Poll: Who Will Win the World Cup? Spain or Netherlands?

 Poll: Who Will Win the World Cup? Spain or Netherlands?

The final of the 2010 World Cup is set. After Spain defeated Germany 1-0 in the World Cup semi-final Wednesday, we now know that there’ll be a brand-new country to add to the list of the select group who have won the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world.

But who will win Sunday? Vote below. And why will they win? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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69 Responses to Poll: Who Will Win the World Cup? Spain or Netherlands?

  1. Hogey says:

    How do you spell arrogance?


    They wouldn’t be in the finals without Carlos’s lucky header.

    Go Netherlands all the way.

    • Dude. says:

      How do you spell luck?
      They wouldn’t be in the finals if it wasn’t for all the lucky bounces they have been having.
      Vamos Espana! VAMOS!

      • UpTheBlues says:

        How do you spell World Cup champions?

      • sonia keys says:

        Paul the Octopus says SPAIN.. i believe!!

        • Jacobo says:

          no, he didn’t. Paul the Octopus will give his advice on Saturday.

          And yes, Spain plays boring. Not that this means they can’t win, but the fact that Holland scores much easier and more often means that Holland will win.

    • Espana4TheWin says:

      You are ignorant!

  2. Scott Alexander says:

    I still say Netherlands but I thought Spain would be knocked out by Italy or Paraguay so….

  3. Scott Alexander says:

    That said, I’m going to bet with the octupus

  4. Ben says:

    Spain is really the best team on paper, Ignesta, Torrres, Villa, etc… hard to really argue with that but I will root for Holland, Holland vs Germany would have been a classic, too bad those Spanish spoil everything.

  5. Cricketlover says:

    I picked Spain before the tournament began so I’m sticking with my pick. That said, I think the Netherlands will be a force to reckon with and I expect a close match. Spain has a deeper squad and that will be the difference.

  6. Mitchum says:

    I don’t know. Whoever the octopus picks. He ain’t got one wrong yet!

  7. jose says:

    espana vas a ganar la copa del mundo. it aint going to be pretty but they are going to get the job done.

  8. Smokey Bacon says:

    Spain. Because they made Germany look like a pub team. They’ll pass the Netherlands to death unless Van Bommel roughs up Xavi & Iniesta early on. If the Dutch sit off and allow Spain to dictate the tempo like Germany did tonight then they are toast. Germany looked a shadow of the team that destroyed Argentina and England and were beaten long before Puyol showed up in the penalty area unmarked. The Dutch have the players to get it done but they have to boss the midfield from the start to have any chance.

  9. Bishopville Red says:

    Two teams that NEED possession to play their game. I say Spain wins the possession battle and in turn, the match.

  10. Sandy Farah says:

    I thought that Germany would win this year cause it crushed Argentina like a bug!!:P
    Spain just got lucky those few matches… But ofcourse Netherland will make it cry this year:) I hate u Spain!! Wish u never ever win the world cup even though u never did……
    Almost forget: Gooooooo Netherland!!!!!!!!!

  11. marco says:

    The spain midfield in another class.
    Robben is the only dangerous dutch forward but he’s tired.
    And the Netherlands defense is suspect.

  12. Maurits van Oranje says:

    The Dutch will kick your Spanish ass? like our Republic did in 1648! Viva Holanda!

    • JaZzie says:

      You went colonial on his ass! *HIGH FIVE*!

      I’m voting for Holland on this one. Y’all just look so cute (and awesome) in your orange outfits! Oh yeah.. and Holland totally deserves it more. Go Blinding Orange Neanderthals! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  13. Football sucker says:

    Holland was not just lucky. They deserve to be in the Finals and will probably win the cup. Winning once is lucky, winning twice is a coincidence, winning all games towards the finals is a pattern! Holland has got something good going.

  14. * says:

    Españaaaaaa sin duda la mejor :)

  15. Jack says:

    I laugh in the face of Germany and Holland JAJAJA
    Españaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and to the people that do not like to slip your finger on the nose:)

  16. Holland > Spain says:

    DUDDEEE. Holland will soo beat Spain’s sorry ass.
    They have Sneijder for gods sake, that guys rocks at scoring goals.

