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Diego Maradona To The Premier League?

 Diego Maradona To The Premier League?
Argentina legend Diego Maradona has admitted that he does want to manage in the Premier League. It’s sure to be a statement that will raise a few eyebrows, but would any Premier League club really want the man, who’s infamous hand-ball effectively knocked England out of the World Cup, in charge of their club?

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Maradona said: “Yes, I would like to manage in the Premier League. It has very good teams, an exceptional level and great players. The only problem is all the teams I like in England have good coaches. If any important job comes along I will accept it.”

It would certainly be an appointment that would divide Premier League fans. While there is no doubt that Maradona would bring a touch of glamour to the league and his chosen club, the hand-ball is still a very sensitive issue for many fans.

But for me it isn’t the hand-ball that would put me off Maradona managing my club, it is his general capabilities as a coach. While we saw in the World Cup that on his day Maradona can inspire his side to good victories and performances, their dramatic capitulation against Germany revealed some gaping holes in his managerial capabilities.

But in truth these holes had only been masked during the opening stages of the World Cup by an Argentine squad boasting some of the biggest names in world football. Even in the qualifying stages Maradona had struggled to get the most out of this squad with his side limping to South Africa.

While all of his players seemed to love his hands-on method, it just didn’t work, and for a Premier League club his appointment would be nothing more than an expensive publicity stunt, with no actual benefits to come on the pitch.

What do you think? Would you like Diego Maradona in charge of your club?

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8 Responses to Diego Maradona To The Premier League?

  1. Mucky Fingers says:

    That probably won’t happen, and if it did, it wouldn’t go down the way Maradona would want it to. He’s too eccentric, and the top premier clubs (Chelsea, Liverpool, etc.) aren’t in mind to put someone like El Crazy in charge. He’d only be accepted at a lower tier club that need a grand shake-up.

    He’ll stay in Argentina, where they’ll put up with all his wacky shit no matter what he does. After all, he’s second only to Che Guevara over there.

  2. Fernando says:

    If Diego Maradona owned a club he would not put Diego Maradona as the manager.

    I don’t think any Premier League would seriously consider hiring him. Maybe West Ham b/c their owners are a bunch of idiots.

  3. Dave C says:

    This will never happen.

    He was incredibly hit-and-miss as Argentina manager, and whatever positive impact he did have was more as a result of players being motivated by his deified status in Argentina. He has pretty much zero tactical nous himself.

    In England, he couldn’t get by on just being an inspirational leader, for the simple fact that he’s not held in such high regard. People may respect him as a great player, but I’m sure players would not be afraid to openly question his authority in a way his Argentian squad would not.

    Also, he doesn’t speak English and I doubt he has the capacity to learn.

  4. Jay says:

    This just in: Diego Maradona is an insane ego-maniacal cokehead who isn’t qualified to be a top tier manager, and whose inflated sense of self worth wouldn’t permit him to actually learn the craft of being a good manager.

  5. dominjon says:

    The next Newcastle Messiah?

  6. Danny says:

    Will prove a big mistake for any club to take the man

  7. Renegade gooner says:

    simply put… NO.

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