What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving Day?

Before I moved to the United States in 1984, I had never heard of Thanksgiving Day. The U.S. holiday, while still seeming a bit surreal and bizarre to me after all of these years, is now one of my favorite holidays of the year partly because it’s the one focused on the family more than any.

So while many of you will be eating turkey dinners around the United States today, myself included, I thought I’d ask you to share what soccer-related things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s my list of what I’m thankful for, all soccer-related:

  1. You, the readers. Without you, this site wouldn’t exist. Your feedback and honest criticism helps drive me forward,
  2. The Premier League. This has been one of the best seasons yet with so many more competitive teams and games. The whole way the league is run without a hitch is incredible,
  3. My club Swansea City. It’s very rare that I get to see the Swans on television, but everytime I do, I’m always amazed at what a lovely brand of football they play and how it would be wonderful to see them in the Premier League one day,
  4. The other soccer sites and blogs out there. I read more than 450 of them on a daily basis to comb through them looking for links to share with you as well as reading them for pure enjoyment. Some of my favorites include Two Hundred Percent, A More Splendid Life, The Run Of Play and The Guardian,
  5. Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN. They get a lot of constructive criticism from us, but without them, we’d be screwed,
  6. Technology. This season, more than any other before it, I’ve been able to watch games more easily thanks to FoxSoccer.tv (on my laptop) and the FoxSoccer app (on my iPhone).

On behalf of EPL Talk, I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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