Play FIFA 11 Leagues For Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii

If you’re jonesing for soccer during the international break and can’t wait that long until you see the next match, do the next best thing. Play FIFA 11 online. This is just a quick reminder that an EPL Talk league has been setup on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

To join the league on either system, please follow the directions below.

  • Select XBOX Live
  • Select Friends Leagues
  • Select Join a League
  • For Xbox 360 – enter “EPLTalk” in the League Name field and select Start Search
  • For Playstation 3 – enter “EPL Talk” in the League Name field and select Start Search
  • Select the league and confirm you want to join

FIFA 11 on Nintendo Wii doesn’t feature any friends leagues, but post your handle in the comments section below and The Gaffer will add you to the ‘buddies list’ on the Wii. The Gaffer’s handle on FIFA 11 for the Wii is ‘epltalk.’

The Xbox 360 league is limited to 32 teams and you can join with any Premier League team you wish. However, please be considerate of the fact that a league with 20 Manchester United and Chelsea teams is quite boring. Contact Gaz (Gamertag “Zombie Gaz”) with any questions or help joining the league.

The Playstation 3 league is limited to 20 members and you should contact Martin (PSN ID “esomedina”) before joining as he is trying to get one (and only one) representative from each Premier League club. Also contact Martin with any questions or help joining the league.

Both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 leagues haven’t yet decided on league nights or times but will post any decision to the league news. You can always, however, just check the league standings to see who is online at any time and invite them to a game.

And if you don’t own FIFA 11 yet, what are you waiting for? Order FIFA 11 today online via Amazon.

154 thoughts on “Play FIFA 11 Leagues For Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii”

    1. hi guys, im really frustrated with fifa 11 online, i wish to join a league online, however, it rejects my initiation and states that my gamer profile hasn got the proper permission to join, ftw, please help lads


  1. I just replied to a comment about this in another thread.
    I’d really like to join the PS3 league, i’ll try adding Martin and see about teams and whatever.
    I think I saw in the other post that Villa had been taken, so looks like i’ll have to be somebody else but my beloved, ha

  2. Great post Gaz! Normally, I get a few league game invites on xbox 360, whenever I’m online so it’s great to be a part of this community. I will add that the stats board on the FIFA 11 menu displays league members currently online, so you can check to see if they’re available for a game. Good stuff!

  3. Alright, the PS3 League is up and running but its a bit unorganized. It looks like there is no way to see what teams are taken when signing up. Because of that I was kicking people from the league for having picked the same team. If you were kicked, I apologize. After a while it just got too cumbersome typing out messages on a PS3 controller explaining stuff. Because of that someone picked a Real Madrid team for the “EPL” League and I left them there.

    I’m going to be starting the League over and adding a password. People can sign up on a first come first serve basis. I will send invites to the people that originally posted they wanted to join with their teams intact as well as some of the people that actually joined correctly. This should be done some time tonight. I will reply to this post with a list of usernames and teams already picked and we’ll go from there. As always, you can send me a message on the PS3 under my username “esomedina”

    As a consolation, I will be picking Blackpool so atleast that team will be picked. I originally picked Tottenham but this being my first experience online, I suck.

    Also, I’ve started a Virtual Pro Club called “City of God” that I’ll send invites to everyone too. I can always change the name to EPL Talk though so we can get some pub on the site.

  4. Alright, PS3 League has been reset and now has a password/invite only. Invites have been sent out to the previous people that signed up before.

    Remaining teams are:
    Birmingham City
    Stoke City
    West Brom
    West Ham

    Send me a message on the PS3 (username: esomedina) with one of the remaining teams and I’ll respond with the password.

    1. Martin,

      I was away this weekend, but I will be joining this evening as Man Utd. Sorry if my delay caused any headache or confusion. I have not signed on to see if you have sent me an invite. I will check as soon as I get home from work.


      Josh (XxRedDevilxX)

        1. Martin,

          I will check as soon as I get home. I already received your friend request and should have the league invite waiting for me. I have team practice tonight, but should be able to play a bit after I get home, which is 10:00 PM eastern. Thanks again martin!


