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Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 8: Open Thread

 Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 8: Open Thread

I’m not a religious man, but thank god the Premier League is finally back in action today. I love the World Cup and the European Championships, but all of the qualifying for international tournaments is tedious to say the least.

There’s a full schedule of Premier League games on today, so feel free to post your rants, observations, questions or opinions in the comments section below.

I’m sure many of you will agree with me. It’s good to have the Premier League back.

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12 Responses to Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 8: Open Thread

  1. Am happy 4 d selling of liverpool so dat term will b uplifted.Man u,should call c.Ronaldo back.Man u 4 life

  2. Martin says:

    Looking forward to Arsenal getting back on track but am not taking this game for granted. Could we see Bendtner?

  3. Matt says:

    Arsenal just love cheating too much.

    Laughable dive, and I’m sure Arsene won’t have seen the incident.

  4. Martin says:

    Yeah, not happy with the “dive” but it was called.

  5. goalz says:

    Looks like ESPN has decided they would update all of the other games going on during this one. Not only updated scores but info on who has scored in each game. Not a fan.

    Not sure Chamakh will keep getting away with diving the way he is. Of course Wenger won’t talk about diving being a problem this week, though.

    Also not sure why ESPN had a score update on the screen that said Aston Villa was leading Chelsea 1-0 as they showed the current game updates. I would love that, but I had to double check to make sure that game hasn’t started yet. I would have been pissed to miss that goal but happy to see Villa leading, but it was just a major screw up by ESPN.

  6. Matt says:

    With an eye toward that Wilshire tackle and red card-

    “When a guy tackles with one leg and closes like scissors with the second, for me that is putting another player’s career under threat.”

    Who said that?

  7. Footballfool says:

    Question about assists. Bale took the corner kick – Huddleston scored. I don’t believe that anyone else touched the ball. Shouldn’t Bale get an assist?
    Thanks in advance !

  8. Joe Chen says:

    The “Big Clubs” got all the breaks today. Tottenham an offside goal, Arsenal a penalty they didn’t deserve, and United almost got bailed out with backwards pass foul on Carson. Chelsea still pending.

    • Jim says:

      You could claim that Manchester United was bailed out on their first goal. It’s unbelievable that no one from West Brom stayed with Chicharito on that free kick. Is that how teams defend in the Premier League?

  9. Scott Alexander says:

    Nice to see Di Matteo and Martinez faring so well.

  10. David says:

    Could we start a petition to stop ESPN2 giving verbal updates of other games during the commentary. It’s one thing to put them in a ticket along the bottom of the screen (one has the option of changing the TV resolution to hide it), but to force game scores upon us spoils their coverage.

    This weekend all ten EPL games are being shown, eight of them on FSC/FS+. Today’s coverage of the Man U /West Brom game ruined my FSC viewing by giving me the scores of the other matches. If I want them, I’ll go to Please, ESPN, don’t force them on us or you will lose viewers, or make us save the ESPN games and view them after all the others.

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