Mesut Ozil Joins Real Madrid, But What About Werder Bremen?

Mesut Ozil Joins Sami Khedira At Real Madrid.

Germany’s young attacking midfield star, who astounded audiences and pundits with some excellent performances at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa this summer, has completed a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid for a fee believed to be around 12.5 million pounds.

Ozil’s career really began to take flight when Werder Bremen sold Brazilian playmaker Diego to Juventus. Werder knew that they would not need to splash the cash on a replacement with a young Mesut Ozil waiting in the wings to make the role his own. Aged just 19 years old at the time, Mesut Ozil began to make his name at Werder Bremen in the first-team with some dazzling performances. Germany coach Joachim Loew called the young midfielder up to the German national team for the first time in 2009. Since then, he has gone on to establish himself as an irreplaceable part of the national setup, and his contributions have been noted and praised by both the German public and the German media.

Ozil, now, will join fellow World Cup 2010 star and compatriot Sami Khedira at Real Madrid, where they will both be under pressure to succeed by the critical eyes of the Madridistas. Both players face stiff competition for positions in this new-look Real Madrid side, but I don’t believe either would have opted for moves away from the Bundesliga without an assurance of first-team football.

Ozil will compete with Rafael van der Vaart, Kaka and Sergio Canales for central attacking midfield role. With Kaka out injured for up to four months, Ozil has the potential to make the role his own and force Kaka out of the side. Now let’s not forget, Kaka is the player who nearly single-handedly led AC Milan to Champions League glory in the 2006-2007, and who won World Footballer of the Year in 2007. Recently, though, injuries have marred the Brazilian’s success and he will be sidelined for nearly half of the La Liga season this year. This is a great chance for Ozil if he can settle into the side quickly and make a big impact. Freezing a player like Kaka out of the Real Madrid first-team will be no easy task, but with some stellar performances Mesut Ozil may establish himself in Jose Mourinho’s mind as the ideal player for the role.

But what of Werder Bremen? A club who are fighting for Champions League qualification certainly won’t be qualifying at all after the sale of their best player. It’s just hard to see who will replace Mesut Ozil at Werder Bremen. It’s possible that Felix Kroos, the younger brother of Bayern Munich’s Toni Kroos, could step into the role and grow into the player that Mesut Ozil was for Werder Bremen. But that will take time. And Werder Bremen don’t really have time, unless they can settle with a season without Champions League football.

Of course, the other problem is that Werder Bremen are financially unable to hold on to star players like Mesut Ozil. Selling a player of that quality for the sensationally low price of 12 million pounds emphasizes, for me, that financially Werder Bremen aren’t up to snuff. Let’s put it into perspective. James Milner will cost Manchester City 30 million pounds. That’s almost three times what Mesut Ozil just left Werder Bremen for. That’s outrageous. James Milner isn’t half the player Mesut Ozil is, yet Mesut Ozil was sold for a third of the price James Milner is valued at.

And now, Felix Kroos. When he matures into a player that can create something out of nothing, a player that can pick a pass and score an important goal and link-up play, he’ll be sold too. To a bigger club with bigger aspirations and a bigger budget. If I were a Werder Bremen fan, I’d be pretty disappointed with the club over this transfer.

In any case, it will be fantastic to see Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira boss the midfield for Real Madrid alongside players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso and Gonzalo Higuain. Ozil and Khedira will be the future of Real Madrid, and they will be the future of the German national team. Great signing for Real Madrid, but poor move by Werder Bremen letting a player of that quality go so cheaply. If any club can pay a high price, it’s Real Madrid. It’s also very interesting that Manchester United, who are in need of a player like Mesut Ozil, didn’t try and hijack the deal considering the incredibly low transfer fee.

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  1. To clarify, Ozil was sold because he is in the last year of a contract, and did not want to renew. Seconly, the (rumoured today) 15-20 Euro price is high, so its good business. Thirdly, Werder have Marko Marin (F Kroos is the 2nd alt) waiting for more playing time. A year ago, I would have preferred to see Marin start over Ozil both nationally and at the Club level, so, the loss is perhaps not as great as perceived in the long term. Lastly, it is mostly those who only watched the World Cup, who are overly facinated with Ozil. Considering his performance over the end of last season, in the summer international friendlies, and in the World Cup, we saw some mesmorizing performaces, and some duds. Because the English media tend to only watch the Premier League, probably the first and last time they saw Ozil play was a “good day performance” game against England. Ozil was not dominant in, for example, the WC semi-final, nor third place game…

    1. 15-20 million Euros is not a high price considering the market. That’s only about 12 million pounds. That’s really very low considering the player. Remember, he’s 20 years old. He’s not even fully matured as a player, so I think a lot of people have just seen a peek at his potential during the World Cup. I think it really is a massive loss for Werder Bremen considering how little they got for him, and how reliant they’ll now be on the very young duo of Marko Marin and Felix Kroos.