    2. Martin,

      I’ll re-accept the invite as Arsenal after work tonight. Long-time FIFA vet, but i’ve never played in a league before. Do we have a set time to play league games, or do you just play people that are online ad-hoc when available?

      Cheers and best of luck,


      1. No set schedule, just play people who are on. I intend to start playing people later on this week. I’m knee deep in my Career Mode and want to play a little more of that as practice so to say because I was getting spanked when the League first started.

    1. It’s definitely there – along with another two leagues now. Send me a friend request and message when you see me online and I’ll walk you through it.

  5. Wow – so I didn’t think this would be quite so popular as it is.

    The EPLTalk league on Xbox 360 is full (32 teams) so I added another two leagues. The list is now:

    EPLTalk 2nd Division
    EPLTalk 3rd Division

    After a warning or two, I’ll be taking players out that aren’t playing games so keep checking to see if there’s an open spot.

    On the topic, everyone plays everyone else twice. If you go to Standings and scroll to the right you can see how many games you have remaining against the other players (as well as if they’re online).

    I’m trying to get a turnaround of about 2-4 weeks on this so everyone can have multiple chances to get a title so try get those games going (and don’t waste time by playing people you’ve already played twice over again).

    Wednesday nights at 8PM (EST) for game nights?

    1. BK, I’ll add you this afternoon. The only teams remaining are: Birmingham City, Blackburn, West Brom and Wigan. PM me on the PS3 which team you want and then I’ll respond with the password. My PSN ID is esomedina.

    1. Adam,

      What’s your PSN ID? Is it atom_25? if so, I have you marked down for Aston Villa. Accept my friend request and I’ll PM you the league password. My PSN ID is esomedina.

  6. So the xbox league is full are the second and third divisions still open?

    If so I will try and sign up when I go home today.

    1. Last time I checked, the 2nd division had just me and three other players and the 3rd division was just me.

      There’s lots of room in those two.

      Who knows? If this goes well maybe I really will create a promotion and relegation system through invites.

      For now, however, there is no difference between the three leagues other than the names.

      1. Gaz, is there any way to tell who signed up first in the original EPLTalk league? I’m just curious since a lot of people haven’t even played a match yet…

        1. I’m going to go through all the teams in the next week and give everyone that hasn’t played a game a warning – I’ll then move to delete them.

    1. Generally this is how it’s been working – just see who is both online and you need to play and invite them to a game.

      When you go to the league menu you should see four options: Standings, Results, News, and Settings (though maybe I only see this last one).

      Go to standings and you should see a list of all the players in the league. You can scroll right to see how many of the two games you have left to play that team. You can also see if they are online and hit “A” on the team to bring up a menu that lets you invite them to a league game.

      If you go to the News menu you can also see that I post league nights (currently this Wednesday at 8PM EST) and information such as above.

  7. For the PS3 League only Birmingham City, Blackburn and West Brom remain. Please reply to this message to claim the last spots.

  8. I think i like the PS3 layout Gaz , i knw we have a lot of ppl set up on our league ( 32 ) , we can breakout on diff leagues and maybe just have a raffle for the 20 teams to be fair, wht say ?

  9. This is turning out to be a huge success! I know everyone loves FIFA, but this is awesome! At the rate we are going we can have relegation AND Champions League! EPLTALK does it again…


    1. I’ll join up as soon as I get home to my PS3. What about the different types of controls people play with? (Manual, semi, auto). Are we going to regulate that in any way?

      1. Good game last night, we will have to do it again. Not sure what happened to the connection- but mine was in and out all night.

  10. I’m so glad cos of these leagues, it is the first time i got to try these, No more quitters and a bunch of solid gamers with respect 😀
    thanks Gaz,
    @Cash22 – i get slaughtered wid all manual controls , but I never had trble wid the ping pong passing problems even wid players wid Auto so i think that’s an Uptick …

    1. Yeah all manual can be tough online. I think everything on semi though would be more fair and realistic. For the options that only have auto or manual, auto is fine. All that being said, I’m pretty excited about this no matter what. Looking forward to a match.

