Manchester United Supporter Groups Planning Weak Protest Against Glazers

PORTLAND, OR - JULY 20:  Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, looks on during the first training session of their American Tour on July 20, 2003 at the Nike Training Facility in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

The Telegraph newspaper is reporting that Manchester United supporters are planning on staging a protest against the club’s owners, the Glazer family, in the upcoming clash against Liverpool at Old Trafford on September 19.

In the past, United supporters have worn green and gold to show their dissatisfaction with the Glazer’s ownership of Manchester United. But now, at the upcoming Liverpool match, the United supporters plan on wearing old Manchester United shirts that pre-date the Glazers’ 2005 takeover.

I can imagine the reaction from the Glazer family:

Oooooo! Please no! Not the wearing old shirts treatment! Arghhhhh!

Seriously, if Manchester United supporters want to show their dissatisfaction against the Glazer family, don’t go to the game against Liverpool, their most-hated rivals. If United supporters could stay away in droves for their biggest home match of the season, imagine what type of message that would sent to the Glazer family.

Instead, by wearing old fashioned United shirts, it’s going to look like a fashion show with a sold-out stadium. Wearing old shirts is going to have the opposite effect that United supporter groups want to achieve. People will be watching the game more closely to see what old jerseys they can spot in the crowd. And the reason the supporters are doing that will be lost by many people watching.

If Manchester United supporters are truly serious about sending a message, they need to continue focusing on encouraging supporters not to buy season tickets (which sales are down compared to United’s target). Watch the matches on television or in the pub. If they really want to get the Glazers’ out, the last place they should be going to is Old Trafford.

33 thoughts on “Manchester United Supporter Groups Planning Weak Protest Against Glazers”

  1. The whole green and gold thing just became a fashion bandwaggon anyway.

    Man Utd have too many casual supporters, so they won’t be able to start a massive boycott. I know Old Trafford doesn’t sell out any more, but they still get massive crowds.

    I agree though, this isn’t as much a protest as it is a statement to let the Glazer’s know once again “I don’t like you”. And the Glazer’s don’t really care.

  2. You can’t blame the protesters, but you’re right. The movement, such as it is, seems to have neither force nor focus.

    I hate the Glazers!!!….umm….are you going to use that ticket?

    And the beat goes on………

  3. I support the green & gold campain. I live in NY. “True” United supporters from Manchester will call me a glory hunter but I don’t care. I love United as much as I love my family. I get a laugh at these true supporters who wear the green & gold scarf but are wearing the new kit. That kind of beats the premises of the green & gold campain doesn’t it?

  4. So their end goal is to take the team over in another public stock sale, right?

    Can they possibly afford to keep the team competitive in today’s transfer market if they do? If not, wouldn’t that be like shooting themselves in the foot?

  5. The only way to get the attention of the Glazers is to squeeze their wallet. There was talk at some point of United supporters having some sway with luxury suite clients and (possibly) in-ground advertisers. This seemed like a good idea, but I haven’t heard anything else about it in months.

    Which leads me to repeat: Vote with your dollar/pound/euro! That’s the only way you’re going to accomplish anything. Fifty thousand green-and-gold-wearing, ticket-buying fans at Old Trafford does nothing to help. It works against your cause. Boycott!

    If you can’t manage that, you DESERVE the Glazers.

  6. Gaffer, it has to be a balance between not supporting the Glazers but still supporting the team. Granted, the green and gold campaign was stronger. It is that balance of support for the team and down with the glazers is what had caused MUST to encourage people to get a One United membership to buy tickets individually.

  7. u lot r clueless stick to nfl,if man u fans dont buy the tickets then theres plenty of gloryhunters an daytrippers who will u lot r a joke an so is this blog tbh

    1. so if for every seat there are say 5 people in line to buy it… then for the Glazers there is no problem. is there. They have retained interest in the club. contended every year. but since there is a high demand, you want to set up a class system of support, where the real fans get whatever they want. sounds to most us us like you are an entitled frontrunner yourself. innit.

      but then the logic of this probably has you scratching your head.

      1. u see these septic tanks talking about the brand an how great the glazers are ,put them straight if u are the person i think you are

        1. Lee are you cockney, Man U fan from Essex? cause no proper cockney would say “septic tanks”. its either a petrol ( old school ) or septic.

          but thank you for being a token Man U fan. You made my day.

      2. why would i wana be articulate on such a website,lets not kid ourselves an pretend this site is anything other than bollocks, poor articles a lot of the time,daytripping fans who dont av a clue

        1. Lee, this is one of the top soccer blogs in the United States and around the world. In July, we had more than 500,000 unique visitors from around the world. And more than 300,000 last month. I disagree with your sentiments.

          The Gaffer

      3. why not have an article on frances defeat at home to belarus, if that was england youd be all over it ,lets have some balance an discuss the problems a big footballing nation is having

  8. There is always FC United. Wasn’t that the team they were going to support… But as illustrated in the movie Looking for Eric, its all talk for most.

    I still don’t get what the problem is? The Glazers have raised the brand value of Man U to 922 million Euros. Brand value is a calculation of present and future earnings. Not just a sale price. Its how much the team is worth now and in the future.

    Man U is only behind Real Madrid and Barca worldwide.

    Under the Glazers Man U have won Champions League and won or contended every year for the PL top honors.

    So what is the problem? Are they forcing the manager to sell players? are they not buying players? They are clearly still winning.

    Or its it because the owners are Jewish Americans?

    because even with increased debt payments Man U is still well in the black and doing its business. You don’t see the support of Barca or Real Madrid protesting and they have greater debt then Man U. I just don’t understand the uproar.

    1. FC United is very well supported. Especially for a non-league team. They average 1200 supporters to their home matches at Gigg Lane where they share the stadium with Bury from league 2. There in development to build their own ground where it all started in Newton Heath.

      1. fantastic, then let every moaning Man U fan dressed like a farm boy queue up for those tickets. but as I said its talk for ‘most”

    2. “Or its it because the owners are Jewish Americans? ”

      What does that have to do with the protest? Until I see Swastikas or Hilter salutes on Stretford End one would have a hard time bringing anti-semitism into this.

        1. So a handful of fans were shooting their mouth on the Web… hmm that must be stamped out with extreme prejudice.

          Calling the LUHG movement anti-semitic is just about as valid as calling ALL Jewish-Americans crooks just because of Bernard Madoff or Jonathan Pollard. I don’t think any one of us would want to go there.

      1. and yeah LETS WAIT TILL we see fxxking Swastikas and Hitler before we call it what it is…….

        lets wait …

        lets wait.

        ohhh shit they invaded Poland

        oh they also invaded France………………


  9. Great. So they will protest by attending games they purchased tickets for and not wear jerseys they already purchased. They already supported the Glazers through this protest.

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