Where to Watch the World Cup in the United States

Many of us, whether we live here or are on vacation, will be in the United States this summer when the World Cup is on. But which pubs, restaurants, sports bar or venues will you be attending nearby to watch the game with tens or hundreds or thousands of sweaty soccer fans?

The problem is where can you find a comprehensive list of the venues that will be hosting World Cup viewing parties — especially when a lot of the games are on when US venues haven’t opened for lunch yet?

At which venues are you going to watch the big matches, where you know they’ll broadcast most of the 64 World Cup games this summer? Go ahead and post it in the comments section below and we’ll update the master list in this post here.

In the meantime, here’s the first listing – which is where EPL Talk will be hosting all of its official viewing parties (except for the 7:30am games when the venue is not open):


New Haven: Anna Liffey’s Irish Pub, 17 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511


Boca Raton: Wowies, 7036 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33433. 561-392-5040. More information at http://www.worldcupbuzz.com/wowies


Atlanta: Brewhouse, 401 Moreland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307


Philadelphia: Dark Horse Pub. 421 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19147
Philadelphia: Fado Irish Pub, 15th and Locust St., Philadelphia, PA

Thanks to EPL Talk reader Scott Alexander for the story idea.

89 thoughts on “Where to Watch the World Cup in the United States”

  1. If your in Connecticut:

    Anna Liffey’s Irish Pub in New Haven
    17 Whitney Ave New Haven CT 06511


    Good Irish cuisine, amazing and cheap buffalo wings, and the best Guinness around. 6 HDTVs, 2 projectors inside and they are expanding the outdoor patio with more HDTVs and Projectors.

    1. I must make amendments to the TV count because I forgot to add the 2 HDTVs and Projector on the first floor which is usually reserved for parties.

      1. Hey CT, I’m in Milford and was thinking Anna Liffeys as well. Do you expect a good crowd and hopefully pro USA 😉

        How early do you think I should plan on getting there?

        1. Wow small world I’m from Milford too and yes I expect to see a huge crowd there. I plan on being there hours before kick off to get a parking spot and a good seat. It will probably a mix of both but mostly USA. It’s going to be odd not rooting with Britos I met at The Liffey that are Chelsea fans.

          They are also getting either the Budwiser Truck or the Shocktop car parked right next to the patio for the USA vs England match.

          1. I vote shocktop.

            i’ve heard it’s a big chelsea pub… haven’t stopped in for matchday b/c i’m a Spurs supporter and doubt that want to throw those games on. LOL

            Great year for the blues though.

            Looks like an early departure to New Haven next Saturday.

          2. Jason you should totaly come down during the EPL season The Liffey isn’t any one team’s pub they show everything. The owner and the manager are both Liverpool fans and we need more Spur fans to sing at. During the last Spurs v Chelsea match there was only one Spurs supporter there.

      1. The Connecticut Blues are taking over The Liffey mate. Wait until you see the commercial that is going to air on ESPN promoting Anna Liffey’s during the World Cup. They filmed it during the FA Cup final ;).

        1. the place was full of Spurs fans on a wednesday afternoon for the City game at the end of the season.

          And if there are any other City fans reading this come on down to the pub sometime this season, i’m tired of being by myself, or surrounded by the other team’s supporters .

  2. In Atlanta there will be a group at Brewhouse. Always a good time.

    401 Moreland Avenue Northeast
    Atlanta, GA 30307-1519

  3. Spit in any direction in NYC and you’ll find a bar showing the World Cup.

    For the US-England match, though, I’ll be at The Bell House in Brooklyn. They’re having a big party with DJs on either side of the room spinning English and American bands, as well as English and American food on either side of the venue.

    They usually don’t show soccer, but they’re great at putting on events, so I’m betting this one will be pretty cool. Their affiliate, Floyd, in an adjacent neighborhood has been showing matches regularly for the past six or seven years.

  4. With the exception of the 430am matches, most pubs and bars will be opening up for the 7am matches.

    In the valley: McGs in Chatsworth. They just installed HD projectors. Fox and Hounds in Studio City is also a good bet.
    In L.A.: Cat&Fiddle in Hollywood will be showing all England, USA, Brazil 7am matches, otherwise they will be opening for the 1130 matches. The Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood will be opening up at 6am!

    7 days!!!!

  5. If you’re in Chicago and a reader of this site then you most likely know that The Globe on Irving Park Rd. is going to be ground zero for all games in the city. I’ll most likely be going there but it’s going to be packed by 8am more than likely. My back up plan is Small Bar on Division, should be a 99 percent pro USA crowd at small bar, The Globe will probably be 50/50 crowd or the US-England game which will make for a great atmosphere.

    1. Thanks Up the Chels!! Not only for the info, but for being a Blues supporter. God’s chosen and all that. :-)

      Anyone in the Chicago area know of any pubs farther west? I’d be looking at a commute of 90+ minutes (conservatively!) to get in to the city.

