Fox Soccer Channel Cancels Fox Football Fone-In; Kyle Martino to Host New Show

Fox Soccer Channel’s weekly soccer call-in program Fox Football Fone-In has been canceled according to the Beyond The Pitch podcast.

The show originally began in 2004 as Fox Football Friday, but since then it has changed almost everything including hosts, formats, days of the week, name of the show, sets, co-hosts and more in the hopes of developing a winning formula that would generate decent viewing audience numbers. However despite the addition of Eric Wynalda to the show last summer, who along with Nick Webster hosted arguably some of the best episodes of the show culminating in pre-World Cup appearances in New York CIty inside a pub swelling with soccer fans, the decision has been made that the show will not continue.

Replacing Fox Football Fone-In (FFF) will be a new show with a working title of Talk Live. It’ll be hosted by Kyle Martino, the former Columbus Crew and LA Galaxy midfielder who also made several appearances for the US men’s national team. Martino was most recently one of the commentators for ESPN Radio’s live coverage of the 2010 World Cup tournament.

Webster is a producer at Fox Soccer Channel and a regular columnist at

As of press time, a spokesperson for Fox Soccer Channel was unavailable for comment.

UPDATE (July 30): Kyle Martino has updated his Twitter account to announce that he’s leaving ESPN and has confirmed that he’s going to be doing the show for Fox Soccer Channel.

97 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Cancels Fox Football Fone-In; Kyle Martino to Host New Show”

      1. it is worse than that. I managed about five minutes before vomiting all over the cat. Please fire the loser that canceled FFF.

        I am turning channel now.

  1. Show went downhill after Steven Cohen left – well really since Webster came aboard. Last year was downright awful.

    1. If football continues to gain audience in the U.S. beyond MLS, I predict ESPN will pick up more games. And, of course, this is better than Fox, because sadly, FSC is no longer the charming channel it was without the good shows—like FFF with Cohen. Over half the Italian Americans who still take an interest in calcio Italia subscribe to RAI because they don’t care to hear the commentary on FSC. I think FSC will struggle if ESPN takes more matches despite now having high-def.

      People on here who can’t figure out “what was special about S. Cohen” are bleeping morons and shouldn’t be in charge of anything in this world… if I had someone to thank for the bomb…. thank God for the bomb.

      1. You are correct….except that ESPN’s coverage is terrible.. The only thing ESPN has going is Hi Def. The only thing good about their World Cup coverage was one of the commentary teams…and Klinsmann – Guillit and the Spanish guy (forgot his name) in the studio. My friends and I don’t speak Spanish well but in the past two World Cup’s we found ourselves watching in on Univision.

  2. I stopped watching when Steven Cohen got the boot. Back when the show first started it was great but then they decided to start doing more MLS oriented stuff and I lost interest.

    1. I agree – the MLS 30 min per show was boring. The absolute worst was Eric Wynalda…I won’t even waste time on him. Then they brought in a pretty girl to sit at some computer for what reason? If I want to look at pretty girls I can go outside… I was watching that show for football. Most footie fans don’t like to see mindless cheerleaders on the sideline – so what made them think we want to see them in studio? The last nail in the coffin…

  3. It’s just an awkward show. The dumbed down the game so much I found it insulting. Just show old episodes of Soccer AM when Lovejoy was on it!! Classic TV!
    Seriously though FFF made me miss Match of the Day and Alan Hansens blithering nonsense!

  4. It is a shame. Even though FFF wasn’t exactly the most entertaining show all the way through, it was one of the few shows where you could actually hear some conversation about soccer/football for a couple hours straight. They tended to focus too much on clubs I hate (Chelsea, Manchester United) and leagues I don’t much care for (mostly referring to MLS– not that I hate it but rather I don’t need to see 1/2 the program devoted to it), but it was our American soccer talk show. The ESPN World Cup nightly shows were clearly better, but those were seasonal. I didn’t always watch FFF, but I will be sad it is gone.

