Newcastle United 1-3 Manchester City: Magpies Downed After Early Blitz

City of Manchester Stadium Eastlands Manchester City v Everton (1-2) Premier League 20/12/2010 Manchester City Manager Roberto Mancini waves goodbye to the chance of top spot for the first time since 1929, on his first anniversary as manager. Photo: Roger Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

In what proved to be a highly entertaining Boxing Day encounter, Manchester City saw off a resilient Newcastle side after a goal from Gareth Barry and Carlos Tevez inside the opening five minutes of play. Newcastle will surely feel hard-done by after dominating the remaining eighty-five minutes of play, far outnumbering their ridiculously-paid counterparts in terms of possession and shots, but once again Carlos Tevez proved that without him, his current team would be sitting comfortably in mid-table mediocrity.

A bad clearance by Newcastle shot-stopper, one of his first major gaffs since deputizing in Steve Harper’s absence now for the past three months, allowed Carlos Tevez to play in Gareth Barry deep into the home side’s penalty area where he cool slid the ball past the onrushing Krul.

And If a second minute goal wasn’t enough to slap the Newcastle defence into action, all-the-while quickly quelling any forlorn hopes a comeback, then James Milner’s quick cross from a defensive mix-up was enough after Tevez proceeded to volley home into the top left corner.

But any notion that Alan Pardew was lacking any sufficient tactical know-how was put to bed by the end of the first half which had seen his Newcastle troops battle back and come agonizingly close to an equalizer, Vincent Kompany again proving that his price tag was well-worth as other notable high-earners, in particular Joleon Lescott who seemed to be off pace the entire evening.

Newcastle started the second half a bit slower than the previous ended, but quickly began to build momentum as their defence’s high-line proved to limit Manchester’s game into a handful of quick plays on the break. Routeledge, who had started the game on the right-wing for the home side, contributed well in the first-half but was replaced on the hour mark after a series of great runs down the flank, only for his infamous lob-cross to continually fail to elude Joe Hart.

And once again Ranger’s cameo role proved potentially pivitol as his speed and physical strength was once again too much for any of City’s back four to deal with. Andy Carroll, after seemingly knocking down nearly every header hurled his way, finally was able to make the break-through in the seventy-second after Kevin Nolan had done a good job blocking Joe Hart’s sight, while the Manchester keeper was seemingly hell-bent on a decision in his favor as he stuck to his guns and did his best to get noticed by the officials as the ball hopped over the line.

Newcastle’s dominance was not to come to fruition though as Carlos Tevez’s twice deflected shot was enough to steal the spoils in what was one of the most entertaining, open matches of the year at St. James’ Park.

Newcastle take the long journey down to White Hart Lane on Tuesday for a similar 15:00 GMT kickoff, while Manchester hosts Aston Villa on the same day, also at an old-fashioned 15:00 GMT kickoff time.

What were your thoughts on the match? Do you think Newcastle deserved something out of this game? Let us know…

8 thoughts on “Newcastle United 1-3 Manchester City: Magpies Downed After Early Blitz”

  1. I wouldn’t say Newcastle dominated. They won possession easily, but how many times did Newcastle have the ball at their feet within the 18 yard box? And each time it was at their feet a City defender was sure to nip at their heels and easily dispossess them. City knew what they were doing and rarely looked panicked. Not very “English” of them, but more than effective. Effective = three points, and in this case, three comfortable points.

    1. I’d say it was pretty clear Newcastle, after the worst start a side could imagine, pretty much dominated the game from that point forward. Of course, as a Newcastle fan myself you could say I’m biased but I tend to be pretty critical of each performance and I can’t wholeheartedly say I was disappointed with anyone’s performance. City should be thankful in the fact that they’ve two players who can consistently put in a performance in Kompany and Tevez…and when they need it more than anything.

      Not to detract from the fact that this was a great game of football to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start (or maybe the sixth minute :) to finish.

  2. After two goals City can afford to let Newcastle come on to them as they are comfortable and can break easy as they have a nice lead and it then upto NUFC to break them down. Not many teams have had more possession when playing City this year so well done for that but the fact is City won the game comfortably. The most important player at City is not Tevez or Kompany for my money it’s De Jong he is a top, top player who they struggle without. Only City can win 3-1 and get such bollox wrote about them .

  3. “far outnumbering their ridiculously-paid counterparts”
    “but once again Carlos Tevez proved that without him, his current team would be sitting comfortably in mid-table mediocrity.”

    Really? EPL Talk is usually better than this…

    “Of course, as a Newcastle fan myself”

    Oh, that explains it.

  4. Sounds like the same cynical bs that the newspapers and tv commentators heap upon city every week.

    such as today, about the 80th minute, when adam johnson was forced to the corner by two newcastle defenders, the analyst says “it’s a bit early to go to the corner flag … city are just holding on now.” … idiot, johnson had nowhere to go BUT the corner with two defenders closing him down. and this spell of play came less than a minute after city mounted a direct attack on the newcastle goal.

    as long as it is fashionable to have the opinion that city are trying to achieve success “the wrong way” (i.e. throwing billions around), readers here and elsewhere will be subjected to slanted rants here and elsewhere.

    meanwhile, clubs that win “the right way” (i.e, bullying the referees and playing mind games with the opposition through all-too-willing accomplices in the press while racking up enormous debt, or others who have a record of spending comparable to city’s) will continue to get a free pass.

  5. As a Newcastle supporter I would not say that Newcastle dominated. I think they gave as good as they got, but shipping two early soft dumb goals is going to kill any team. I think Newcastle was desperately unlucky that Nolan did not bury one of the Carroll knockdowns, especially in the first half.

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