English Football Fan Journal: England at Wembley Pre Match Thoughts

England/Andorra World Cup Qualifier Wembley 10.06.09 Photo: Tim Parker Fotosports International Empty seats at Wembley stadium during the game due to fans not being able to travel by train because of 48hr tube strike

Tonight will mark my first real live experience with English football, and what better way to jump in head first than with the National team at Wembley in a meaningful match. Better yet, why not rub shoulders with some of the top English journalists currently writing for the best papers in England? Sounds like a fair enough introduction to the game I’ve cherished for so long.

As busy as I’ve been with traveling from place to place and seeing the sights, the real purpose of this trip was to sit back, relax and enjoy some football while taking in the full experience of match day. Tonight marks the beginning of that experience and while the trip itself has proved at times daunting, the rewards of travel have begun to emerge.

As far as the football being played on the pitch, from the coverage I’ve been able to catch, it seems as if a few England players have been dropping like flies in recent days. I still believe a more than strong enough squad exists to overcome Montenegro at home, but the idea of multiple players being forced out by injury the week of a Euro qualifier isn’t an ideal situation.

A capacity crowd is expected at Wembley as the day unfolds into a mostly sunny outing with little chance of rain. Some of my post match thoughts will hit the site sometime soon after the match, but could be delayed because of logistics. For those in search of a quicker fix, follow my twitter feed @JesseChula.


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