Hollywood Film Producer Mike Jefferies Creating Anti-Tom Hicks Video

Unhappy Liverpool Fans with their Protest against Liverpool Owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks Liverpool 2009/10 Liverpool V Sunderland (3-0) 28/03/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

Filmmaker Mike Jefferies, who is best known as the writer and producer of the movie trilogy, Goal, is on the warpath against Tom Hicks and George Gillett and want them to cease trying to get new funding to run and club, and to leave Liverpool FC.

And now Jefferies is working on a short movie to demonstrate his (and fellow Liverpool supporters) frustration about Hicks. The filmmaker flew from his home in South Africa to Liverpool and will be shooting an anti-Hicks film this weekend. Jefferies has been able to get a production company to donate cameras, sound and editing services. Plus Jefferies expects many A-List celebrities, who are Liverpool supporters, to help the cause by appearing in the viral video. Those people may include Samuel L. Jackson, Ian McCulloch (from Echo and The Bunnymen), Ian Broudie (from The Lightning Seeds), among others.

The video will be released on YouTube in the near future and the intentions are to hit one million views.

In the meantime, Jefferies has published the following open letter to U.S. media executives to get his point across:

Dear USA Media Executive

We love America in Liverpool, but…

We gave you THE BEATLES and this is how you repay us?

What happened to the ‘Special Relationship’ between the US and the UK?

Are you aware of how Tom Hicks is driving our beloved Liverpool Football Club into the ground?

How would you like it if a British “businessman” came over to the USA and destroyed the New York Yankees? Or the LA Lakers? Or the Washington Redskins?

Well, in Liverpool we are living a Wayne Huizenga and Florida Marlins moment all over again!

Please Google “Tom Hicks + Liverpool” to see what an embarrassment he is to the USA.

We would be grateful if you could help us by reporting our story in order that we might persuade Wall Street NOT to lend him the money he is currently trying to raise, to drive our football team into even more debt and despair.

Sorry about the mass email approach, but we have tried everything else, and we all feel like we are at the end of the road.

Thanks in anticipation

On Behalf of Fans of Liverpool Football Club.

26 thoughts on “Hollywood Film Producer Mike Jefferies Creating Anti-Tom Hicks Video”

  1. Yes, I know what a horrible person Tom Hicks is. I’m a Rangers fan, and I have felt your pain.

    Oh, and please, please send a Brit over here to destroy every team you just mentioned. Any other American find it strange that the Redskins got grouped with the Yankees and Lakers?

    1. “Any other American find it strange that the Redskins got grouped with the Yankees and Lakers?”

      Yeah, probably just a misplaced connection because of the “Washington” factor. Now if he had said “Cowboys”!!!!!! 😉

  2. “WAAAAHH!!!
    I didn’t support liverpool to have to deal with the hard times!!!
    We are supposed to only win!!
    If I knew I might root for a team that wouldn’t always be in the top 4, I would have picked another one!”

    (Ignore the fact that they gave Benitez a ton of money and he blew it on garbage)

    Such a bunch of cry babies. I hope Hicks does leave and the club falls even further down the tubes. Who will they blame then? Probably no one. Half of them will become Citeh fans.

    1. No one is complaining about our place in the table or if we win or lose games. The article is about ownership.

      Honestly, I think most Liverpool fans would welcome a relegation fight if it meant the owners were gone.

  3. I like it. Sadly, though, I doubt the US media is going to care much. The majority of American sports writers are still terrified of soccer and believe if they ignore it then it will go away.

  4. That’s right kids, if you support a team when they’re winning, you’re a bandwagon fan. If you support a team when they’re losing and want to do something about it, you’re a bandwagon fan (and should really just root for a top 4 team).

    Sorry that Liverpudlians are trying to be proactive? That they’re trying to do something different and actually *effective*?

    As a EPL fan, good for them; as a Liverpool fan, I’m happy to see coverage in Wall Street Journal and now a movie.

  5. Hahaha….I love it, Americans coming out of the woodwork saying “yes please run those mentioned teams into the ground”, and I am one of them.

    Forget protests, Americans would throw parades for those British businessmen.

  6. “We love America in Liverpool”…we love it so much we burn American flags at Anfeld just to show how much we appreciate having you all run our club. Overreaction much?

    This is why I will NEVER be a Liverpool supporter. Besides the fact that they suck balls.

  7. I like how no one says anything when their club is spending 100 million a season on players, but when they hear of debt they start charging at their owners with knives. And of course it’s because the owners are American. God forbid Chelsea or Man City start losing every single game, it will be the Russians and Arabs fault.

    Get a grip Premier League clubs, you should be thanking the rest of the world that your league is still the top. If it wasn’t for the money generated from media rights and sponsorship ABROAD most of your teams would be out of commission.

    Why isn’t everyone going after Kroenke? He’s American. Oh that’s right it’s because Arsenal is financially stable, winning, and still play attractive football.

    Mike Jefferies is an idiot to even bring up the American owner issue. They’d be whining if anyone was the owner and they weren’t winning and had no money to spend on players.

    1. The reason the letter is addressed to the American media (and also is being sent to financial institutions here) is because Hicks is trying to get financial institutions in the US to refinance the debt he has with Royal Bank of Scotland. The hope is that by pressuring banks here they will not provide Hicks with those funds, ultimately leading to RBS seizing the club, ousting Hicks, and selling to a new owner.

      Hence, the reason for the campaign isn’t because Hicks is an American, it’s because he’s an American idiot.

      I don’t disagree with anything else you wrote.

  8. By “we”, in “we gave you the Beatles”, does that guy mean their parents? That would be like saying we (the US) gave them the computer and airplane, yet they repay “us” with this sentiment.

    I don’t understand why they always blame the owner or coach. Manchester United is in about the same situation, and their not doing bad. So what’s Liverpool’s excuse?

  9. Good for my Jefferies for having the conviction to do this. It’s good to see fans feel compassionately about their club that they are willing to do something about it. I hope he succeeds in persuading Wall Street not to lend money to Hicks.

  10. The Marlins actually made a profit under Huizenga. He just used Hollywood-style accounting to claim the team was operating at a loss. Most sports franchises in the US don’t have a problem making a profit. But US sports have better TV deals than European football leagues and (aside from the rare posted baseball player from Japan) nothing like the transfer market.

    Lots of people could run a European football club into the ground. Tom Hicks managed to run the Texas Rangers into bankruptcy. Which is a much bigger accomplishment than anything he’s done to Liverpool. The problem in this case isn’t Americans per se, but a particular American who can’t even run a US team.

  11. I wonder if Mike Jefferies knows what an embarrassment to England he is.

    Liverpool gave America The Beatles…How about if it were not for America Jefferies would be making his viral movie in GERMAN!!!!!

    The only thing Liverpool fans do well is hate.

    1. That was a joke. Somethings wrong if you needed that spelling out.

      Look for Jefferies open letter to Hicks, which should shed light on the many reasons supporters are upset with Hicks. The club was sold so they could build a new stadium, and on the promise that it wouldn’t be a leveraged buyout. There’s no new stadium and the club owes more than £350m to banks, up from £60m when they took over. H&G can’t afford the interest payments.

  12. Everybody needs to talk Liverpool 24/7 especially mancs….ha ha ha, Liverpool are loved all over the world, this is proof!!!!!!!

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