Liverpool Sinks Into Bottom 3 Of Premier League

Before today, the last time Liverpool were in the bottom three of the Premier League was after the opening day of the very first Premier League season. That day they lost 1-0 to Nottingham Forest. But any team can be near the bottom after losing its opening fixture of a season. Prior to that, the last time Liverpool sunk into the bottom three of top flight football was during the 1964-65 season when they dropped down to last but one after eight games. But they soon picked themselves up that season and ended in seventh position.

Whether the Reds of Merseyside will be able to pick themselves up into seventh or higher this season seems unlikely at the moment. Such is the doom and gloom that permeates the Anfield club.

8 thoughts on “Liverpool Sinks Into Bottom 3 Of Premier League”

  1. I think part of the problem at Liverpool are the fans. The Kop… it’s where the wild things are. They worship false gods like Rafa Benitez. They don’t recognize their personnel is an absolute mess. The Prophet Mohammad couldn’t jell that squad any better than Roy Hodgson can, and yet Roy has got to go in their eyes. So short sighted. Roy’s the man. Give he time beasties… give he time.

    1. I COMPLETELY agree Lyle, and I know many l’pool fans who are supportive of Roy and know what he’s facing. The fact they were chanting Rafa’s name at the end of the match was pretty sad, I stand behind Roy, I just think the administration and others above him are strangling the team.

  2. Go Forest! . . . even if it was eighteen years ago (I don’t get much of a chance to cheer Forest on this site). :)

    It’s hard to imagine Liverpool in a relegation fight this season, in spite of their start, but missing Europe entirely seems to be a likely outcome now. That alone is a story.

  3. What is frightening is that Liverpool, while the opening part of the schedule was though, like Stoke City’s, they haven’t had improved results with the easier schedule… unlike Stoke City who have 10 pts out of the last 12 pts.

    Liverpool has too much talent on the field to be having these results. The whole sum of the squad right now is far less than the sum of the parts. Liverpool could just turn it around and finish top ten easy… It would also seem as likely that they’d fall down to the Championship.

    Its time to give Torres a break. Let the guy heel and then get him on at 100%. We’re losing with him trying to play hurt anyway.

    1. Also, that penalty on Johnson… you know things are bad when your team gets called for a penalty and you just slap your head and groan.

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