      1. Duke, thanks for the kudos. Where are you located? You should probably look in the Naperville area if you’re out west, that’ll save you about an hour of driving. I’m sure there’s a bar or two showing the games there, maybe even in the St. Charles/Geneva/Batavia area.

        1. Arsenal fan here on holiday here in the Dixon/Sterling/Rockford area.. would anybody know of any pubs showing match in these Locations?..will travel to Naperville if none around.

          1. Dave,
            There will be a Viewing Party at the Hope and Anchor English Pub in Loves Park. The party begins at 11 am. The address is 5040 North 2nd St, Loves Park. You can find the party listed in Big Soccer. com or Go Rockford.

      2. Hi Duke. Late call I know but just got this in from Rockford (cheers Jeff)

        The Hope and Anchor
        •5040 N. 2nd St.
        •Loves Park, IL 61111

    2. Side Note: there’s also a slew of German bars throughout the city and suburbs that always show the games, I watched all of the Germany games in 06 at Huttenbar, Hansa Clipper and The Brauhaus, all in Lincoln Square. There’s also Mirabell on Addison and Edelweiss on Irving Park in Norridge, Schnitzel Platz on North ave. in Glendale Heights, Resi’s Bierstube and Laschett’s Inn(across the street from eachother) on Irving Park Rd. and Western which is a few blocks away from The Globe.

      You also have the Red Lion Pub on Lincoln ave., obviously a Brit pub. There’s also a bunch of Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, and Italian bars throughout the metro area that will most likely be showing all the games. God, I love living in Chicago, definitely no shortage of options for the cup.

      1. Don’t forget about the hundreds of Irish Pubs all over the city too, if you can’t find a bar that’s showing the games, you really aren’t looking.

        1. Thanks for all the info!

          I live in De Kalb, so Naperville isn’t a bad choice – but it’s really hard to get around in the Aurora/Naperville area lately. I was thinking Elgin, Schaumburg, somewhere around there.

          You’ve given me a lot to chew on though, and I guess I can probably find something relatively close.

          Anyone know if there’s a pub on Randall Road in the St. Charles/Geneva/Batavia area? They have everything else you could want on that stretch of road…

      1. Thanks guys in Chicago. In the north Suburban area try Curragh Irish Pub in Skokie. You will see me there during the lunch hour since it’s near by office. Anyone have a place in Lake County for the weekend games?

        I am happy that I will be joining the Gaffer and the group in Florida on June 12 for the USA -England game. hope to see some of you down there.

  6. Brauhaus Schmitz
    718 South St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147

    Ridiculously great selection of beer on tap, good food, and hi-def tv’s. Just don’t wear a Leverkusen or Gladbach jersey up there, owner is a big FC Koln supporter.

  7. If you’re in St Louis, MO, you can watch the England USA match with 2 of the surviving members of the 1950 USMNT, Harry Keough and Frank Borghi in Soccer Park, Fenton MO as well as other matches at at any of the STL United FC Affiliates including Amsterdam Tavern, Barristers, Dooleys, Flannery’s Pub, OB Clark’s, the Fox and Hound, the Red Lion, Tigin’s Irish Pub, or the Pasta House in Fairview Heights amongst others.

    If you’re in Columbia, MO, you can watch matches with me at my bar, the Blue Fugue (120 S 9th St), where I will have live matches, rebroadcasts, classic WC matches, and/or commentary from around the globe on 24/7 for the next month as well as 200+ different kinds of beer, or at one of the following wonderful establishments: the Flat Branch Pub, Osama’s Coffee Zone, or Top 10 Wines.

  8. I don’t mean to keep commenting but I’ve also read that the city is going to have a “fan zone” of sorts for the US v England game at Montrose Harbor on the Lakefront. That should be very cool.

  9. In Ann Arbor, MI, come to:

    Conor O’Neil’s.

    Will be having specials, and of course a bunch of england fans. (Though I root for USA)

  10. For NEW YORK CITY:

    Nevada Smith’s at 11th and 3rd Avenue is the world-famous soccer pub in NYC. Get there early or you’re screwed.

    Also, just came across this: http://www.playbeautifulnyc.com/
    This will have a huge pop-up tent at 201 Mulberry St. in NoLita (adjacent to SoHo) with an indoor stadium to watch matches, shops for official soccer gear, training ground for soccer demos, PS3 gaming zone, and concession stands for eats and drinks. Should be amazing!

  11. The Lion & Eagle Pub in Boca Raton is the best place to watch a game in South Florida. As an American Football Fanatic its home for the World Cup. Always a great atmosphere and I think I heard that they were putting a tent outside for every game even the 7:30 ones. Either way we will be there rooting for the US!!!!!!

