The World’s Reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal: Video

If you’re a US soccer fan, the above video is required viewing. It shows how much Landon Donovan’s winning goal meant to the United States, soccer fans and the American people. So much emotion outpouring from people around the world as they celebrated the United States’s victory against Algeria.

In the past week, I’ve been interviewed several times on radio stations across the United States. And the theme is the same on each one. When is soccer going to become popular in this country? No matter what happens Saturday against Ghana, the above video proves that the sport is already in the mainstream in this country. What more proof could non-believers or soccer haters possibly need?

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  1. Epic video!! If that’s not proof that soccer is a big deal in this country, I dunno what is.

    I know I went bonkers in my living room when Donovan blasted that one in. Got serious rug burn on my knees but it was totally worth it lol.

    And LMAO at “some dude in Arkansas”!

    1. Soccer is big in America, and it’ll get bigger after that goal from Donovan.

      I hope the US continues to do well in this tournament, as it bodes well for MLS.

    1. Had you paid attention, you would notice that there was 1 pub reaction from Lyon, France & 1 from Durban, South Africa…thus why he chose “World’s” reaction.

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