  11. I just played an amazing 3-3 draw on the 360 league with PK ND…Chelsea v. Man City and it was just as exciting as the real thing! Really glad that you’ve set this up, Gaz.

  12. fairly new reader, first post

    joined xbox 2nd division as newcastle

    feel free to change my team if necessary
    xbox id sepinsyelsew

  13. I tried to join the second division last night but couldnt because of my DNF %. My kid plays under my screenname and apparently didn’t finish some matches. What is the allowable DNF percentage? Obviously I have banned my kid from my username but I don’t know how to have two usernames on xbox 360 when you can only sign into fifa online using the promotional code that only works once.

    1. 20% – which is pretty damn high. That means you quit 1 out of every 5 games.

      Play a few Xbox Live games and finish the entire game and you’re DNF will go up quickly.

      1. I got in last night as my DNF is at 20 now but here is the thing I don’t think the math is right. I think FIFA counts if your opponent has a bad connection and bails against you (this has happened a few times to me). Also I am wondering if your opponent quits is that a DNF against you as well. Is there any way to see the number of matches that where DNF’s? I cant find that anywhere only the number plaid and a DNF percentage. I think that they jack the DNF number up…It doesn’t appear to be based on math. Who knows I am in the league now and looking forward to playing. I am Japaneseink using the SPURS in Division 2.

  14. Great fun on PS last night! Wow! This really took off. I signed on just to join the league and noticed a bunch were on and started to receive game invites immediately! It was nice to play against mature adults that just want to have fun. I will be on again tonight, if anyone would like to play.

    -Josh (XxRedDevilxX)

    1. Josh,

      I’m sure your enjoyed it last night – you worked me silly. 4-0 is not a good way to start off my league campaign. It looks like I need a few more games under my belt…haha

      Good Luck!


      1. JJ,

        I felt bad, I hope I don’t discourage you not to play. It is all in good fun. I got beat by someone 3-0 last night as well (can’t wait to redeem myself). It is good to see the skill level is spread around. I play a bunch of FIFA, when I am not playing real football or busy with other stuff, of course. I am free tonight after 5 and plan on signing on, if you would like to finish up our 2nd leg.


        1. Josh-

          No worries, it was a good reality check. I’ve only played about a dozen games on 11 so far, and it usually takes me awhile to get used to the new play and dynamics from the previous version. I will get my bearings, and then challenge for the title!


          1. JJ,

            Yeah, it is different in a ton of aspects from 10. I played the World Cup version a bunch, so I think that is in my favor. It is pretty similar to that. I can tell you knew what you were doing, just having trouble executing it. You def will get your bearing straight and start winning!


    2. lol if someone doesn’t knw the context of our msgs, this just sounds wrong on many levels 😀
      This league thingy is certainly fun and glad that atleast someone is online at a given point in time to while away time ….

  15. Sorry for not accepting game invites the last few days. I’ll be starting Blackpool’s ascent to the top of the table in the middle of the week.

  16. Martin,

    How is the system going to work? Is there a way to see if we have played each other twice? I was looking around and did not find it.


    1. There should be a column that tells you how many times you’ve played a user under the Standings section. The limit is two. For instance, the column for “JJ” should say 1 remaining game.

        1. It’s not impossible to play someone twice. You need to check and make sure you’re not wasting time playing someone for a third or fourth time instead of playing someone you actually need to play.

  17. Just want to make a few comments on the Xbox 360 league:

    1) I’m pretty sure I set the DNF to 20%. That’s really high and you shouldn’t have a problem with this if you’re not quitting left and right. If you are unable to join because of a high DNF just spend a night playing (and not quitting) and you should be able to bring it down enough to join.

    2) Everyone has been awesome. It’s really refreshing to get online and play competitive games in a big league with friendly people. Talking with my headset has been just as fun as playing!

