Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid: Amazing Video Highlights

Real Madrid supporters may want to close their eyes during this superb video showing highlights and behind-the-scenes footage from the 5-0 demolition by Barcelona against Real Madrid.

In what has been described as one of the best Barcelona performances ever, if not one of the best soccer games ever, it’s a video that many people will want to watch over and over again.

8 thoughts on “Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid: Amazing Video Highlights”

    1. From the standpoint of the show put on by Barcelona and considering the passionate atmosphere at the stadium. Definitely for a Real Madrid fan it’s an awful game and one to forget. I think this is why there’s a reference for one of the best games…

      1. I’ll be a lot more receptive to your ideas about negativity when you’ve stopped posting multiple articles a day about how FIFA is a joke and Qatar is going to host a terrible World Cup.


        1. Joe, I’ve only written one article about the World Cup bid fiasco. The other writers on the sites are free to choose their own topics and are free to write about the World Cup if they like to and have an opinion about it.

          The Gaffer

  1. That being said, this is a nice video. I wish the people who produced this would do more games than just the Clasico. I wish the NFL would give them tons of money to do one NFL game per week!

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