FA Cup Third Round Sunday, Open Thread

Two big FA Cup matches are on television today. The first featuring Manchester United against Liverpool, where Kenny Dalglish returns for his first game in charge of the club again. The second features Leicester City, managed by Sven Goran-Eriksson against Manchester City. Both ties promise to be very entertaining.

Before, during and after the games, post your questions, observations and rants in the comments section below.

Some immediate observations from the Manchester United against Liverpool game:

  • Nice to see Kenny Dalglish getting a warm welcome from Manchester United fans at Old Trafford before the game kicked off. That’s something you don’t see too often, especially someone involved with Liverpool,
  • Dalglish has named a strong starting line-up for Liverpool. Konchesky has been replaced by Aurelio (Konchesky was touch-and-go whether he would make this game from injury). Joe Cole has been dropped and isn’t even listed as a substitute, so in comes Maxi Rodriguez. Martin Kelly returns for Liverpool, the impressive right back. Agger comes in instead of Kyrgiakos, good move.

13 thoughts on “FA Cup Third Round Sunday, Open Thread”

  1. A very eventful game and we’re only in the 33rd minute. Gerrard deserved the red card, no question about it. But the penalty in the opening minutes should never have been called. What more stories are left to be told in this game?

    The Gaffer

  2. Gerrard “deserved” the red card. In fact, if you look at the video – again, there is no doubt that he wanted to be purposely sent off. First, the Blackburn penalty miss, now this. It’s a clear attempt to get Dalglish the sack so they can bring back Gerrard’s true hero – Souness. That’s my theory anyway.

    1. He’s clearly not happy with the manager. I’ve seen Gerrard get alot of red cards, but never quite like this. Dalglish OUT!!!


    1. What about Rafael foul? Was that not a dengerours play? Anyway its no a suprise and thats why I see a team play awaful football is on top of EPL. England will win nothing unless they stop favour Man Utd. Those favour wont be in International game lads.

  3. Howard Webb got the penalty all wrong. The assistant had a better view and didn’t flag for a foul. The replays shows Berbatov was touched slightly and went down very easily. The commentator also thought it was a dive. The Gerard sending off was a good decision as he went to ground with both feet. It wasn’t a vicious tackle but in keeping with the law it was a sending of. Another referee might not have sent him off but given a yellow. The commentator made a very good observation that the home crowd’s response in games does influence referees.

  4. Hello, please do get basic facts right. Joe Cole wasn’t dropped! He was injured, his ankle problem flared up again. Why are people so keen to slag off Joe Cole? He was one who suffered most from Hodgson’s style and tactics. While the Blackburn game was dire in terms of result for Liverpool, Cole was by far the best player. If Torres had been on his game and scored from one of the chances Cole set up for him, then maybe Cole would be better appreciated. He set up a fantastic opportunity with a beautifully weighted lob, but gets no credit because Torres skied it. Cole offers skill and guile otherwise missing in the squad. Unlike some others, he’s also full of enthusiasm to play and always gives maximum effort. Others around him need to up their game and show some vision.

      1. Hi, yes, I didn’t think you were actually slagging Joe Cole off. I was having a bit a rant because others seem to do so very readily. I have always thought that generally it seems that any error by Joe gets seen and highlighted, while his quality play goes unremarked. Anyway, thanks for your reply!

  5. Big win by Crawley Town today over Derby County in a game that kicked the ass of that sorry Liverpool – Man U match. FA Cup is about the little guys – no wonder snobs say its “lost its luster”.

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