    1. I agree. it wasn’t the greatest show but at least it was a 2 hour tv show dedicated to discussion on the game we love. For Americans there is no other show like this so it was definitely better than nothing.

      1. I agree with Matthew N and Jeff. I’ll miss having a two-hour show on Monday night dedicated to the game.

  5. The problem with Fox is that they want an American face to their soccer talk shows. That is a big mistake. It makes more sense for them to buy EPL-related shows since the people who comment on them are most familiar with the league. For MLS programming it makes sense to have a show with people familiar with the MLS. So instead of having one show that tries to discuss soccer in all the leagues they should separate them. I think their viewership will increase if people get to see soccer being analyzed by people familiar with that league.

  6. Tend to agree with most on here.
    I enjoyed Steve Cohen on the show.
    Nick Webster Im sure is a lovely bloke but I for one cannot take him.
    I feel like he’s a constant info mercial pushing product and not one bit conversational.
    He turned me off the show.

    That said I think some of the younge american X footballers are very good at the color commentary.
    However NOT Paul Caliguri, what a disgrace, how can they let him do these games?

    1. “Nick Webster Im sure is a lovely bloke but I for one cannot take him.”

      This x1000, just couldn’t have said it any better if I tried.

      Good call on Caligiuri, too. Really hate to throw people under the bus (especially ppl who obviously care about growing the sport in this country), but does Cal have a brain in his empty head?

      It’s crazy to me when you see and hear the improvement in guys like Sully, K-Mart, and even Dunny. Throw Costigan and Rogondino in too, they’ve come a long way in my view as well.

      I know many may disagree but I really miss the enthusiasm of Bretos and Hopkins. I’m content with not having FSC now knowing they are no longer involved. Not FFF-related obviously, just need to put that out there since we’re talking about FSC y’all.

  7. A new concept for the show is needed. The old show identified too much with Steve Cohen which I am not saying is right or wrong but just did. It did appeal to more of a EPL interested crowd which is not bad ,especially for a network that has the EPL as it’s centerpiece product.

    However, American soccer and the American soccer fan needs a fan call in show. We still have limited outlets as fans of the game to express ourselves in the US about the game. There is no one media source that allows you to tune into soccer talk 24/7 ie: Talk Sport Radio, yes, I know they do not even do 24/7 football.


    Couldn’t agree more! Their ticker is too tall – I don’t like tickers, but if you’re going to have one at least keep it narrow. Most annoying is that it changes the aspect ratio, squeezing the picture and making the players look unnaturally wide. It is painful to watch – get rid of it already!

  9. The show started an hour earlier this last year which I found it difficult to watch the first hour since I was just getting home from work and trying to settle in before I turned on the tv. So I would miss the first hour most of the time. The second hour of the show always seemed dull…too many off the pitch things.

    I think by Monday night I have seen, read or listened to the previous weekends action enough that I don’t need another review show.

    I really don’t know what was so great about Cohen.

  10. I don’t care what show they put on. Just give it to me in HD please, FSC/DirecTV (and any other provider not carrying the feed).

  11. With Cohen, the show might have been a little divisive but it was actually engaging. Webster is a company shill who does what is required of him fairly well, but he isn’t nearly interesting enough to carry a show. Whoever decided to give Wynalda, a man completely incapable of having an opinion, a job on what used to be an opinion program (and not merely a commercial) should be prohibited from working in television. In grand FSC/Fox Soccer Report tradition, the show later became ridiculous when they hired a woman on looks alone, instead of one able to speak words, and the ticker made everything worse.

    Obviously, I’m thrilled to see this go.

    1. Exactly. Cohen at least had an opinion on everything. Webster seemed to just do whatever the network wanted and he seemed kind of sleazy anyways as he started off producing the show then wormed his way into hosting it. Webster never even seemed willing to admit that he was an Arsenal fan. At least with Cohen and Geber they didn’t hide that they supported clubs.

      Wynalda is an idiot. He makes Lalas look like a hall of fame commentator.

