ESPN and Fox Soccer Plus Rearrange Weekend Premier League TV Schedule

Soccer fans in the United States who are looking forward to watching Premier League matches on television and online this weekend will want to refer to the following schedule to make sure they don’t miss any of the action. Reason being is that there have been several changes regarding which games will be shown on which channel.

Both Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN made changes. The typical early kick-off on a Saturday will be shown on Fox Soccer Plus and instead of ESPN2. And Monday’s game, which is typically shown on ESPN2, will only be available on Some other more minor changes were made.

So, here is the complete schedule for this weekend’s Premier League games to be shown on US television and internet:

Saturday, September 11:
7:45am: Everton v Manchester United, Fox Soccer Plus and
10am: Arsenal v Bolton, Fox Soccer Channel (also shown later on on demand)
10am: Manchester City v Blackburn, Fox Soccer Plus and
10am: West Ham United v Chelsea, ESPN2/ Deportes/ESPN Mobile TV
10am: West Brom v Spurs, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Channel at Noon)
10am: Fulham v Wolves, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Channel at 11:30pm)
10am: Newcastle v Blackpool, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Channel on Sunday at 8:30am)
10am: Wigan v Sunderland, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Channel on Sunday at 12:30pm)

Sunday, September 12:
11am: Birmingham City v Liverpool, Fox Soccer Channel (shown later on on demand)

Monday, September 13:
3pm: Stoke City v Aston Villa,

UPDATE: According an ESPN representative, ESPN will do their best to clear the programming window for weekday Premier League games to show them on ESPN2. Otherwise the matches will be exclusive on the following combined platforms:, ESPN Deportes and ESPN Mobile TV, much like Monday’s Stoke City against Aston Villa game. View the latest ESPN3 soccer schedule.

Monday’s switch from ESPN2 to is a one-time deal. According to a representative, ESPN has no plans to make Monday Premier League games only available on for the foreseeable future. In the future, those Monday games will continue to be on ESPN2 (except for the Stoke against Villa match).

As for the early Saturday game, there originally wasn’t one scheduled for this Saturday so ESPN had already planned on showing West Ham versus Chelsea. However, about a week ago, the Premier League and Sky Sports changed the schedule and moved Manchester United’s game to the early kick-off on Saturday which allowed Fox Soccer Plus to pick it instead.

Of course the challenge for many soccer fans in the United States is that their local cable provider doesn’t carry the channel. That said, the game will be shown live on which will be the most high-profile game of the season to be broadcast on Fox’s relaunched broadband service (

It’s important to note that two Champions League games this week will also only be available live on Fox Soccer Plus. Those are the ones featuring Werder Bremen against Tottenham, and Arsenal versus SC Braga. The other games featuring Chelsea and Manchester United will be shown on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports Net reapectively.

Here’s the complete schedule for next week’s Champions League matches:

Tuesday, September 14:
2:45pm: Werder Bremen v Tottenham Hotspur [Champions League], Fox Soccer Plus and
2:45pm: Manchester United v Rangers [Champions League], Fox Sports Network (shown on delay on Fox Soccer Plus at 7:30pm)

Wednesday, September 15:
2:45pm: Zillina v Chelsea [Champions League], Fox Soccer Channel (shown on delay on Fox Soccer Plus at 5pm)
2:45pm: Arsenal v SC Braga [Champions League], Fox Soccer Plus and

To stay updated on the latest schedule of Premier League games on US television, bookmark EPL Talk’s Premier League TV schedule.

45 thoughts on “ESPN and Fox Soccer Plus Rearrange Weekend Premier League TV Schedule”

  1. Well this screws up my “watch early match while working from home on Saturday” schedule. I’m all for ESPN getting better time slots, which will help ratings and lead to more games that I can watch in HD, but this is a selfish thing for me. I’ll need to set up dual monitors at home now, especially with United playing during work-time Saturday morning.

  2. Not cool that the game will be shown on ESPN3 on Monday. I dont have this. So did they ever tell you why they will not show it on ESPN 2 and just on ESPN3 ?

    1. I’m guessing the game isn’t on due to the premiere of Monday Night Football. Jets-Ravens is at 7 PM, when normally it would start at 8:30. Thus everything is pushed up an hour and a half (and moved over to ESPN2).

  3. I don’t think they had ever planned showing that Monday game on ESPN2. It was never on their schedule. The Chelsea Sat 10am game hadn’t been either, though.

    What sucks is Man Utd/Liverpool only on Fox Soccer Plus the following week…probably the most high profile match in the league so far and it will be tough to come by.