    3) Some people have asked about doing our league like the Playstation 3 league (only Premier League clubs and only one instance of each one). I think it’s worked great for them and Martin has been awesome about setting that all up – but I’d much prefer everyone to be able to play with their supported club in our league. As I said in #2, everyone is really friendly and is playing as a club they support not just as a club that is good in the game. We even have a Sheffield Wednesday in there. The only rule I have is that it must be an English club and one that you support (we’ll know if you’re a glory hunter). :)

    4) I will be kicking out anyone that hasn’t played a game in the top division by this weekend to make room for others. Keep checking the league because there will more than likely be spots.

    5) Check the News section in the league for information. Also, keep this article bookmarked and we’ll use this as a sort of forum for the leagues.

    6) I’d really like to get promotion and relegation going between the three divisions but it may prove to be difficult. What I’m thinking is that I’ll get us up to a good number in the top two leagues and password protect them (leaving the third division open to anyone). We can just do top three up and bottom three down – in the third division, I’ll just have to kick out the bottom three to make room for the second division relegation teams. I can just do this by kicking and inviting to the other league. I’m not planning on doing this until we have the leagues full and a few weeks of playing, however. Any other suggestions?

    1. Gaz,

      So how do I talk on my headset while playing someone? I am relatively new to xbox. Do I just send them a party chat invite while playing them?

      1. Just turn on the headset and talk. :)

        It’ll automatically be heard by the person you’re playing. You should see a little microphone icon in the top right corner whenever you speak or the other person speaks.

  18. Hi Gaz. I’d like to join one of xbox leagues if that’s alright. I’m actually a Hearts fan, but am happy to go any team you like (though Hearts would be nice!). I managed to find the league online, but don’t know if there’s a password. My gamertag is ‘iwantmymum’ and to be honest I’m looking forward to playing adults instead of little kids who send me abuse if I beat them. I might even wear my headset (I’m too scared of the kids normally)!


  19. I made a web page for the league that I’ll post the address for later tonight.

    Basically, the best way to get in right now is to join the EPLTalk 3rd Division league and I’ll invite you up to a higher league if there’s room.

    To join:

    Select XBOX Live
    Select Friends Leagues
    Select Join a League
    Enter “EPLTalk 3rd Division” in the League Name field and select Start Search
    Select the league and confirm you want to join

  20. martin,

    you can take me out of the ps3 league and let someone else in. I thought there might be chance that people would play the game correctly, but instead its nothing but through balls. I don’t want to the play that way

      1. Haha! I love this conversation people have with me on Fifa. So silly.

        Just like real football, there’s no “wrong” way to play. I personally set up defensively and counter attack. For every tactic you disagree with there is a counter-tactic you can employ to win.

        1. for real. You gotta defend the through ball. I love how people complain about the way people play a video game. I used to play nhl hockey back in the day on nintendo 8 bit and my brother would say wrap around goals were cheap. LOL.

  21. I set up a web page for people to visit for news, rules, and information on how to join.

    Chris, I certainly don’t mind hosting it but if you prefer / want it on this page somewhere with a little better presentation – let me know (maybe wait until we see if it continues, I suppose).

  22. Newcastle is open on the PS3 League. First one to send me a message on the PS3 TONIGHT gets the team. My PSN ID = esomedina

  23. i played someone in the second division last night who is also tottenham and it was pretty surreal having the Spurs play the Spurs. I was on the receiving end of it 2-0 but it was a pretty exciting game? So which one of you guys was it? I can’t remember.

  24. As of last night, the Everton and West Ham people have not joined the PS3 league yet. I’ll be sending reminders tonight when I get home from work if they have not done so by then.

    My biggest pet peeve about online play are the people that throw constant pressure at you. The guys who hold down the Circle button and just run after you. You can’t even make a pass and then OOMPH, TACKLE, DIPOSSESSED. The players resemble the zombies from I Am Legend running after you. It’s frustrating when the opposing team has the time to build up their attack because my players are so spaced out but when I get the ball the field all of a sudden gets compact.