    2. …Not to mention the new OBNOXIOUS theme music!
      I wrote them about that after the 3rd show & said I wouldn’t be back till it was gone… lol … & now the whole thing is gone…

      & I totally agree on who let EW on the show has to go!

      I would like to see something like it but cut the MLS to maybe 2 mins or 1 segment tops.

  12. “instead of having one show that tries to discuss soccer in all the leagues they should separate them.”

    I completely agree with this, have one show for Serie A, one for EPL, I hate La Liga but one for that and then MLS…. or something like that, makes much more sense as that poster noted. Even if they are half hour long or whatever, would be great.

    I also agree with everyone that FFF stopped being interested when Cohen was pushed out, and I say this as a Liverpool supporter.

  13. You can tell how poor Fox is when people rate Cohen highly. Yes, he was opinionated but I didn’t find him very knowledgeable about very much. I agree that Fox should look to separate their shows for the different leagues as long as they have knowledgeable people talking about those leagues. And please none of these talking heads who talk continuously without making much sense.

    1. I agree with what Carolyn said, 1000%. I always thought that neither Cohen or Webster knew much about football, and Cohen in particular was the worst. He made better TV, but he really was an idiot.

  14. You all are bunch of Eurosnobs. The EPL is overrated, just look at England in the World Cup. I like the MLS segments and I hope the new show continue its covering the MLS.

      1. UGH! MLS generally blows. The more they started jamming it down our throats, the more I tuned out! The show was good and interesting when it had Cohen and Geeber and focused on the EPL. Wynalda is a moron, Webster a shill, and the show lost all interest. I agree with the earlier commenter who said they should have different shows on different topics. If you want to hear about MLS garbage, fine you can do that. And if I want to get my EPL fix, fine I can do that too.

  15. Sad to see the show leave but must admit it’s time. I really enjoyed it when it was Cohen and Nick Geber. Both guys had real opinions and, as a new fan of the EPL at the time, I felt that I was learning when I watched.

    Then they brought in the dull Nick, changed the song, and finished off with Wynalda and Temryss. It was a down hill ride.

    Like Martino, and I think it would be good to have an American show for American fans.

  16. Well it’s not as if Fox is going to replace it with anything more enticing…maybe someone a little less qualified than wynalda and webster, talk a little less about the thing everyone really watches their network for, and to boot it will still be available to most of the country in standard definition. It’s a poor sign when they still can’t seem to get simple things like on-screen graphics and set design correct.

  17. Crap show, Crap network. Watched it a few times when Nick Geber was on, then I got Setanta and started watching Football Matters. After Setanta folded, I just didn’t bother turning on the tv on Monday night.

  18. Mr. Cohen, For all his faults, was the engine behind the show. Once he left, the show when to mush. No opinion, crap callers, cheap set – a complete waste of 2 hours.

  19. The only reason worth watching last season was Temryss. Webster was ok but Wynalda is a terrible pundit and a complete bore. Fox effectively killed FF by moving it back one hour when half their audience on the west coast was still at work. That said, FFF helped generate a following for the game in this country. FSC needs this type of show whether they know it or not. FSC should try a 606/Call-Collymore style post game phone in show. Its far more entertaining to get fan reaction when they are still riled up immediately after a game. Turn matchday live and soccer sunday into post game phone ins, and get some instant fan reaction to mix with Miles/Costigan/Barton.

  20. i stopped watching the show after Cohan left. i just noticed Fox Soccer Plus SD channel is available on Time Warner Durham,NC area. channel 536. no HD channel for FSC or FSC+ .

  21. Nick G. & Steve Cohen started slow with the bar scence show but one they moved to the current setup is was rolling well then Nick G left and Nick W step in and made it boring plus he seem to control Steve, how can you have a call in show and Nick W would have no opinion????? Webster put me to sleep and then when they added Eric charming but didn’t add anything to Nick W.’s “No Opinions”. Ever notice Webster’s temper pop up now and then when things didn’t go the way he wanted them? And the new song for the show, what was that from Nick W’s record collection? Also Ms Lane, that was just eye candy I think for Nick since she struggled reading at first and didn’t know how to pronounce club names. I enjoyed this show when it started way back when but it needed shot and put away after last season. Good Luck to Kyle.

