Arsenal Away Jersey for 2010-11 Season Revealed: Photo

Arsenal’s new away shirt for the 2010-11 season has been revealed. The new Arsenal away jersey is yellow with redcurrant trim and redcurrant pinstripes on the front of the shirt.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, Arsenal’s new away kit are a throwback to Arsenal’s history when they were known as Woolwich Arsenal. On the reverse of the club badge on the shirt, the motto reads “Victoria Concordia Crescit,” which translates as “Victory Through Harmony.”

The shorts for the new Arsenal away kit are redcurrant in color with yellow trim, while the socks are yellow with redcurrant trim.

The new Arsenal away jersey is quite a contrast from Arsenal’s current shirt which is blue. But what do you think of the new shirt? Do you love it or hate it? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal Away Jersey for 2010-11 Season Revealed: Photo”

  1. Actually it has been revealed on the arsenal website already, it does not show the whole kit, but does show the top half of it which is black/blue in colour…not redcurrent and yellow( thank god!! )

    1. Actually, what the Arsenal site shows is a foto of Chamakh wearing the new away kit which is ENTIRELY blacked out. Except the Arsenal badge on the shirt, along with a bit of color surrounding the badge. The visible color surrounding the badge is yellow. It does NOT show a black/blue kit in any way, shape or form.

    2. this is the kit its offical,the shorts are redcurrent with yellow trim,and yelow socks with thin redcurrent hoops

  2. Very classy yes, it will suit the quiet gooners while they sit in their library and eat their prawn sandwiches

  3. Good to see Arsenal get back to a yellow alternate strip. Not so sure the red works – looks early San Diego padres / hot dog mustard-y


  4. It is horrible……… what happened to yellow and blue?

    I personally liked the green number that was touted about last year but didn’t happen.


  5. Not going to lie, I really hate yellow kits…

    For some reason I really like how it looks. Kinda has that nostalgic feel but looks very modern and clean. I can honestly say I like it better than last years blues

  6. i kind of like it. i think it would look better as yellow/blue. but dailymail has a picture of RvP with the whole kit. looks noice albeit makes me hungry for macdonalds

  7. I have a feeling I’ll be in the minority but I like it. Reminds me a bit of Florida State’s garnet and gold. :)

  8. Arsenal does a yellow kit about every other year. It is supposedly their “winning” kit and harkens back to the famous Anfield ’89 kit. I like it.

  9. The first decent away kit Nike has done in a while for the Gunners. Bold choice of replacing the navy trim that usually goes with their yellow shirts with the rediscovered redcurrant. Well done Nike, it makes up a little for that uninspiring, bungled reproduction of the 89 shirt a couple years ago.

  10. Yellow is the traditional away kit and I am glad we are done experimenting with the blue. After looking at several times over the past day I think it is growing on me. Let’s hope Gazidis’ “Arsenalization” of The Grove is completed with a great throwback home kit of red with all white sleeves and possibly a cannon logo.

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