Open Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson Concerning Mesut Özil


Dearest Alex,


Apologies in assuming we’re now on a first name basis. I do in fact know a few other individuals named ‘Alex’, I should have distinguished you from them, or should I have said them from you? 

Let’s see, there’s Alex Turner (another hero of mine), Alex DeLarge (nothing but trouble), Alex Trebek, and lastly, the Alex P. Keaton a young Michael J. Fox portrayed all those seasons ago on Family Ties. All very different yet important to me at one time in my life for one reason or another as you are as well. I digress, so from here on out and for the duration of our conversation, I’ll respectfully refer to you simply as Sir Ferguson.

Shall we proceed?

How are the Manchester United pocket books looking these days? Do checks bounce or do they fly? Filled to the brim or approaching empty? Likely somewhere in between I bet. I seem to be hearing low murmurs emanating from the north west of England these days, some of which will turn out to be nasty rumors, some will hopefully pan out as new additions to a squad that hopefully won’t finish two points from a nineteenth title. Ouch! I didn’t mean that as disrespect Sir Ferguson, maybe it was a Freudian slip. What I meant was, maybe another new addition besides the ones you’ve already compiled will strengthen the squad. Strengthen Sir Ferguson, strengthen an already strong,…

OK Sir Ferguson, I’ll meet you in friendship halfway. I’ve been seeing a few exciting young prospects approaching the gates of Old Trafford recently that seem to pass fit and have buckets of potential. In fact, they seem to be overflowing. They overflow like a glass of your finest wine after a famous European night Sir Ferguson, you understand. I won’t touch on each one of them for the sake of time, but have you recently peered over the list of your already talented midfielders as of late? Think of it as a review of what’s on offer if you will. Remember Sir Ferguson, proper planning prevents poor performance.

Here’s what I discern upon my review of your already established midfield men: some solid men, some talented ones, some Goliaths and some legends. As age seems to be catching up with a few of them, doth thou deem it appropriate to strengthen in the center of the pitch? Notable newbies upon my count include, a defender and a few strikers, one of them almost totally unknown. If you answered unequivocally yes to my question, I may have the man for you. Can you guess who? Didn’t you watch him recently at Craven Cottage? The World was a buzz with his name this past summer. Did you by chance catch any Germany matches at the World Cup?

It is of course the young Mesut Ozil. Aged 21 years and approaching the end of his tenure at German club Werder Bremen as a grander European platform beckons. The time is now Sir Ferguson to systematically pluck young Ozil from the Bundesliga before his stock continues to rise and you and your round table are outbid next year by the evil, the tortuous and the expansive Real Madrid. They have riches, they have ambition. Yet their appetite is often their downfall. Where would they play young Ozil? Would he languish on the bench for a year or two at Madrid or rivals Barcelona instead of linking your deep-lying midfielders with Sir Rooney? Would he not be a better fit at Old Trafford than the ridiculous demands of the Bernabeu? A sure fit he could be in La Liga, but not at this time, not under the current situations.

Imagine the speed, imagine the pace up front: Rooney, Ozil, Hernandez, Nani, Valencia. It’s attack, Attack, ATTACK!

Hmm, something to ponder. Time, Sir Ferguson, is of the essence. Your true and loyal ginger-headed servant cannot and will not continue to spray passes the way in which he has done for all these years. At some point, his skills along with Father Time will pass by him like a fleeting memory. He’ll retire a legend, but who will replace his precision in the middle of the park? Who will have that extra something when ye ole’ chips are down at the end day?

It’s Ozil Sir Ferguson. He is the man. He has skill and pace and an attacking prowess and overall footballing abilities to take your beloved United into the next decade. He’s as deft as Sir Giggs and has the footwork and ball control of one Leo Messi. He’s a full international with continental experience. His type, Sir Ferguson, is the player of the future. Slight and quick on the turn, smart but also lethal in front of goal and even from distance. Pass, control, excitement and WOW-ness Sir Ferguson, Ozil possesses all these things. Sign him, purchase him and buy him up. You won’t regret a single penny.

In closing Sir Ferguson, I only wish to reiterate the points I’ve already touched on. Time could very well be running out on Ozil’s tremendous ability and availability. Now is the time to spend and spend wisely. If not Ozil, then whom? Your path has now been laid out before you and has left my hungry hands. It’s your choice Sir Ferguson, it always has been. But will you take the path to Ozil?