  22. I started watching with Nick Geber & Steve Cohen three years ago. It then got worse every year after. I tried to give it a chance last year, but Temryss Lane was bad and such a blantant move. Sad to see the show end, but won’t miss it’s last incarnation.

  23. I will join those opining that FFF went downshill since Steven Cohen left. Actually, the most entertaining combination was Cohen and Geber, both on the radio and on this show. It was barely watchable last year, with Webster and Wynalda. I suppose it might be interesting (if a little combustible) to combine Cohen and Wynalda into the same show:)

    IMHO, if the hosts are right, then the format of dividing the show into an MLS-half and a Euro / EPL half makes sense

  24. oh my god. please tell me how this show was ANY different to a couple of really obnoxious guys sitting in their living room talking about football.
    Combine that with absolutely NO knowledge and you are left with the biggest waste of oxygen and space.

    Webster rude and arrogant. Loves himself. Very ugly personality which makes him uglier to look at. Quite creepy actually and the email reader totally plays on his flirting. she didnt even know what the champions league was 6 months ago. so please don’t try to sell us anything other than reading emails.

    FFF a total insult to our intelligence and our wallets. Good-bye!

  25. Hello! First time posting on this site, which is great by the way, and I know this is off topic but I’m trying to find a way to closely follow the EPL in the US.

    I’ve got Mediacom cable with ESPN/ESPN2 so I can see at least 1 game per week. They offer FSC but not in HD, which is what I want. It seems Dish Network is the only provider that offers FSC in HD. Does anyone have Dish Network with FSC HD? What are you thoughts, is it worth it?


  26. It went downhill when Webster came on. Then Cohen was kicked off and I quit it after one episode. At least I can still get my soccer fill from the World Football Daily Podcast.

  27. The show was great when Cohen and Geber hosted it and I truly enjoyed it but when ‘tow the corporate line’ Webster joined it soon lost it’s shine and Wynalda was just downright awful and knows very little about European football. Those in-show adverts for Jack In The Box burgers were just downright embarrassing last year. Time for it to go.

  28. Have to disagree with people who say the show went downhill after Steve Cohen was fired. It went downhill when Nick Geber left; Nick and Steve worked well together, and the mutual semi-hostility between them worked rather well. Steve by himself, or with someone who could not control or counterbalance him properly (ie, Nick Webster), was just awful. Face it, Steve Cohen is a rather nasty personality and needs some counterbalance; Webster was not it.

    Anyway, what does it matter if they “cancel” the show and replace it with a similar show with a different host? It’s still on FSC, a channel that few people even know exists and few people watch. The problem isn’t the show, which can always be improved if money and effort were put into it. The problem is that few people are watching, for reasons that have little to do with the hosts or the format, and everything to do with the relative obscurity of Fox Soccer Channel.

  29. I was checking the Directv schedule and on August 16th they have Fox Football Phone listed on the schedule, so was in canceled?

  30. was weaned on and still think james richardson is one of the best and funniest football presenters and his podcasts/blog on the guardian/uk are great. i used to love watching him eat ice cream from italian piazzas on la gazzetta on the uk ch4 i think. my irish gf taped them for me back in the day.

    i will miss FFF.

    as a yank, fairly new to football,it was nice to have some forum to hear discussion/analysis on all aspects of intl football. since ive only been following the game/series a/ for a bit more than 12yrs, i didnt really know enough to know the presenters were shite….still think they were all ok in their own way. i watched regularly for a few years. ignorance is bliss.

    i liked disliking cohen vs webster, and learned alot about the epl, la liga, the german n dutch leagues etc way beyond my myopic interests in as roma and the accursed series a. couldnt believe i knew series a better than both of them, though i think in retrospect i did. learned alot from callers and guests.

