L’Equipe Names Joachim Loew Coach Of The Year

Loew May Have Won The Award, But Jose Mourinho Is My Coach Of The Year.

German national team coach Joachim Loew has been awarded the Coach of the Year award by L’Equipe magazine in France. Joachim Loew guided a German side without many of their star players to the World Cup semi-final, and pulled off incredible results against both England and Argentina along the way.

While Loew certainly did an impressive job, especially after all of the injury problems the German national team had heading into the World Cup – not to mention the shocking death of Robert Enke – it’s still maybe a bit contentious that he won because of the incredible trophy haul Jose Mourinho managed at Inter last season.

The Portuguese tactician won everything there was to win at Inter last season. He lifted the Champions League against Bayern Munich, he won the Coppa Italia, he won the Serie A, and he won the Supercoppa early on in the season. That same Inter side had failed to impress for so long in Europe, but with Jose Mourinho’s arrival things quickly changed. The side was incredibly disciplined and determined, and there’s no greater testament to how well Jose Mourinho did there than how poorly that same side is doing now under Rafa Benitez. Jose Mourinho placed third in the running for the award.

Still, Joachim Loew took one of the youngest sides ever to feature in the World Cup all the way to the semi-final, and made household names out of Thomas Mueller and Sami Khedira especially. Congratulations to Loew, but I still think there’s more to come from the German tactician. If he had gotten his hands on the World Cup, I’d have no argument against him winning this award. I mean, Vicente Del Bosque took Spain to an historic World Cup win, and he finished well behind Loew in the running for the Coach of the Year award.

It means little in the great scheme of things, but it’s good to see that Loew and the German national team are getting the recognition and praise they deserve for being one of the only exciting teams to watch at what was a pretty dull World Cup by most standards. Sir Alex Ferguson labelled the 2010 World Cup ‘like a trip to the dentist,’ so there you go!

8 thoughts on “L’Equipe Names Joachim Loew Coach Of The Year”

  1. Incredibly embarrassing for L’Equipe, but this is just how it has to be with Jose, his book has to be written that way, that’s why he is the Special One.

  2. I feel sorry for the L’equipe team.
    You don’t have to be smart or intelligent to figure it out. Every one coach in the world compares himself to Mourinho. The news are flooded with Mourinho. Any problem with a team is discussed with Mourinho solution in mind. He, won everything possible not in one event but in 4. What a terrible injustice was done to what is proven right. More people do that to Mourinho and its achievements more I like him. This injustice made me say that he is really the special one.

  3. This is what happens when you’re an arrogant asshole — people don’t give you awards you deserve. I doubt Mourinho cares, but apparently his admirers do. I don’t. I hope he continues to be ignored. It’s not that hard to be a good coach & a decent person & treat your opponents with respect. Unless you’re Jose Mourinho.

    1. …and why should he be respectful? To please hypocrites like yourself who consider themselves decent people but have words such as ‘arrogant asshole’ in vocabulary? Yes he is going against people like yourself everyday, people who consider themselves moral authorities but don’t know how to be gracious and tolerant towards those who don’t play by their rules…God forbid they win something

      1. Rob thank You for your comments b/c you said what I am going to say you now why mourinho didn’t win b/c many people are Julius by his Achievements any way Love him or hate him he is still special one guys please judge him by is work OK be fair weather you like it or not he always be special one,

  4. …and why should he be respectful?

    If you need to be told why people should have respect for each other then I think we’re talking at cross purposes here.

    If you’re offended by everyday words like asshole then I apologize. But there’s really no need to attack me personally for my opinion, nor to make assertions about my character of which you can’t possible know anything.

    I’m obviously referring to Mourinho’s public persona, not the man himself, who neither you nor I know personally. This is a commonality among sports fans. We like or dislike a player’s or coach’s public persona, not the actual man himself. But having to say Jose Mourinho’s public persona every time I refer to him is rather tedious, so I choose not to do so, as do most other people.

  5. 100% agree. Joachim Loew is the coach of the year for me. His team outperformed every team in the tournment incluing the Spanish who won the world Cup without playing that good. Del Bosque’s team should have won their first World Cup with style like the Brazilian team of 1970 giving their start studded team. In the end they labored painfully through out.

    Mou is excellent coach but in a World Cup year a club competition should take a backseat to the real thing. Plus Mou and all other club coaches have the luxury of time to assemble a winning squad than Joachim Loew did, not to mention all the injury he had to deal with.

  6. Another reason why Loew is the coach of the year?

    He is an impressive, bold and miles ahead of everyone in trusting young talents. Here is another example of that.

    According to AFP Loew he has been impressed with Leverkusen’s Sidney Sam and is considering promoting the attacking midfielder with Germany due to face Italy in a friendly on February 9 in their next game.

    “He could be a candidate. He has played well in recent months, he is fast, is a strong dribbler and has a good finish,” said the coach.

    Jürgen Klopp has also come out publically and recommeded the inclusion of Sven Bender in the national team which I completely agree. I have been saying this all along, Bender would bring his combative no nonsense defensive qualities to Loew’s exceptional team. For this reason he would replace both the nice guy Khedira and Ballack in Euro 2012.

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