      1. Nah, I think you’re missing the point, and that’s why I responded originally. Age isn’t the issue, the whole value is based on that idea Ozil will likely be awesome. Considering his Werder contract, his sale value is a fraction of its worth, had long-term rights been associated with the sale. The article’s title is misleading. Werder have again done well. And the situation is similar to the Diego departure. Cheaper (maybe equal or even better?) man in the wings. The real story is how a middling-size team without massive resources have built themselves up with good management, good player development and good fiscal prudence to be be a perennial CL top32 partipant. For the record, though I like the play of Ozil, I honestly wonder if he’ll get by the other german MFs to again start at Euro12…

        The Milner comparision is apt though! Agree with the others here, the Premier League, in its need to market “home” players has an eyewatering markup for players that can sell jersies and fish n’ chips. Can’t imagine a Bundesliga team valuing Milner at 10M Euros based on talent even if he did want to play elsewhere!

        1. “For the record, though I like the play of Ozil, I honestly wonder if he’ll get by the other german MFs to again start at Euro12…”

          Such as?

          Lars Bender, Kroos, Marin, and Rues? Great potential but they have long shot in competing with Mesut (#8) The only attacking midfeilder who might be close to Ozil’s level in Bundesliga is Nuri Sahin who plays for Turkey.

          1. Agree with you Diriye. I don’t see how Werder Bremen will cope with his loss, they certainly don’t have the cash or the quality in the squad to fully replace him. And I can’t see any chance of him not being a star at the Euro’s under Mourinho’s tutelage, of all managers.

            If Werder lose Almeida this summer too the alarm bells should certainly begin to ring for Werder fans.

          2. Diriye – 2 years away, so really, what would I know!? 😉 There are a LOT of players looking to play in the central midfield in 2012. Would make a good article Mr. Thomas! Schweins, Hitzlsberger! Ballack, Khedira, Marin, (Traesch, Hunt, etc.)? If Ozeil sits on the Real M bench, my guess for the attacking MF position for 2012 is T Kroos. Assuming of course that TMueller doesn’t play there! Sorry for the side track.

            1. I think Mueller will get the central striker role. I’ve said it before and I’m going to stick by it. He’s a fantastic finisher, he can link the play, he’s creative, he’s clinical, he’s good in the air, I really see him developing into a killer forward.

              I’m a big Hitzlsperger fan actually, glad you mentioned him. With Ballack aging, who knows how he’ll get on in the next two years with Leverkusen. What we know for sure is that he’ll get older, and he’ll get slower. And probably angrier too. So for me, I am counting Ballack out of Germany’s 2012 squad. I don’t see how he brings anything really positive to the table. Khedira will have two more years of experience under his belt, and he’ll have been playing at the highest level under Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid. Ozil will have been playing in the same midfield as Khedira for two years, again at the highest level with Mourinho and Madrid. I think those two will star in the Euro’s, and I don’t think Ballack should get in there. I don’t think he will.

              But yes, it would make a good article! I’ll do some thinking.

  2. As a United fan, I’m disappointed, but it is hardly a surprise. When he hadn’t signed in the week it was obvious he was going elsewhere. I trust The Wizard to find another midfielder for United before the window shuts.

  3. It’s all business these days, but you’d think Bremen would’ve signed O to a contract last year w/the understanding that they’d let him go if he wanted, so they’d get a larger fee for him. Poor foresight on their part, & a big loss for the Bundesliga.

  4. Haha, Ozil has yet to kick a ball for Real Madrid and the negative chatter is in full swing. The Guardian reporter Sid Lowe who worships Messi and Gabrial Marcotti of cannot help themselves.

    Sid Lowe goes as far as implying Ozil is a bad Muslims since “he is not fasting”. What is that has to do with football?

    Marcotti declares that any one can shine at the world cup since it is only six games but it is more difficult to do it at the club level.(you want to laugh more) Ozil is still in the potential category when it comes to club level in long season.

    Isn’t the job of professionals to consult the stats before they open their mouth?

    Top assist in Bundesliga 2009-1010

    Misimovi? and Ozil

    Top assist in Europa League 2009-2010
    Ozil & Di Maria

    In all competions last year Ozil had something like 33 assists in 53 game.