Sincerely yours,


57 thoughts on “Open Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson Concerning Mesut Özil”

    1. Agree this is so fxxking daft thank you for telling sir alex what he already bloody knows.. does he really need someone like you telling him things evident to you and me so what about him.. show some respect for fxxks sake crying out loud..

      1. Exactly, thank you. “Jesse” acts like SAF isn’t right in the thick of things and five steps ahead of everyone on this. It’s a complicated process and can take time, especially when they don’t have the deep pockets of City or Real madrid. You act like he doesn’t want to get this guy or something when he’s already proven his interest in him and for a centre midfielder in general, which is the most important decision and position to fill. What a waste of words…

  1. I agree with with this and will cosign the letter if necessary but I don’t think this transfer is going to happen, unfortunately.

  2. i really feel the museum needs new faces …. Sepp, paul, ryan,gary, michael yes the midfield is a problem .. Mesut is the one we need. we wil then b complete. We dont need strikers please.

    1. Why would Barca sign him? To put him on the bench and watch Xavi/Iniesta when they have Fabregas on the way next season. More likely to go to either Real Madrid or Chelsea in my opinion.

  3. I think the gaffer knows what he’s doing. We don’t kow half of what is going on. My hunch is he’s waiting to see if Darfour’s gonna get over the broken leg and buy him in the January window.

  4. well, the general feeling on the ‘official’ united forum is that if you want us to sign ozil, you are not a true fan.

    of course, according to those ‘top reds’ no one is a true fan.

    what are we waiting for? get this guy. 12-15 euro is a steal.

  5. In the comments people mention Real Madrid and Barca as possible destinations for Ozil… Jesse touches on Man U cash flow issues…

    But no one ever mentions the cash flow issues of the Spanish giants.

    Barca recorded losses of 77 million Euros last season and has debt listed at 442 million Euros.

    Real Madrid is closer to 500 million Euros in debt….

    Man U is close to 900 million in Euros.

    The Spanish do hold one trump card… If Ozil was paid £100,000 by Man U. He’d be taking home about 50,000 of that… In Spain 76,000. Although that may soon change as the ‘Beckham law’ is a very hot topic at the moment in Spain and may be repealed. Spain also retain image rights. So spending £80million on Ronaldo brought in £400million in revenue.

    I’d like to see Ozil in England… but….

  6. I agree with the sentiment behind your letter but the tone is more than a little grating.

    Latest indications are that we’ve missed the boat on Oezil. That’s assuming our interest in signing him was ever genuine to begin with.

  7. please write an open letter to Ozil and convince HIM to come and that it would be best for him, I think he would shine the most at United…

    1. louis,

      dare I write any form of an open letter again,…..the strongmen who suddenly have all the power of Superman while sitting behind a computer could stone me.

      a bit of afternoon fun,…? No, surely not. It’s perfection they seek!

      1. No, just wit. Or news. Or something. This sort of tosh cheapens the website. To paraphrase Steve Martin in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
        “Here’s a good idea – have a point. It makes it SO much more interesting for the reader”.

      2. There was nothing wrong with the idea… You tried an appetizer when they wanted red meat on the bone.

        The Alex thing probably put people off. Cause I’d pay money to see you walk up to him and say ” hey Alex”. You might end up with a boot in your head.

        But the good news is your are out of the closet and writing about the team you love as a fan who loves his team.

  8. What pure, unadulterated drivel. Sunshine, the only one with delusions of grandeur, based on the protective shield that the anonymity of the net provides, is you. I work for a living as a writer, unlike brainless wanna-be’s like you who want to have their fifteen minutes of fame by pontificating and preening with the tiring smugness and excruciating self indulgence that invariably characterizes such writing.

    The piece had nothing to do with United or Sir Alex Ferguson, it was all about you and the need to stroke your ragingly self-evident vanity. If you want to adopt a professional attitude to your writing, take yourself off center stage – if your considerable ego can take it – and concentrate on enlightening the readership on the subject matter, rather than trying to impress everyone with your second rate wit and third rate writing style.

    And along the way, grow up. Another sign of your rankly amateur status is the manner in which you want to childishly respond to those who’ve criticized you. You want to put yourself out there with such a bombastic and self indulgent piece, have the good grace to accept the criticism that comes to any writing professional who wants to make a living expressing a view. Pro’s don’t get into cat calling or shooting down their critics – critiques on their criticism is just part of the job.

  9. But its not even fun!! Its a total waste of time. Lacks anything remotely interesting or funny and displays a total lack of understanding of the game of football. The Strongmen are obviously right.

