Fox Soccer Channel Unveils Super Bowl Sunday Programming, Soccer Style

Exclusive: Fox Soccer Channel is planning on serving up a different taste of football on Super Bowl Sunday for viewers in the United States. Instead of the pigskin variety, Fox Soccer Channel will show the massive game between Chelsea and Liverpool live on Sunday, February 6, with a twist.

Originating from the Fox NFL Sunday set in Los Angeles, Fox will host a special hour-long pre-game show hosted by Christian Miles alongside analysts Eric Wynalda, Warren Barton, Keith Costigan and Kyle Martino exploring the long link between American and world football. The Super Sunday + pre-game show kicks off at 10 a.m. ET.  Supporters of both clubs will join the Fox team and will play a game of five-a-side soccer outside the Studio A set. In addition, Fox Soccer Channel’s Mark Rogondino will file reports from Cowboys Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLV.

After the game between Chelsea and Liverpool ends at 1pm ET, the Super Sunday + team returns on the Fox NFL Sunday set to recap all of the weekend’s European soccer action. That’ll lead into the full day of Super Bowl XLV coverage on Fox Sports beginning with the pregame show live at 2pm ET.

“We are elated to set the table for FOX Sports’ wall-to-wall coverage of Super Bowl XLV with Super Sunday +: Chelsea vs. Liverpool, and potentially expose a new audience of eager sports fans to the excitement of top-flight European soccer,” said David Nathanson, General Manager of FOX Soccer.  “This collaborative effort between members of the FOX Sports Media Group, on the most important day of the American sports calendar, represents the synergistic power of our company at its finest.”

20 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Unveils Super Bowl Sunday Programming, Soccer Style”

  1. That Chelsea v Liverpool match is looking less and less “massive” every week. Kudos to Fox for trying something new though. Will be interesting.

    1. Are you joking? The match gets bigger with every failure. Liverpool is now in a legit relegation fight, and Chelsea is in their own Champions League relegation fight further up the table. These points are huge.

      1. Not denying Joe’s point, but I tend to agree with Rob. If this match is “massive” then so is every other one on the schedule. However, a little hyperbole never hurt anyone.

      2. You make good points Joe, I guess I was thinking massive in terms of years past when they were top 4 clubs thrashing it out. In terms of where the two teams are now, and where they will likely end up (based on current form), it comes across more as a mid-table scrap rather than a clash of titans.

  2. God love em for at least trying to do something to improve their coverage, but supports from both playing 5 a-side? LOL This is a terrible idea, not to mention trying to tie American and Association football together. I mean if they were advertising this on Fox or the other Fox networks it’d make sense, but seeing as they’ll obviously just be airing this on FSC, I can’t help but feel like it’s just a way to promote the Super Bowl coverage on FSC.

    1. Yeah I don’t understand the FSC guy’s view that he hopes to “expose a new audience to top-level European soccer” if the show is on FSC (which is only available to existing soccer fans, hardly a new audience).

  3. This sounds like a fun even if a bit gimmicky. My only concern is that they remember they are doing this for soccer fans not for American football fans, otherwise have fun with if FSC!

  4. If they really wanted to push the product, then put the match on the FOX broadcast channel. (Because then I could watch it in HD. Damn you, Comcast!)

  5. “represents the synergistic power of our company at its finest.”

    Come the revolution, whoever constructed that sentence, will be first against the wall.

  6. Yeah this game should be on the regular Fox Channel and they should promote the hell out of FSC while it’s on that channel. Now that would be a great day for Soccer in America. Come on Fox. Why not?

  7. Eh – it’s something for association football fans to have on a day when we feel even more outnumbered in the States.

    Even better, maybe it’ll can turn into something for gridiron football fans to put on while they prep for their big game.

    Not expecting anything extraordinary but their heart is in the right place in this case.

  8. Yeah, waste of time. Unless we are to believe that the usual cast of super sunday plus will elevate their game because they are on a proper set…not likely. How about send them to Stamford Bridge to broadcast from there, get pre- and post- match interviews…something salient.

  9. First of all: I had to read this two or three times before I became convinced that this story was not a hoax, a joke. I’m still like, “Huh????”

    From the day the channel was founded as Fox Sports World, I have seen no evidence whatsoever that anyone at Fox Soccer Channel has a clue. This Super Bowl promotion is pointless.

    Yeah, at least they’re trying, you can say, but trying makes no difference if the things you try are hopelessly ill-conceived.

  10. I’m a neutral and consider this game between these two misfits as about as exciting as watching a throw in at a Workington v Barrow Conference League match.
    Liverpool who are about as delusional as Blackburn in their quest for something (removing the tortured “I don’t want to be here” look on their sullen mugs would be a start) and Chelsea who look more and more like Blackburn each week.

    Give me a Blackpool game anytime. They actually play like they’re out there to have a good time and give their fans value for money.

  11. Always up for a new idea. The 5 on 5 bit sounds quite pointless, but the best part is none of us have to watch if we don’t want to. I’ll check it out to break up the 273 hours of Super Bowl Pre-game show(s).

  12. What an interesting alternative to American football. On the biggest sports day of the year I think I will be around my new HD with a much smaller crowd to watch real “football.” I work for DISH Network and FYI if you don’t already know Fox Soccer channel in HD is on 9520.

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