    Both guys know they are full of it and that is the reason they don’t have comment section like Rafael Honigstein and Tim Vickery, two highly respected football bloggers.

    1. I’m a big Vickery fan myself. I’ve read some of those articles and I have to say it’s a bit ridiculous. There’s no way Jose Mourinho would have brought Ozil in, a player who will play a position that Real Madrid are very deep in with VDV, Kaka, Canales, Granero etc. if he wasn’t sure he’d shine. Ozil’s quality is undeniable, and I’m sure with Khedira in the team he’ll have an easy time settling in and finding his feet. I’ll be watching the two of them closely and keeping all of BundesligaTalk’s readers up to date with articles on their progress.

  5. Re: Hitzlsperger — why the hell is going to a lame English team? Surely better clubs in Germany would have him.

    Diriye — I’m not sure Sid Lowe was implying Özil is a bad Muslim. On Football Weekly Sid said Özil said he’d only be fasting on days off. Whatever it was, I don’t understand why he’d go to Madrid. It’s too early in his career, & they have too many players in his position, & Mourinho is not above leaving players he’s signed on the bench regardless of reputation or how much they cost. Ricardo Quaresma comes to mind.

    I’m afraid that if Özil doesn’t impress early he won’t get another chance & will be left to rot on the bench. It’s not like that hasn’t happened to other players there recently.

    I wish I could say I hope he succeeds, & I kind of hope he does because I love him as a player, but I hate those fascist motherfuckers in Madrid. They’re the worst offenders when it comes to “financial doping,” yet UEFA does nothing, not to mention the banks that will loan them money no matter how much in debt they already are. Not to mention their TV contract (& Barcelona’s) which make the league a uncompetitive joke.

    Rant alert

    Madrid sign players with no real idea of what to do with them, and end up lopsided as a result. Too bad they have Mourinho — another man who loves a “challenge” — from the richest team in England to the richest team in Italy to the richest team in Spain — what a douche. I can only hope his team’s playing style bores the pants off the fans & he gets run out of town on a rail. His luck’s gotta stop somewhere.

    Regardless, I’m with you on Sid Lowe & Messi. I mean, it’s pretty much part of his job to like La Liga, but I really wish he’d talk more about the fact that the league is the least competitive of the Big 5 in Europe, and that it’s mostly down to TV money.

    I’m probably going a bit far by saying this, but I think one of the reasons Barcelona do so well in the Champions League is that they have all of 2 meaningful league games per season. They’re tanned, rested & ready when it comes to Europe. And the fact that Madrid fail so miserably in Europe is more a reflection of the stupidity of their upper management. If 3rd place is 25 points back, it’s time to share the TV money. Of course that won’t happen until several teams go out of business, but a man can hope. It’s basically Scotland South & it’s only going to get worse.

    Where were we? Oh yeah, the Bundesliga. My team, Kaiserslautern — I was really hoping Klose would come back, maybe on loan, then he had to go have a great World Cup & that went up in smoke. A man can dream, though.

  6. Dylan, it is weird article and no facts at all.

    David H

    I didn’t get the need to bring fasting into football conversation unless it was a dabate about the impact of fasting on performance. There is no good logical transition for that sentence.

    The whole debate of Ozil not shining at Real is based on a) pure jealousy cuz he ditched the fantasy of playing their clubs, b) ignorance of Mesut’s development as footballer.

    It is matter of time before Ozil, Khedira and Di Maria start clicking for Real. It could be the 4th La Liga match or could be sooner. When it does Real will dominate every competition year after year.

  7. Two preseason games with Real Ozil and Khedira may be as compatible with Real as Kaka was.

    Two groups of players may be pulling Real into different directions. You have the new Midfield comers Khedira and Ozil who are used to playing deliberate methodical passing game and patient inteligent off the ball movement. Then you have the old Real, Ramos, Alonso and Mercelo’s impatient, fast long balls bypassing the midfeild striaght into the strikers. In Alonso and Mercelo’s impatient distribution Real lacks a figure in the mold of Bastian Schweinsteiger and Xavi Hernández. The patient disstribution and calmness influence of the two is in stark contrast with Real’s tornado like build up

    It is understatement to say the two cannot work together. I wonder how long it will take for Mourinho to put his trust in one group.

    Jose Mourinho has his work cut out for him.

  8. mesut ozil is an excellent player because of three positive points:
    1.mesut ozil is a young player , so he can do nice skills in real madrid and good performance.
    2.mesut ozil did nice things in fifa world cup 2010 like a goal that he shooted it on Ghana.
    3.He is in germany team that did the third place in world cup 2010.

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