Landon Donovan Hints that He's Interested In Playing Abroad Again

Mar. 07, 2010 - United Kingdom - Football - Everton v Hull City Barclays Premier League - Goodison Park - 7/3/10..Everton's Landon Donovan.

After every World Cup, clubs from around the world are always trying to capture the latest talent who have shined on the world’s stage. And a player that a lot of clubs, including Manchester City, are keeping a close eye on is Landon Donovan who showed a lot of skill and composure under pressure to lead his US team to a successful World Cup campaign.

When players talk in the press about transfer speculation, there are definitely coded words they use to send messages to other clubs and agents. In a recent interview that appeared in the British media today, Donovan dropped some major hints regarding his intentions to play abroad again. Everton is reportedly interested in signing him on a permanent deal, but it sounds like Donovan is telling the other interested clubs to “come and get me” in hopes of starting up a bidding war to land Donovan a lucrative contract. Here are his quotes today along with my interpretation of what I believe he means:

Right now I want to be in America, I absolutely love being here and I love getting back to my team-mates.” Translation: Landon Donovan is under contract to LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer, but that’s only “right now.” If the right offer came along, he and his agent would seriously consider it.

“As you know I never say never to anything and right now rumors are rumors.” Translation: Come and get me. Right now, there are no firm offers on the table and it’s all transfer speculation in the newspapers, but that’s just right now.

“And if there is something serious to look at then I will, but for now I am very excited to be home.” Translation: I’m under contract to LA Galaxy and Major League Soccer, but I’m very interested in reviewing any serious offers from clubs worldwide.

What do you think? Which European club should he join where it would be a good fit for him and his club? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Hints that He's Interested In Playing Abroad Again”

  1. Everton makes the most sense. He’d never get minutes at MCFC. But of course MCFC can easily outbid Everton.

    1. I’d like to see him go to Fulham and play along side Dempsey. Those 2 know each other well, and their high US profile names combined might be enough to get a few Americans watching the EPL. There’s a HUGE sports market over there if Europe could tap into it.

      1. They also have an uncertain coaching situation. Would Alan Curbishly be as enamored with him? You saw what Lawrie Sanchez did to Cookie Coleman’s Team America.

  2. It should a primal scream… Everton is a good fit, At 28, Donovan needs to play at the highest level at this stage of his career – both for his ego and for his family’s financial future.

    1. Maybe for financial reasons, but not for his ego. Being that Americans only pay attention to international Soccer, playing in Europe, even in the Champions league, means nothing in the US.

  3. Interesting title considering it is being reported he got a woman pregnant on his last visit to England.

    If he does come back, would be nice if he was a featured player on a team that attacks.

    There aren’t many of those… Teams playing in Europe are out… The longball teams out. The northern knuckle dranggen teams out…

    West Ham
    Birmingham (maybe)

  4. Real Translation: All of my family and friends are in California, it’s an incredible city where people love me, understand me and I am a star. This is why in the past I have avoided playing overseas in favor of LA. And I have not giving anybody any reason to think otherwise. Either make me a seriously irresistible offer EPL, or it’s home sweet home.

  5. It is ashame that he will probably stay because the Galaxy will selfishly keep him by putting his price at a ridiculous level

    Everyone knows that England is where the best players go but they won’t care

    1. Most Americans don’t care about the EPL or even the Champions league. Putting a few in the net at the World Cup is all they care about and Donovan did that. They are already discussing whether or not he’s the best player EVER in American history. Playing in Europe won’t make any difference in his US status as a player.

      1. EL Bacano, are you nuts? Most Americans care more about the Champions League and EPL more so than Major League Soccer. Yes, the World Cup is important for Americans. But there is life after the World Cup and the number of TV viewers for European club games on US television continues to grow season after season.

        Playing in Europe will continue to make a difference regarding his US status as a player. It validates how great he is, just as he did recently at Everton which garnered Donovan a huge amount of praise and respect stateside.

        The Gaffer

        1. Caring more about it than MLS means nothing because Americans don’t watch that either. Call in any state-local sports radio station in the US and ask what they think about Everton. They will not have a clue what you are talking about. It’s American Football, Basketball and Baseball all the time there… rarely anything else.

          My only suggestion would be to team him up with Dempsey at Fulham and advertise the @#$! out of it. Try to transfer their WC hype into Fulham… But I’m not even sure that would get their attention.

  6. What’s wrong with teaming him with Tim Howard at Everton? Odds are that Dempsey won’t be at Fulham anyway now that Roy has moved to Liverpool. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to know or care about any of that am I, being an American and all…

  7. With ESPN now showing an EPL game of the week, Landon could play for Everton (or another EPL team) and get a lot of eyeballs. If ESPN had some sense, they would showcase him on their telecasts and “adopt” whatever team he goes to. Looking forward to him making the move….no one cares about MLS!

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