    this year on fff wynalda and webby, and tamiriss were at least successful in making me more aware of the mls and football on this side of the pond, which i had completely avoided til very recently. with every world cup that goes by, this was my third, i now truly understand how international football really is. if there is to ever be a truly strong national us team, there will have to be a strong national league to support them. they cant all play abroad to gain their principal pro experience.

    hopefully this new show will serve the purpose of interesting and informative football discussion and analysis based here in the states, i hope so. not sure fox really gets it. footie is international and the presenters can be too for all i care, as long as theyre interesting informative and engaging. they can even shill the mls, just cover them all well.

    peace y’all btr/nyc

  31. This is a really sad idea by FSC. I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we really looked forward to Fox Football Fone-In each week. I always looked forward to hearing what Nick and Eric/Steve thought of the weekend’s action. Nick is always knowledgeable and he has a great way with stoking the fires. Very funny, too. I always loved hearing the callers as well. I’m really going to miss that show, and I hope they reconsider. I think I know where they are headed with this new idea and it will be cringe-inducing to say the least. I think FSC forgets the reason that people pay for their channel. It’s soccer. Not hollywood glam or shmaltz. Nothing that airs on FSC should be viewed as a conversion effort from the marketing people. Their only job should be to build loyalty. Fox Football Fone-In did that and then some. I know I won’t be watching the new show. So they’ve lost one viewer’s eyes for 3 hours every Monday night. Has anyone heard from Nick Webster on this?

  32. I only recently found out that FFF was canceled, and I’m disappointed. I was a regular viewer, I don’t watch baseball, and I don’t care about American football before September. Half the airtime is match replays anyway.

  33. I liked Wynalda. Missed Stephen when he left. Their banter was fun to watch. It was good to see an average Joe like Wynalda doing his thing. Intrested in what fox soccer channel has in store. I am a bit skeptical though, man I will miss fox football phone in. Rip!

  34. I mean, really and truly.. we don’t need a Yank on T.V talking about Global Soccer.. they basically know nothing about the sport and can’t give a good explanation when ask about the sport. Just look at Eric Wynalda.. he was just a joke from the get go.. we need real people who care and love this sport with a passion to do these things.. i say bring back Steven and Nick. they were the best at it..

  35. i think it went downhill after they replaced wynalda for cohen. I think steven and cohen were the best pair. Because they weren’t biased and they knew there football.

  36. If FSC wants to have little Kyle host Triple “A” Soccer Weekly (because that’s the kind of product Minor League Soccer puts on the pitch each weekend) then I’m all for it. Just don’t replace the one show on American television that analyzes European football. Granted, we all watched as the show went downhill when Wynny and Tarty McBimbo came on board but it was better than nothing. I for one will miss FFF on Monday nights and hope they replace it with something more EPL/ Serie A focussed. Thanks for laughs Steven and Nick!

  37. I found the show unbearable last year. The addition of a girl with the on camera personality of a limp noodle (and reading skills to match) was the last straw for me, and I was so embarrassed that I stopped recommending the show when people asked about footy shows. I told them we didn’t have any here in the States anymore but that one would certainly appear soon.

  38. I must agree with most of the surprising accurate and not too nasty comments here so far. As to a show for each league, I’d love it. The most knowledgable bloke on Fox is Bobby Mc Mahon, hands down. I was mildly surprised by Ruud Guillet and Roberto Martinez on ESPN WC, but I think Ruud would be too much every week, at least as a lead and obviously, RM coaches Wigan. The announcer who worked with Sullivan during the last two international friendlys I thought was refreshing. He really doesn’t have a strong voice, but commentated well and didn’t step on Christopher Sullivan, whose a bit too strident, but generally on target with things.

    Of course, I’m available!!!!

  39. I too watched it from the very beginning when they would have technical difficulties with the phones like every five minutes. I remember being really upset when Steven left, didn’t like Eric but gave it a chance. I really looked forward to Monday nights and now have nothing to turn the telly on for. I think a show with Bobby Mac Mahon and someone like Warren Barton would be pretty entertaining!

