MLS Cup Final Review: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast


Congratulations to the Colorado Rapids, 2010 champions of Major League Soccer. The franchise were awarded their first title after a 2-1 win in Toronto over FC Dallas, with extra time needed to separated two teams that had drawn their regular season matches. On this edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast, myself and Christopher Riordan look back at Sunday’s match at BMO, talking about the ups and downs as well as how these two finalists will be remembered.

2 thoughts on “MLS Cup Final Review: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast”

  1. I’m glad that someone saw an “interesting” and “exciting” MLS Cup final. Because for the game that appeared on my TV, I had to sit through about 110 minutes of boring, low skill crap to get to the last 10 minutes of exciting, risk-taking soccer. Could someone send me a DVD of this “exciting” final (as opposed to the exciting last 10 minutes) so I can see what I missed?

  2. By the way, I don’t know anyone outside of LA and NY supporters groups and the spinmeisters in MLS Politburo who wanted a Galaxy-Red Bull final. Most people I know would’ve wanted a Dallas-RSL final… and anyone who saw their quarterfinal matches would understand why.

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