    How many players has Ferguson ever signed on the back of a good world cup. NONE! You never even heard of Ozil before the World Cup and now he is one of the best players on the planet without having done anything except a few decent outings against inferior teams. Personally I don’t think he has the stamina for the Premiership not the attitude to play for Man United but I won’t be writing letters about it.

  10. Let them go out and purchase every player in the world. The quicker they end up like Pompey. Swing low, sweet nPower.

  11. most of you are wrong about this ozil kid because he is a great talent we need a player like him in the starting line-up at OLD TRAFFORD.

  12. I’m sorry Jesse, I really do enjoy much of what you post, but I could only make it through half of this before the 1,564,741,954 questions got to me (I’m just being dramatic, I read it). As a sports writer, the rhythm of the piece was very poor and I came away knowing nothing more than what I knew going in. Sports writing should always enlighten those to something new, even in an open letter format. Yes, Ozil is a good player. Everyone knows that. Should MUFC grab him, that’s up for debate (and you chose to get him). However, these are things that anyone would have known before clicking on the link, and they were just reiterated in the story.

    Don’t let this discourage you from column writing though. Column writing is tough. I’ve thrown a couple of clunkers out there that I thought were right on the mark. If I was to go back and edit yours, I would get back to the 5 W’s. Why should MUFC get Ozil (beside the obvious)? What makes him a good fit? Why would he thrive in OT? What other former MUFC players would he be like? What type of effect would his signing have on the squad as it stands? Why would he better at OT than say, at Barcelona? Given you did answer some of these questions, the answers weren’t supported by evidence, just opinion. One day, give it another go, just make sure you’re giving the reader something that is well thought out, well researched, and above all, contains new thought-provoking information. Good luck on future columns (seriously).

  13. jesse for next united manager? championship manager, that is. this blog lacks in both wit and humour. i mean, really mister jesse, should thee really think that sir al hasn’t considered ozil an option before? he already has done, even before the player joinied werder bremen in 2008. the reason he may not be needed now is because united play from the wings and have never had a spear head through the middle. you’re so very late with such typical glory hunter dribble that i imagine you have spent these current weeks of speculation just thinking it up. it’s boring, quite frankly, and you will find that it was a single point in separation from chelsea last term.

    1. As a person who has ripped into you quite a bit… It ain’t personal. keep at it.

      I liked the effort. It may have worked better if it wasn’t to old red nose.

      But imagine an open letter to the bling boys of the PL. Or take a cheap shot, an open letter to the players left off the Man City roster…

    2. Seriously think before you wirte nex time Jesse, youre so lucky you’re not in the same pub as us.. but then again jesse is probably just a kid and would not open his mouth in public, but he sure made us rant back..

      1. Wow, I never thought that the comments on this site would stoop to threatening. The maturity level of some of these posts is astonishing. Completely sad. Let’s discuss football….that’s all the write was doing. Feel free to disagree but can we avoid being irrational in our responses?

        1. there was no threat there merely just suggesting he was lucky he did not face being ridiculised in front of large group of people as it happens in REAL life and not when sitting behind your screen n barcelona tippy tapping your keyboard to answer an feel big.. what is unbelievable is that you wold swoop so low as to think that there was any threat, sad indeed you are..

    3. Seriously? Listen man, if you don’t like criticism, here’s an idea, don’t write for a blog. The same people you criticize are the same ones who took the time to read this drivel of a post. Don’t be mad because people didn’t like it, be mad because – face it – you dropped the ball on this post. Live and learn, but don’t alienate the people who bring traffic to this site, thus generating ad revenue, thus giving you a significant forum to write about the EPL.

      I doubt The Gaffer would have handled this backlash as poorly as you have.

      1. Troy, I think he was being sarcastic and didn’t mean any ill intent. We all deal with criticism in different ways. Goodness knows, I’ve grown a thick skin after years of getting beaten up online!

        The Gaffer

  14. Personally i dont think that the season is already lost for United even though they could have done with a decent enough few signings. However chances are that a stronger Chelsea will out-pip United at the post. At 14 million Oezil could have been a decent addition. If I am not wrong smalling cost around 8 million and he looked awful against Chelsea.However to say that Oezil is the solution to all United problems based on the performance in a few WC matches would be too premature.

  15. lame sak this writer Jesse Chula…some more still want to argue…you wrote thrash then be prepared la to be thrashed…and yeah dont be so lame with the content j******s

  16. who did he sign for then?…………………….whoops better cancel the ozil name printing in the man u club shop lol idiots chelsea/robinho all over again

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