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Robbie Savage Headed to Vancouver?

vancouver whitecaps Robbie Savage Headed to Vancouver?

Vancouver will start its MLS journey in a few months, and the Whitecaps may be doing so with some imported talent.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Derby County’s Robbie Savage is considering making the move to MLS.

“The presentation they made to me was brilliant. To be honest, it blew me away,” he told the Mirror. “I am fully committed to Derby and seeing out the end of my contract there but Vancouver have asked whether they will release me so I can be ready for the MLS season starting in March.”

The former Welsh International would add quite a bit of star power to the expansion Whitecaps, who hold the first and eighth picks in Thursday’s MLS SuperDraft.

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9 Responses to Robbie Savage Headed to Vancouver?

  1. Eric says:

    In case you don’t trust the Mirror, Savage is tweeting about it


  2. Charles says:

    A 36 year old competing in the English second division ?
    Moving to Vancouver ?

    That has overpaid written all over it.

    Not opposed to imported talent, how about some of the guys in the combine yesterday ?
    To put that in perspective, he could have played in MLS in its first year !!!
    How many of those guys are left playing ? One or none ?

    MLS needs to be selective, these guys are a dime a dozen…so don’t pay $1 million for one.

    • Dave C says:

      Seems a strange move – he doesn’t really have star power, and he wasn’t a particularly good player even at his peak (and now he’s 36).

      I can only imagine that the money offered might not be particularly big – he probably has no hope of a contract in English football next season, so it might not take a particularly big salary to bring him to Vancouver.

  3. jonathan edge says:

    Who’s gonna host football phone in???

  4. ddtigers says:

    I recall him blasting MLS when the conversation came up. Calling it a “rubbish” league. So why does he want to come? Stay home Robbie.

    • LI Matt says:

      I remember fairly recently on 606 (talking about Beckham) he called the league “pathetic”.

      • Dave C says:

        To be fair, it’s not entirely hypocritical for him to describe MLS as rubbish/pathetic and then play there himself. Maybe he’s just accepted that he is pretty much a rubbish/pathetic player himself (at least compared to Beckham), and so it might be a fitting home for him (whereas presumably he thinks it is beneath Beckham’s standard).

  5. Jordan Smith says:

    Uh, time to update the Whitecaps logo folks. Slightly out of date.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Um, I’m with Jordan. WTF is with that logo? That’s the logo for the minor-league team… Where the badge for the Whitecaps?

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