Karl Henry's Horror Tackle for Wolves Against Wigan: Video

Karl Henry did Wolves and Mick McCarthy no favors on Saturday when his late tackle on Jordi Gomez resulted in a straight red card and left Wolverhampton Wanderers with ten men.

In the video of the tackle (see above), you can see how Henry’s hit sent the Spaniard flying into the air. Luckily Gomez was able to recover and went on to a score a goal later in the game. But Henry’s foul could have easily resulted in a broken leg or a career-threatening injury. Why Henry tried to dispute the decision is beyond me. The referee made the correct decision without a shadow of a doubt.

13 thoughts on “Karl Henry's Horror Tackle for Wolves Against Wigan: Video”

  1. Should I wait 7 days for Wolves fans to bitch about how they get a bad rap? Crawl back to the Championship you stupid muppets. Wolves easily going down. Sorry Mick.

  2. Arsene Wenger is delusional. He says that there are too many hard and dangerous tackles in English football. He is calling on the officials to punish and discourage such tackling. Instead, officials should discourage and punish such delusional comments. Clearly, there is not enough good tackling. Teams are getting soft. Is it not the point in sports to try as best as you can? If you are going to tackle are you not going to tackle as best as you can? We must applaud Karl Henry for being an ambassador of the game. We have to stand together and fight back against bigots like Wenger who care more about their players than great tackling. Lets form a media campaign against Wenger and point out that he is over reacting about hard tackles. Lets get managers like the honorable Steve Bruce, Harry Redknapp, and Sam Allardyce to point out that they are better and more accomplished managers than Arsene Wenger, as well as that Wenger is losing his mind. Not to mention, he’s French and that just makes it more acceptable. What is he doing in England anyway? If you cant handle your players breaking their legs, you should not be coaching in England, Frenchie. England!! THE LAND OF JOHN TERRY, ASHLEY COLE, STEVEN GERRARD, AND WAYNE ROONEY. IF OUR HEROES DON’T SLEEP WITH YOUR WIVES, THEY’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE.!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHA OH WOW. I love it!

      Although there are a ton of English people that actually believes this which is sad.

    2. Maybe if Arsene concentrated on coaching and less on being a whiny little b!+(#, his gripes about hard, irresponsible challenges would be more respected.

  3. No defence here. Terrible challenge.

    That said, he ISN’T that type of player. Two sendings off in his career. That isn’t the record of a thug.

    But yep, hands up, today he didn’t cover himself in glory. He let his teammates down and ruined any chance of a result against an immensely limited Wigan side.

  4. I was in the stand very close to the incident, luckily it wasn’t his standing leg that took the impact or else it was a certain legbreaker.

    As for Wigan being a limited side, i’m sure we’ll finish well above a very poor Wolves team.

  5. “Horror Tackle”? Looked more like he was just gettin’ it up ’em. The stuff good English football is made of. Manly stuff. Not for continental audiences.

  6. very soon talented players from around the world will quiet simply say no to a move til the prem! opting for germany or spain!!

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