Manchester City Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Leaked Photo

Manchester City’s new home shirt for the 2010-11 season will look very similar to its current design except with a few changes, according to a photo that has been leaked on the Internet.

If this is in fact the new Manchester City home shirt, the most noticeable differences are the collar change. Last season’s shirt had a white rounded collar. The new one features a different styled collar and is sky blue like the rest of the shirt. Also at the back of the neck of the shirt, there’s a small embroidered design that resembles a miniature Manchester City scarf. The other noticeable difference on the shirt is the raised fabric line that outlines the shoulder. Other than that, it looks like the shirt features white trim at the end of the sleeves. However, it’s difficult to ascertain whether that is white trim or simply a reflection from the shirt.

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11 thoughts on “Manchester City Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Leaked Photo”

  1. The one they had last year was a classic but this is just as nice, slightly more modern. It looks like white trim to me, similar to the England away. – well done Umbro.

  2. Not a City fan but solid shirt. Some clubs seem intent on putting as many colors as possible on a shirt while this keeps it simple and to the point. None of this ridiculous retro crap that are utterly disgusting

  3. This is a very nice progression from last years kit which in my opinion was one of the best im the premiership. This kit is clean, subtle and simple.

  4. why change a good thing i think the subtle changes are very nice ….. we seem to be changing our team allot why not keep something the same

  5. are we true mancunion fans getting ripped off like man utd changing tops every season !!!!!!! . I will buy it though but dont want our team to be money grabbers for the sake of it.
    As for the top itself not bad glad to see its sky blue also love the joe mercer top so retro

  6. Marty – City have changed their home shirt ever season for about the last 5 years! United, admittedly, have had three in the same period, but still, citeh have had more.

    As for the shirt, it really is a looker. As a Mancunian United fan it irks me to say that, but it really is nice. Umbro have got it spot on over the last few years. The England away top and last years City home shirt being the best, for me. Nike should take note cos all the United ones are awful.

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