  4. I officially hate everything FOX. Biggest prem games and some CL games on a channel that either nobody gets or can justiy the cost

      1. I hate the channel that takes it’s audience for granted and can’t seem to do as well every week as ESPN can with far less commitment. Oh yeah, and can’t sort out the HD problem. FSC has served it’s purpose now it’s time to let the big boys have it. Loyalty only goes so far then you have to focus on quality, not just quantity.

      2. Agreed. It isn’t like Fox is taking the games away from ESPN. If Fox didn’t show them, nobody would. ESPN only plays the early games because every other sporting event ranks above EPL in their books (and what other live sports occur before noon on a Saturday?).

        1. Exactly. And in this case, ESPN is choosing NOT to show the Monday game on either of their channels because of other “more important” sports. And it isn’t like the NFL game is on at the same time…it’s only on at 6:30pm instead of the usual 7:30pm timeslot.

    1. Channel is available from some of the larger cable/satellite providers (Time Warner, Verizon FiOS, Direct TV, Dish). If you personally can’t justify the cost that is one thing but you can’t say “nobody gets it”.

  5. hey, so did foxsoccertv add ondemand now? I know they had it last year but not the beginning of this year..for example can I start watching the City/Blackburn game from the first minute at 11am eastern if I want to?

    1. Ade, has added on demand and DVR features, yes. So if you tune in at 11am ET to watch City vs Blackburn, you’ll need to hit the rewind button pretty quickly before you see the score to take you back to the first minute of the broadcast. The match will be available on demand, typically about an hour after it ends, also.

      The Gaffer

  6. Hey Gaffer,

    Any chance of including the Canadian broadcast times/channels…this website is good and accurate

    Surprisingly TSN2 carried the England/Switzerland game @ 20h00 EST with the ESPN3? feed with Shaka et al….the announcement that it was going to be on only came at about 15h00 EST.

    I gather that Fox Soccer Plus has pretty poor carriage.

    1. PHRC, sorry, I know I’ve been letting down my Canadian brethren but it’s hard work just staying on top of all of the US changes to the TV schedules. I’d rather leave the Canadian schedule to Football TV Canada, since they’re more on top of it than I am.

      The Gaffer

      1. I believe Ramesh referring to titsmcgee’s post about the following week’s match. Sunday, Sept. 19th is indeed Man Utd v Liverpool.

  7. So what is the deal with FSC+ on Direct TV? I can’t seem to get it in HD. For me, the FSC+ channel that supposed to be Hi-Def has been this weird PPV-type thing on game days.

    Does anyone know if and when FSC+ will be in HD like FSC?

    1. FS+ is HD on DirecTV only during live matches. Look for 621-1. During the match, it will be open if you have a FS+ subscription.

      1. Hi Jason and can you confirm the EPL games on FS+ are in HD? I have DirecTV but am waiting for FS+ in HD before I order the channel.

  8. Let’s hope is doesn’t experience any problems on Saturday for the Everton vs Man United match. As noted by the gaffer this is their most high-profile match to date.

  9. OK… Just to be clear about… Will the entire Arsenal/Bolton game be shown? A few weeks ago I waited for a delayed game on and only got 45 minutes of highlights.

    1. The 7pm ET airing of Sky Sports News has been moved to FS+, where it can air regularly with fewer pre-emptions due to other programming (show will NOT air on UEFA CL match days).

  10. How long before FS.TV shows matches which aired on FSC? For example, what time around should I expect Sunday’s Birmingham-Liverpool match to be available?

  11. What’s disappointing is that with all of the channels Disney owns and all of the time slots, why can’t they at least show Stoke v Villa on ESPN Classic or whatever later in the evening, even at 2 am? (I get, but many of my soccer-playing colleagues get their broadband from Time Warner Cable. And while Time Warner Cable and Disney *claim* they have reached agreement to carry, it has yet to be rolled out, so my Villa-loving friends are going berserk today.

  12. cheers to ESPN for choosing to show an outside the lines re run and college football live and sports nation show in the time slot this match was originally slated for. much better programming.

    i prefer to watch the match on any how. nothing beats the stuttering stopping vaseline vision that is this crappy web site. i just love the way my computer freezes up when i log on. thank you ESPN for being so damn american!

      1. Gaffer,
        Sidebar: Are you aware of anyway to contact the folks at Fox that are responsible for Trying to work via email with the people at Perform is almost ridiculous and none of the serious issues with this service are being rectified.

        Thanks in advance

          1. Thanks already got that one. Perform doesn’t seem interested in addressing the issues, so I was hoping maybe you knew of a way to contact Fox. Long shot, I know, but had to ask.

  13. Moving Sky Sports News to + is the last straw. I am cancelling my FSC subscription and watching games on the internet for free; anyone got a link for SPN?

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