Happy Halloween From EPL Talk

 Happy Halloween From EPL Talk

The scariest thing about the above picture is that it’s real and not Photoshopped. It’s been making the rounds across the Internet for a few weeks now, so it’s hardly new. But it’s the perfect picture to use to wish you a Happy Halloween. Apologies to Liverpool FC supporters.

On this Halloween, we have three Premier League matches in store for us beginning with the Birmingham derby between Aston Villa and Birmingham City at Villa Park. It’s always a very heated tie both on and off the pitch, so be sure to tune in for the 8am ET kickoff wherever you live around the world. It’s followed by the Tyne-Wear derby between Newcastle United and Sunderland at 9:30am ET. There’s a lot on the line for both clubs in this match and Chris Hughton will be hoping for a decent result to ensure he continues to stay in charge of his Newcastle team.

Last but not least we have Bolton at home against Liverpool at Noon ET. This will be a fascinating match to watch to see how the distance between both clubs has closed. Bolton caused Manchester United a scare earlier in the season, so it’ll be interesting to see what Owen Coyle’s side does against a Liverpool team that is desperate for three points. Liverpool never seems to have an easy time at the Reebok Stadium, so this match will be a must-see, as all three are on this Halloween day.

On behalf of EPL Talk, may you and your family have a wonderful Halloween. And either before, during or after the matches today, feel free to post your comments, questions or rants in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween From EPL Talk”

    1. Fred, good question. ‘On Demand’ denotes that a game will usually be available after midnight on a certain date. ‘On Delay’ is a game that will be shown later in the day. It’s a bit confusing, I agree.

      The Gaffer

  1. Lee and hodgson got the last laugh today as Liverpool beat Bolton to move away from the relegation zone. They were not deserving winners as I thought Bolton deserved something from the match. Still, I’m sure Liverpool, and in particular Hodgson, will take the win and hope this could be the beginning of a good run. Not sure they can beat Chelsea next week but at least for now they can breathe a little easier. So that Halloween photo turns into a smiling one, at least for now.

  2. Those are two scary dudes, in more ways than one. Just ask Liverpool fans who don’t think they should be in charge of the club.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

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