    1. What are the producers at FSC thinking? Tonight’s show was incredibly dreadful.
      Using paper cups to make predictions? Yoga w/Edson Buddle and T. Lane?
      Bring back FFF (flaws and all).
      Btw. FSC is now showing an Austrailian Soccer show at 8PM…HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. The comments re Nick Webster and Tamryss Lane are very accurate, Both lack the charisma to be on the air and should stay away from broadcasting. The EPL is the best league in the world and that has nothing to do with England’s World Cup performance because most of the best players in the EPl are foreign, and that is what makes it so good.

    FFF was OK with Steven and Nick but degenerated after they left or were kicked off the program.

  41. Loved Steven. Still think it was a terrible mistake to fire him. Wynalda ruined the show. Has has no opinions and in the rare case the something pops into his head, it takes 10 minutes to get it out of him! Why is it that every week Temryss was wearing lingerie tops? What was her purpose? I don’t need to see that and she couldn’t even read the emails!!. I watched the new show and it’s horrible. FSC needs to beg Steven and Geber to come back.

  42. Totally agree with Ryan,Woody,Kirk,Jeff. I also watched last night with the hope that all would be well on the a Monday night , but sadly no. Why we have to include crumpet with our football review I don’t know. I like looking at it with best of us but please keep it away from my football Review Program. Fox Soccer Channel have made a big blunder, but will they care.

  43. The new show is UNBELIEVABLY awful. What are they thinking? FFF had its flaws, but it was about football – not Elisabeth Shue’s new movie or yoga. I just winced through the whole thing. Actually I lie – I didn’t make it through the whole thing. Bright side: that frees up 2 hours on the DVR every week!

  44. why ppl why, bring back FFF and Steven, Plz i’m begging, can’t stand to watch the new show! or can’t sit to watch it. lol

  45. The new show is very bad. I’ll miss FFF – at least they talked football and it brought a lot of US fans together. Hate to say it but Eric W. was just terrible on the show and likely drove the final nail in the coffin. Maybe great players should avoid talk shows… Seriously, loss of this show is detrimental to soccer in the US. This country needs a good soccer show and that mess I saw last Monday nite was not it..

  46. Kill this new show NOW!!!

    Solution: Do 90 minutes on Monday night; get Bobby McMahon and Warren Barton on with a moderator (ideally, the bloke who did the World Cup shows), and let them have at it for real football discussion of weekly results/upcoming fixtures! No call-ins. but select best emails/tweets and have Bobby and Warren discuss/debate.

  47. To me, Steve Cohen was like a howard stern-type, he just tried to rile up the guests and callers, Nick Webster was good but maybe not great, Eric Wynalda is not a genius but funny enough and if it wasn’t for Temryss Lane having that body she wouldn’t have a career. That said I loved FFF and agree with the writer the best episodes seemed to be those right before the end of last season. I only just learned it’s been cancelled. The new show is HORRIBLE. Cancelling FFF was a HUGE mistake and they just lost another viewer.

  48. I really thought Nick Webster was a complete idiot, the only thing I agreed with him was when he spoke of his Mum, a complete idiot, who continually plays up his accent for credibility.
    Susan Surandon and Ping Pong, WOW this is Top notch journalism. I tried it a few weeks, its total trash.
    This is not going to last, I hope the new pretty boy can return to ESPN (radio?) this new format is targeted towards 7th and 8th graders? or whom?

    sorry I would rather watch your late night infomercials then this trash

    Lee in OC

  49. Oh God what a waste of airtime this new show is. Saw about 5 minutes of the show with Susan Sarandon and I couldn’t believe someone from the network didn’t put a halt to it. It is by far the worst show on TV bar none. Did anyone at Fox ever think through this? I have even less respect for Fox now. Please ESPN acquire more EPL games and put Fox out of business!

