Arsenal Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: New Photos Released

New photos of what appears to be Arsenal’s new home jersey for the 2010-11 season have been leaked on the Internet. There’s no confirmation that these are authentic or whether they’re knock-off designs. However, many experts believe these are either the real-deal or very close to the new design which will be released by Arsenal in the coming weeks.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new Arsenal shirts feature a classic Arsenal design that is reminiscent of the Gunners shirts from the early 70s when they were one of the best teams in the country. If this is in fact the new design, expect sales of the Arsenal shirt to flourish since it combines the best of the retro Gunners feel with a few modern touches such as the Arsenal name on the back of the shirt and the Nike logo on the front.

Here are more images of the new Arsenal home shirt:

What do you think of the shirt? Share your feedback about the new Arsenal football shirt design in the comments section below.

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36 thoughts on “Arsenal Home Jersey for 2010-11 Season: New Photos Released”

  1. love it. fantastic classic shirt. shame that the branding is so big but at last we have our white sleeves back

  2. That looks so shit. The red trim on the sleeves are fugly! The design itself is uninspired too. Our kits seem to keep getting uglier each season.

  3. If this is the new shirt it looks like the 70’s classic from an era when we were a top club.I for one will get one and then buy it for my boy who has had every shirt for the last 9 yrs and he is only 12.

  4. Happy with the new kit. We got our white sleeves back, what more can we ask for. Also love the new fabric Nike will be using on both home and away kits.

  5. It’s a fake… Look at the blue part in the Arsenal logo. Sorry guys but I guess we just have to wait for the real one.

      1. i think what matte means is that the blue area of the shield is asymmetrical, which could indicate that this is a fake… no way nike would spend so much time on one of its marquee kits and leave a mistake as glaring as that.

        hope it’s real though, looks pretty nice.

  6. I dont think Matte is talking about the colour but rather, the spacing between the golds outline of the whole crest and the white line between the red and blue.

    The blue space on the left of the crest is almost twice as big as the blue space on the right. The spacing isnt even and tbh the crest does look uneven as a whole.

    Shame really because i think this shirt is brilliant.

  7. Well its better than last season’s kit. I wish they would just have the fly emirates small under the arsenal badge instead. Would look so much nicer. And also the arsenal badge just as the cannon in white. Saw it on one of the supposed kits for this season and it looked awesome.

  8. Brilliant if it is real.

    “reminiscent of the Gunners shirts from the early 70s when they were one of the best teams in the country”

    Did I miss when they were relegated in the 80’s/90’s?

    1. um dude, even in the earliest days, Arsenal has NEVER been relegated (except for 1 season but due to some clever words they went back to the top flight)

      1. Obviously subtle sarcasm simply floats over your head so let me explain like I’m speaking to my 10 year old nephew: A line in the article said “reminiscent of the Gunners shirts from the early 70s when they WERE one of the best teams in the country” My response [as in when did they stop being a top club] was “did I miss them being relegated?” I can’t write it in crayon – sorry.

  9. That’s a terrible replica of a replica. Not sure who’s running the site, but you guys gotta at least look at the visual before posting. Logo is all out of sorts and the dri-fit, nike logo look nothing like the real thing. Come on son!

    And BTW, we haven’t been relegated since WW1. How ’bout them apples, brn442!

  10. Seems that nobody has really “looked” at any of their Arsenal shirts properly. These crests are mass-produced and aren’t all perfect, they are sewn not screen printed therefore there is plenty of room for errors.
    I used to work at Arsenal and some of the crests were shocking! I’d say 3 out of every 10 piece’s of kit or training wear had dodgy crests.

    So don’t discount this as fake just because of a slightly iffy crest. You really think Mr. Nike the God of Nike goes through each one and checks for quality? Didn’t think so! He only does that for Man Utd! Wanker!

    1. Seriously? Arsenal shirts are traditionally red with white sleeves! Last seasons kit was a departure that annoyed most hardcore Gooners. You mention that kit, well how is that so different from 90% of the previous shirts?
      But if you really want a direct answer, the 06/08 kit had two thick yellow/gold bars up the side and a raised collar that didn’t go all the way around. And there was only a touch of red on the end of the sleeves. So yeah I’d say it’s pretty different from the shirt we released 4 years ago!

  11. Just to put everyone’s mind at ease here. This IS the new Arsenal home shirt! I got in touch with my man on the inside and he confirmed it!
    Personally I am very pleased with the simplified design, it’s the way it always should be. Gonna be looking good this season with our “proper” colors both home and away!

      1. o right thanks its just i thought because we are goin back to th 1970 kit the socks would be red, but thanks for the heads up

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