    I had a real tough game with my Blackpool against Newcastle last night. Lost 0-1. I had my chances but just couldn’t convert.

    1. Martin,

      I play a defensive game and tackle a lot. I don’t think there is anything wrong with perfectly timed clean tackles. I do understand where you are coming from about the players that just slide and either dispossess you or foul you, it kills your attack. Sorry I did not get to your game invite quick enough last night. Send me a message and tell me how much time you will need or what time you will be able to play and I will be sure to not be in another match at that time or will go to your invite as soon as I am free.

      If I remember correctly, I think I was the one that beat up on Newcastle last night and I was using the through ball too much, you can’t on this edition. You really have to work a nice play to make it a successful pass. Its a shame he is leaving so soon. I 100% played a fair game, just hard fought. Plus, the through ball can be read, you just have to follow the player making the run and not the let the pass through.


      1. The tackling doesn’t bother me much, part of the game. It’s when two guys run at you full speed and before you can press the pass button they are already on you and you lose the ball. or when you can pass the ball, those same two guys bear down on the guy you passed the ball too without losing any speed. Just frustrating.

        As for lobbed through balls, doesn’t bother me much. I guess it would irk me if a guy just played lobbed through balls all match. But the games I’ve played and the first one in our league, I have had no real problem except the double team pressure.

        As for Blackpool, OMG are their players slow. Trying to build an attack with them is hard. But if and when I do score a goal with them it will be that much more rewarding. My aim is to not lose by two or more goals with them and that’s with me trying to constantly keep attacking.

        1. Yes but if you get good with blackpool you will rock on! My pet peeve on Fifa is how everyone is either:

          a. Chelsea (and if your truly a chelsea fan I don’t mean you)
          b. Real Madrid
          c. Barcelona

          Those mostly are just non football fans who can name only those teams in their respective leagues.

          If Chelsea is your team than more power to you this isn’t aimed at you.

          As for the through ball and the tackling It was aggivating the crap out of me but after you play a while you learn how to deal with it. You just have to pass very quickly and find the open space. You get better at it as your muscle memory with the buttons improves. As for the through balls you just have to stay with your man and not overpressure using other players. If you do that you really open yourself up. Finally its like tic tac toe. Once you start making good passes you will begin to catch these guys and attack. I have the most trouble attacking as well but I am getting better. Keep playing and don’t shy away from the slower teams as they will only make your skill better as you play with them. Then when you play with a fast team like Chelsea, Man U, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayren, etc. you will really lite it up.

          1. after i played my Blackpool match, I went into Career Mode and played with my Arsenal team. Took me about a half to get used to fast moving players lol

    2. Martin,

      I messaged you on PSN twice asking you about the password. I haven’t had time to go on since the 11th. Can you please let me know if you already msged me the pass for the league?


      Team: The Hammers

      1. password should have been supplied in the initial PM i sent about signing up. probably had to scroll down since i used line breaks for each line. i’ll send you a PM tonight with the password.

  25. Yeah, I barely use the lob through ball. I like give and go plays with the final pass being the through ball. It can be anticipated by the opposition, but difficult.

    I cannot believe you are using Blackpool!! LOL! That is going to be an uphill battle for you. I will def choose another team other than Man Utd after this round is done, just to make it fair to other players (just not Blackpool!). I can say that Man Utd has high numbers, but not out of control. The bench is not deep and the starting 11 is def not that of Chelsea.

    1. My first choice is Arsenal but to be fair when I announced I’d create the PS3 league another guy snatched them up first. Next go round, I’ll be picking a much stronger team. I do root for Blackpool as my “relegation” team.

      I’m thinking this league will be much more fun once Ultimate Team is released. Then we’ll all be on a truly level playing field.

      1. Martin,

        What are your thoughts on creating a Facebook group for the league? It would be an easier way for us all to communicate and keep up with updates.

        Also, have you guys noticed how f**kin hard penalty kicks are in 11? What the hell did they change?!?


