Which English Footballers Would Make the Worst World Cup XI?

England's crest..FIFA World Cup 2010 Round of 16..Germany v England..27th June, 2010.

While everyone is compiling and publishing lists of the best eleven or best 23 man roster of the 2010 World Cup tournament, I have a question for you. What if you compiled a list of the eleven worst players from World Cup 2010? Or even a 23 man roster featuring the players who were the worst performers in South Africa?

And how many of those footballers in either the 11 man team or 23 man roster play for England? And if so, which ones?

15 thoughts on “Which English Footballers Would Make the Worst World Cup XI?”

  1. That’s an question you ask Gaffer. Heskey, Milner, King, and Rob Green come to mind first. And you can add Rooney too if you make a list of an all disappointment team. Everyone else was subpar or average for the English, based on how much hype they recieved pre-tournament.

  2. I’ll take the “troll” bait and say the whole lot, except maybe Defoe and A. Cole. They were worse than their dreadful euro 2002 performance.

  3. Is it the list of WORST performers or underperformers? There is a whole slew of guys who didn’t perform for their teams that didn’t make it out of the group stage as opposed to England…which advanced and didn’t actually lose a game in the group stage, then lost to a quality German side in the Round of 16.

    If it’s underperformers, then you probably can list the stars like Rooney, Ronaldo, and so on.

    Otherwise players like Cannavaro of Italy and Abidal of France should deservedly be on this list based on their performances for their team’s early exits.

    Also…do you include players like Behrami for the Swiss, Kaita of Nigeria, and anyone who got a red card during the group stage?

    1. Yeah Valon had the world world cup ever… played 29 minutes until a Saudi ref sent him off after Arturo Vital won an Oscar while holding the wrong side of his face which was just bashed in….

  4. All of them. They should be the team. No one showed up with heart, passion and a desire to win. Even Rooney looked lost.

  5. Worst? how about Cheater top 11… In no real order except by position…
    There may be more…. But these fellas just stuck out in my mind as cheats.

    Manuel Neuer

    Gabriel Heinze—Sergio Ramos— John Terry— Arturo Vital

    Daisuke Matsui— Cristiano Ronaldo—Mark van Bommel—Daniele DeRossi

    Luis Suarez — Arjen Robben

    1. How exactly did Neuer cheat? Is he supposed to just tell the ref “yep that was a goal”? No, he plays the whistle like every other athlete in every sport in the world is taught to do.

  6. Worst 11, or biggest dissapointments.

    I think some teams, who obviously lack quality, you could pick and choose and come up with the “worst 11”.

    I think dissapointing 11, you could definitely take Rooney. Carragher was awful at times. Robert Green?

    I think you could definitely go on and select quite a large number of players that dissapointed across the board. Where was Ronaldo? Where was Rooney?

    1. Where was Ronaldo? Mostly sitting on his ass flailing his arms in the air. I’m surprised he didn’t also stomp his feet and hold his breath until he turned blue, since his emotional development apparently ended at age 2.

  7. see, i wouldn’t call rooney one of the worst 11. an underperformer, yes. but in the group stages England won a game and had two draws, giving up only one goal in all three games. One could argue that if not for Rob Green, the English would have earned shutouts in all three games.

    i just feel like there could be a ton of players, especially from France, that just were piss poor AND their teams failed in the first three games. Maybe Rob Green, who if he did not commit the error, England probably wins the group with two wins and has a different path than against Germany. But since he only played in one game, does he qualify for being the worst?

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