    • corporate says:

      1 good player for the netherlands (sounds about right)? lol! spain has the best player of the tournament… not to mention they only lost 2 games out of 54 including the one game they lost here at the world cup to sweden and are the reigning euro cup champs. Also don’t forget scoring means nothing if you don’t get the ball lol.

      • Jacobo says:

        Holland beat Brazil, who are better than Spain, for crying out loud!
        this means holland knows exactly how to cancel out that tiki-taka negative game spain has.

      • pj says:

        they lost to switzerland, sweden wasnt even in the world cup, moron

  17. Diana says:

    Spain!!!!!! Ollleeeee. Not only do they have the potential and the players to win. But I think if you play fair and work hard then you deserve it. If any of you saw all the games with the “oranje” team they are dirty players and if you have any doubts go back and look at the games especially the one against uruguay. Uruguay played way better than them on the second half. And the “oranje” second goal should have never been it was obviously out of place clearly. I think uruguay played better. But since they got cheated with that out of place goal the oranje got in then they got screwed! But spain plays clean and they showed their potential they will win!!! OOLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEE viva la madre patria :)

    • Espana4TheWin says:

      Viva La Madre Paria y Viva La Furia Roja!

    • Madison says:

      What Holland will kick the buts!

    • RGS says:

      Dont talk too much about Netherlands second goal against Uruguay since it was concede to sneider because it touched a uruguayan defender changing the ball trajectory and hitting the Netherlands player. However if that is your measure Spain shouldnt be in the final since 2 goals in 2 different games that conceded Spain to move the next stage were offside from Villa striker. As I said pretty dumb to diminished an opponent, especially Netherlands that with just 80 shots in this world cup, 41 has been on target while Spain with 106 shots, just 40 were on target and some of them were offsides as well. For me, anyone can win tomorrow and the possibilities are quiet open for any of them taking the 2010 cup home

  18. Spain is goin 2 kik Netherland’s ass cauz Spain has the best players nd is the best nd if Netherland’s had faced Germany they wouldve lost nd Spain beat Germany 1-0 so Spain is goin 2 win the World Cup.

    • bowie says:

      holland so boo you lets do a bet to all of you who picked spain whats wrong with holland for god sake im sorry if im being nasty but i was born there

  19. Mitch says:

    I think Netherlands will win :) , i’m not sure though ..

    i think it will be 1-0 for spain in the first half ..
    But like with brasil, i think We will beat spain with 2-1 :P

    I wonder what octopus paul predicted lol xD

    @Diana dont whine, every soccer player exagarrates (w/e its spelled)


  20. Dutchy says:

    Netherlands will win, will be a close call but i dont care if they play bad football.
    For me the most importand thing is the result, and the netherlands have some good results.
    You can play like spain verry nice football and loose, or just play like us and win all.
    And @ the paelja eaters above^^, we only have 1 good player?
    1. Robben
    2. van persie
    3. dirk kuyt (Big time worker that only stops when the whissle been blown)
    4. Elia (im sure he will run out the paelja defense)
    5. van bommel (in my opinion the best player together with Bastian Schweinsteiger )
    And much more fantastic players.

    So we will win:)

  21. dutch-all-the-way says:

    netherlands will win this 2-1 and spain is going to cry on the field like sooks lol
    go the dutch

  22. Mr.Hwlanmoe says:

    Who octopus choice Germany & Uruguay

  23. Nigar12 says:

    i want to see Spain as winner,because they are not only good football team,they ara like dancers on the stage

  24. Nix says:

    I am sure and I hope its SPAIN! i am sure they will win… I want them to win because I get the feeling that they have got what it takes to win it! this year is their year! this game belongs to them! They have place to mark history! they will be glorified with honor when they get back home! they will be welcomed and never be forgotten! Ir a España!

  25. stephen oyewobi says:

    spain plays good football in the middle of the field,but they are not as efficient up front as holland,so if holland can hold the ball in middle ,they ll win.am happy we are having a brand new champion either way.welldone Africa.