  50. I used to look forward to FFF, over time it got practically unwatchable. As an English football fan of the same generation as Steven Cohen, I could relate to a lot of the culture of the game that Steven referenced, the history of teams, the blight of hooliganism, the FA cup, when the FA cup was relevant & a lot of other stuff. I liked it when British ex pats would call in to the show, sadly, not enough of them were put on the show, too many American fans getting put on the air who did’nt know squat about the game, I do realise Fox are trying to build an inclusive audience & want to promote the game in America, hats off to them for that, the balance of callers was wrong, in my opinion. Nick Webster was a joke, a company shill who wore a different teams shirt every week, what fan does that? Eric Wynalda seemed to be anti English in a lot of his remarks about the game, the scroll at the bottom of the screen with the infantile comments was a distraction. for me, a show with Warren Barton, Bobby Ferguson, less MLS, more Brits calling in would be a good 2 hours of tv. It’s just a shame Steven Cohen talked himself out of a job with his adverse comments about Liverpool.

  51. Wynalda was the only problem with the show, i will miss the show. i had been seeing it since it started. Moving it around didn’t help. Nick Webster is fine, he knows what he is talking about and he is not full of himself. They talked about all the leagues, i enjoyed having a two hour show on football, i live on a island where few people know anything about football.
    I saw a few min. of the new show, what a load of crap! All they have to do is get a better theme song, get a scottish guy, nick webster, and bring back that hot girl that was working there before. succes!!!!

  52. Geber & Cohen were entertaining and opinionated. When they left, the show became very boring. Hosts must be personable, likeable and knowledgeable. Max Bretos’s leaving was addition by subtraction. Don’t like new show either, too cutesy. Need colorful guys like Howard Cosell & Don Meredith! Roberto Martinez was top studio analyst for World Cup 2010. The major networks still haven’t figured out that you can’t make a soccer play-by-play guy or a soccer color guy out of a non-soccer knowledgeable person. both must know the game and quite frankly most of the time American announcers talk too much and give overly simplistic soccer cliches and little of interest to the discerning fan.

    1. I can definitely understand missing Steve and maybe Nick but Wynalda and Tamarys I don’t get. They didn’t add anything to the show. Eric was boring and Tamarys just sat there…

  53. Why haven’t they cancelled this stupid show yet? It must rank as the worst soccer show on the planet. What was Fox thinking? Well, I know. They weren’t thinking at all.

  54. I’m still mystified. I’ve stopped watching FSC on Monday nights, though I flipped to it the other night out of curiosity around the time of the old FFF slot. In place of soccer commentary, I found a special on teenage athletes at the beach in Australia competing in some kind of mini-triathlon in which they ran up hills, swam short distances, and made breathless comments into a microphone in between. That will really put the “Soccer” in FSC…

  55. Solution Fox run this show on the regular Fox Sports channel where you can expose non-soccer fans to it to build an audience and interest in FSC. FSC regular viewers obviously have little interest in viewing this show!

  56. The new show is painful to watch. The old show was tolerable. The only thing I expect from Fox is to broadcast the games. Their other programming, with the exception of Sky Sports News, is all crap. I DVR all the games I don’t watch during the weekend and then watch them during the week. That way I’m not looking for something to watch on FSC because, like I just said, it would be crap anyways.

  57. The show went steadily downhill. The best season was when Geber and Cohen would broadcast Wayne and Garth style from what appeared to be their apartment.

    The bar was beyond cheesy. We used to guess at what the “extras” were actually talking about and figured they were all wanting to fire their respective agents for lying to them.

    But the show absolutely tanked when Steven Cohen’s Hillsborough comment got him tossed.

    Wynalda was a disaster. Surpassed only by the disaster that was Tamryss Lane. What was her purpose? She wasn’t attractive enough IMO to be just a pretty face and she wasn’t soccer-smart enough to suggest that she got the gig on anything BUT her looks.

    I will never forget when she pronounced Portsmouth (Ports-MOUTH) rather than the proper (PORTS-myth). Come again!?!?

    I wonder if one of her parents was connected to Murdoch or something because she was dreadful.

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