        1. I don’t get on Facebook much right now. But if you want to set one up, feel free to. Just add me as an Admin. The only objection some people would have would be having their identity known lol.

          I’ve had only two PK’s in Career Mode and I’m 1 for 2.

          1. i haven’t used the forum feature in EPL talk, but why don’t we set that up for this?

            it’s difficult to communicate via comments section in a post and it’ll be more organized.

    1. Ultimate Team is like a fantasy team. You build your team through buying packs of players and then playing games to earn points to buy better packs of players. I’ve never played it before since this is my first FIFA game in many years. It’s somewhat similar to the FIFA Superstars Facebook game I believe. Here’s how it worked in FIFA 10

      1. As someone who has played Ultimate Team in FIFA ’09 and ’10, I can tell you it’s pretty addicting. It’s a challenge to balance buying players with buying contract cards to keep your current players on your team, plus the auction function is super cool.

  26. One thing is certain on 11, I definitely cannot play like I did in ’10. I used to be a ping-ponger and you can’t get away with that on ’11. I got a good tonking from Blackburn yesterday but was able to bounce back and win against WBA. Whoever is playing as Blackburn was awesome at getting his off the ball runs to perfection. No idea how he did it so well but it was fun. I am really loving the league so far.

  27. martin, is there any team left for the ps3 league…

    if so ill pick a team and roll with them..

    please add


    thanks tim

  28. Everyone that’s in the PS3 League, can you head over to so we can set up matches and playing times? I’d like to get everyone to start playing more often so we can finish this first season.

    I have the blog set up to start showing League Standings on a regular basis and we’re going to post highlights from games that you submit. Standings should be updated tonight or by tomorrow night.

  29. somebody invite me i wanna play in any league with any team my favorite is real but it’s ok to play with any
    my id: tycoonpal
    send me plz

    1. Were you playing with an English team?

      I’m sure I sent out invites to everyone but I may have messed up.

      Send me a message on XBL (“Zombie Gaz”).

  30. Gaz,

    Feel free to remove me from the top EPLTalk division on Xbox Live. Gamertag: doyouwantmoore. Can’t commit to playing 10 matches a week…and I bought Rock Band 3 yesterday so that will take over for a while.


  31. Is anyone actually playing at all in the Xbox 2nd division? I’ve been on both last Friday and this Wednesday and only ever seen one other player on there. As a consequence I’ve only managed to play 2 games in total.

  32. I’m very keen to join a online league as i’ve played fifa for a few years but only now do i own a ps3!

    never played online before so not sure what i need to do but if you still need players please let me know or if you can direct me to anywhere else that needs players that would be great.

    my PSN is Nozzied

  33. We could create another league… like relegation promotion or MLS/USL :)

    Im up for anything: GreatestDan83 is my PSN id!

  34. Hi,
    Does anybody knows if it’s possible to play league games on Fifa 11?
    For exsample — I want to pick up a British team and play a whole season with them — is it possible on XBox Fifa 11?

  35. I joined the EPLTalk 3rd division on xbox live and i left it without knowing that i can’t rejoin even if it’s not in season. Can the GM please invinte me back? My LiveID is “toxu07”. Thank you very much!

    PS: can we join only with english teams ?

  36. Hi there,

    Brand new to playing Fifa online, would love to join a league, even if I finish bottom.

    My username is AycliffeArabsCJ and if possible i’d like Newcastle, if not then any team will do :)

    Cheers for any help, or if anyone else wants another member for their league then just message me, I work from home so can accomodate any times to play.

    CJ :)

  37. Yo Guys,

    Has anyone got any good names for a League that im gonna create soon.

    If you give me a good one, ill add you to the league

  38. hey i want to join the league epltalk 2nd division need password…gamertag is jackaldoit123 and will pick any team remaining

  39. hey i wud love 2 join epltalk 2nd division league need password to enter…… gamertag is lampard2011 plz get back 2me and let me no wotz happen!

  40. is this league thingo still open
    cz i want to join a league and most of em keeps asking for a password
    psn id – lx_eyeless_xl

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