  26. FERNANDO says:


    Spain is going 2 win the world cup 2010
    España va a ganar la copa mundial del 2010

  27. Jean V hutter says:

    I dunno who would win , but the truth is spain plays very nicely, they are not boring, the game is not physically quick, but mentally yes, the ball moves to a planned place , and all is very well cordinated, they are more a team and there is comunication , and the move one side and the other like little demons. i think spain can win.

  28. rgs says:

    if tomorrow germany win the octupus stadistically, and talking about not psichic mambo jumbo, will be against his prediction. Spain doesnt really have a striker and two of their victoy were due to offside goals. They rely too much to keep the ball to defend themselve. AFter puyol goal, you could see germany went all over them and having germany defense oppened spain had clearly opportunities to increase the score but they were incapable while germany was more dangerous in the last 17 minutes than Spain in the first 73. Germany tried to emulate switzerland style was a mistake. However Netherland style, being the same, like they are not interested in the ball, would even be more effective. The difference, checking the stasdistics, is the Netherlands with few shot on goal, scores more goals than any other team in the world cup. Who can win? anyone, but diminished your opponent, in this case Netherlands, it is just plain stupid and you can ask Brazil and Uruguay about that.

  29. Lindsay says:

    Spain puts their trust in an octopus.
    Holland puts their trust in the players.
    Our players fight like lions and they will win and bring home the cup.
    just wait and see;)

  30. Spain all the way. I like the netherlands too though.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Holland beat Brazil! So they also can beat Spain!

    Go Holland! ;D

  32. JaZzie says:

    Dudes and Dudettes…
    Not only is Holland going to win, they are going to dance with Spain and show off their awesome skills, making it an epic game.
    And What’up with Paul? He chose the wrong team in the 2008 finals, so who’s to say he hasn’t got it wrong this time too…I think stress got the better of him.
    I think it rocks so hard that a tiny country like Holland beat the HUGE and incredibly strong Brazil. It proved that The Orange Men are full of surprises. I think they would have beaten Germany with 2-1. With Spain… I’m not sure. It could “just” be another 1-0, or a kickass Orange Action at 4-2.

    We’ll see, octopus, who’s the smarter creature.


  33. Navin says:

    So far, I’ve seens fans arguments towards each other. I’m fan of none.
    I can clearly see, Netherlands winning this world up.


  34. Navin says:

    So far, I’ve seen fans arguments bashing towards each other. I’m fan of none.
    I can clearly see, Netherlands winning this world up. Tears on the eyes of Spainiard .

    Octopus’s prediction till date has been a fluke. This time it’ll fail and prove that wrong prediction doesn’t work.

    Check the reddish-orange aura appearing in the northen hemisphere that time


  35. Spanish Dude says:

    Spain will win because:

    -They have the lots of world class players (midfielders Xabi Alonso,Xavi,Iniesta, strikers David Villa,TORRES,good defense), with alot of them from the AWESOME CLUB Barcelona.
    -They know how to keep the ball, therefore consistantly putting pressure on the opposing team, and when they find a gap they take advantage of the given opportunity.


    -They wear red:D (orange aint cool)


  36. Brian says:

    Holland Will Win no doubt!!!

    Spain has a hard time scoring lol…. they barely get a goal in before the game finishes…..plus I doubt Spain would have beat Brazil…soon as Brazil scored Spain would have took the whole game to catch up just to score a goal….lol
    Lets get real.

  37. Jewel says:

    Holland is going to win! Why? beasue they played consistantly better than Spain did and they derrve it! Spain is real good but the Netherlands will win because unlike Germany, they won’t be intimidated. They will respect Spain but not be afaid of them. If they play “their game” they will win!

  38. TR1 says:

    Spain! Let’s hear it for skill on the ball. This is a chance for skill to win one.

  39. GO SPAIN says:


  40. joil says:

    HOLLAND And Hogey I do love you !!
    Because Holland is deffinitly the best! Go holland !!
    Hup holland hup laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempje staan!!

  41. Emilya says:

    Spain to win !!

  42. El.Bndri says:

    I am Qatari girl..

    and I said Holland will WIN tonight..!

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