Pre-Show Open Thread: EPL Talk Podcast, Week in Review Show

The EPL Talk Podcast’s review of the Premier League’s fourth weekend will record at 10 p.m. England-time (5 p.m. Eastern, 2p.m. Pacific). This weekend’s Match of the Week – Everton’s comeback against Manchester United – will be high on the agenda, as will the performances from Chelsea, Arsenal, and the rest of the League. Beyond the matches, there’s one coverage area we want to be sure and address:

What topics do you want covered in your weekend review show?

Let us know in the comments, below, and there’s a good chance your views will be read on tonight’s show.

Other topics to be covered:

  • Bobby Zamora suffering a broken leg versus Wolves,
  • Luka Modric not suffering a broken leg against West Brom,
  • Manchester United’s omission of Wayne Rooney at Goodison,
  • Results from around Europe,
  • This week in Premier League history,
  • And our nomination for EPL Talk Premier League Player of the Week.

    1. Chris McQuade September 12, 2010
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    5. Goal Addict September 12, 2010
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    7. Sean September 12, 2010
      • The Gaffer September 12, 2010
    8. Richard Farley September 12, 2010
      • Adam September 12, 2010

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