotiated with for the player….unless they are trying to up the ante, cover their collective arse’s from public backlash and to a lesser degree send word to prospects they have been coveting that they are ready to get serious.

    Whatever happens to Fernando, I hope he get’s with a club that can allow him to excel to his fullest, he is too magnificent of a player to squander not playing for the top teams and for the best silverware.

  33. Sale of Spaniard not popular but could be the best solution
    By Sam Wallace

    Saturday January 29 2011

    There is a tipping point in the relationship between every famous player and his club at which the latter have to stop wasting their energy in new ways to appease him and instead get him out the door for the best possible price. Liverpool have reached that point with Fernando Torres.

    No shame in that. Manchester United found themselves in the same position with Cristiano Ronaldo; Arsenal eventually agreed to part with Thierry Henry and the smart money says that Manchester City will have to sell Carlos Tevez this summer. In all three cases the clubs have cajoled and negotiated with their star names, but only up to a point.

    At the moment Liverpool are struggling to see a future beyond Torres, whose significance to the club goes beyond his ability to score goals. He is the last major world star who picked Anfield. He has a certain star quality about him. But if it’s him encouraging Chelsea’s £35m pursuit then ultimately the battle has already been lost.

    Torres has demonstrated this season that he has little appetite for helping Liverpool extricate themselves from the mess that they find themselves in. The appointment of Kenny Dalglish as manager has embarrassed him into a slightly improved level of effort but that is relative to his woefully lacklustre performances under Roy Hodgson.

    The memory that will stand out for me of Torres’ last season at Liverpool — if this is what it turns out to be — will be the moment against Everton in October when Jamie Carragher roared at Torres for a pass that fell short. Torres put his finger to his lips to shush Carragher.

    There can be little doubt that it was Torres’ preference to join Chelsea in the summer and when that was denied to him he was never the same. Hodgson generously pondered in public what was wrong with his striker when it seemed obvious that Torres was sulking. Little surprise that his best game this season was against Chelsea.

    Whether it is in the next three days or next summer, parting with Torres will be painful for Liverpool. The fans have built a mythology around him that implies he is as wedded to the place as they are. But even before the departure of Rafael Benitez — the prime mover in bringing Torres to Anfield — that view looked unrealistic.

    Torres joined a club in 2007 that had contested two of the previous three Champions League finals. Now he finds himself at a club that considers seventh place at the end of January to be a sanctuary relative to where they were one month ago. This was not the mission he signed up for.

    Losing Torres to Chelsea would be a blow to the esteem of Liverpool and should it happen before Monday the prospect of him playing for Chelsea in tomorrow week’s game would ensure that one of the club’s favourite sons had the sourest of departures. But it would not be the disaster that so many have predicted.

    In the short-term Liverpool have already signed Luis Suarez as a replacement and, if Daniel Sturridge is part of the deal, then he at least gives Dalglish another option in attack.

    Should Torres leave in the summer, then it gives Liverpool the freedom and resources to rebuild. Once they have grasped the nettle, Liverpool’s owners might feel that vanquishing the uncertainty around Torres is liberating.


    In the years since Patrick Vieira and Henry left, Arsenal have won no silverware but it cannot be denied that in terms of the players’ waning powers, Arsene Wenger picked exactly the right time to sell. Having negotiated the world record transfer fee for Ronaldo, United won only the Carling Cup last season, although they are well-placed in the title race this year.

    As for Torres, even at the height of his powers in the 2008-09 season he could not propel Liverpool to the Premier League title. They have won nothing while he has been at the club so despite his undoubted qualities as a player it is not as if they are giving up on a winning formula by letting him go.

    It was nice while it lasted. But £35m for a 26-year-old who has had barely a handful of decent games all season and was overshadowed at the World Cup is a good deal — however painful it might feel to Liverpool today.

    As a public relations exercise, selling your marquee name to a rival club is always a difficult one to pull off. It requires decisive leadership and the unwavering belief that you have the right transfer strategy, both of which John Henry and FSG promised they had when they took over the club in October.

    The question for them now is: are they brave enough to back themselves and take the money? (© Independent News Service)

    – Sam Wallace

    Irish Independent

  34. Anyone who wouldn’t want Forlan on their team is crazy. Given the way he’s played over the past year – 2 years. Everyone forgets about Drogbas age but soon as Forlan comes into play “no one wants a 32 year old striker”.

    Forlan > Drogba

      1. A pretty silly point actually. Everyone’s been saying Drogba is approaching the point of getting past it this season. Torres is seen as a replacement for him. Drogba will be gone next summer if Torres goes to Chelsea, with them buying Lukaku to replace Anelka.

        At this high level 32 is pushing the edge towards a very sharp drop off in putting in the consistent performance once you get into 33-34. In certain leagues such as Serie A where the games are slower and more tactical strikers can play till they’re in the mid to late thirties, but certainly not in the EPL.

        The point is, Liverpool would/should not want a 32 year old striker. They’ll have to rebuild if they’re selling Torres, and you don’t rebuild by buying age.

  35. Sell him for as much as possible. Even true “stars” are only great for an average of FIVE years. Let Chelsea pay and then watch Torres accumulate a wooden butt from the bench splinters other expensive players have found to be their lot under the micromanagement of Abramovich. Shevchenko and Wright Phillips come to mind. Their careers ruined by growing stagnant all the way to the bank. Its pro sports kiddies! Lets toss one down and enjoy the soap operas that are sports. Liverpool and Red Sox…take the money and invest in at least three very good players. Build a team around several players. Torres has a glass shin (chin/jaw). Dump him on Chelsea while he can still play.

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