    1. Love the Lion and Eagle. I don’t live in Boca anymore, but many of my friends frequent the place. I go in every time that I am down, which isn’t often enough these days. The owners are very good guys and they do a great job showing the games that we all want to see.

  12. to add to the L.A. options, Santa Monica’s got the King’s Head, the Britannia and the Cock n Bull. All three great options, King’s Head’s got the best food, but Cock n Bull has the most intense atmosphere. Britannia’s got a great crowd as well, but their food is well, not good.

  13. Downtown Dallas, TX Victory Park Plaza. Outside AAC. It’s the timesquare of downtown Dallas huge screens on the buildings

    1. I’m going to be in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for the opening weekend… is this the best place to watch? I’m from NYC so I would normally have a bevy of options but I’ll definitely feel like a fish out of water down in the Lone Star State.

      1. If you’re in Dallas, TX I would go to the Londoner in the Addison neighborhood. Here is the address. I’d get there real early if you’re going to be in town for the opening weekend.

        The Londoner
        14930 Midway Rd
        Addison, TX 75001
        Cross Street: Beltway Road
        (972) 458-2444

  14. Great picture, Gaffer. Just as I had convinced my wife that a little trip to Boca to watch the England match with a bunch of my “friends” was a good idea.

    *S-i-i-g-h* Back to the den with you-know-who.

  15. OHIO
    South East Dayton
    come to Chappys TaP Room

    This is becoming Dayton premier soccer pub.
    They have been voted one of the best beer bars in Ohio
    The food is good
    They cater to us soccer folks
    and on June 12 they will rock

    come join us for US VS England
    wear your colors
    sing your songs
    Wayne the gratefullawyer

  16. Live in Indianapolis? Union Jack Pub in Broad Ripple will be open for EVERY game, even the early ones.

    924 Broad Ripple Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46220

  17. You guys should insert the full state name into each of your posts, to make for easy searching. That’s especially helpful for those of us who live in big metro areas. (A “Detroit” establishment, for instance, could very well be in Dearborn or whatever, and thus easy to miss. If you stick the state name into your post, we can just do a page-search for that.)

  18. If you’re looking to watch the matches with a bunch of soft football and basketball fans and take Jaeger bombs with some PX90-three-sizes-too-homo-Tapout-t-shirt-meatheads after every goal, then by all means, go to Wowies. If you want to watch soccer games in south Florida with some real soccer fans, where they know how to pour a Guinness, , then the only place to go is the Lion & Eagle in Boca Raton! Fish, chips, and football!

    1. Max, that’s where you’re wrong. There’ll be plenty of die-hard soccer fans attending Wowies – some of whom are coming all the way from Chicago and Jacksonville just to be there. We’ll also be doing some video and podcast interviews with the fans at Wowies, which will air on the number one podcast in the States, EPL Talk.

      We’ve got fish’n chips, but we’ve also got 3 full-liquor bars, beautiful Wowies girls, 31 TVs, HD signal and 123″ projection TV. Plus we’re giving away a free drink or T-shirt with the flyer at http://www.worldcupbuzz.com/wowies

      The Gaffer

  19. The Londoner in Cedar Rapids, IA

    3325 Center Point Rd NE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
    (319) 261-3131
    at a 6:30am match
    at a 6:30am match

    at a 6:30am match

    at a 6:30am match

    The Londoner, Cedar Rapids, IA
    Add Photos


    Mon-Thu 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.

    Fri-Sat 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

    Sun 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

  20. Arsenal fan over on a family holiday who loves his Soccer, looking for any bars in Dixon/Sterling/Rockford areas of Illinois showing USA v England…Any help appriciated!

    1. Dave, if you find something, let me know! I would love to find something in this area, as it would be MUCH easier to get to than the city. You’re deep in NASCAR territory out there, though, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

      Good Luck!

        1. Hi Duke . My apologies for getting name wrong earlier.. Am looking at Napierville or Chicago as of now… Getting too many strange looks out here in the bars of Dixon when asking about the soccer!!..Dave

          1. Dave: Yeah, I was afraid that was going to be the case. Illinois is a LOT different in the Chicago area compared with the rest of the state.

            So, I guess I’ll be heading east!

    2. Honestly, there should be at least one bar in Rockford showing the games, but I’d highly suggest making the hour drive into the city, especially if your here on holiday. Join us at The Globe on the Northside. I suggest leaving early though. It’s a good hour to a hour and a half drive from your area but I’d be worth the drive, I can’t imagine there’s very many passionate soccer fans in the Rockford area. The crowd at The Globe gets rowdy for EPL games I can only imagine how great it’s going to be for the cup. Let me know if you want to make the trek, I’ll give you my email and help you find your way.

      1. Alright all ..cheers for the all the help. I’d say Chicago or Naiperville looks the best option. Dave

    3. Quigley’s in Naperville (about 50 miles or so from Rockford) is showing most of games (all of the England games), it’s a great little bar and has alot of expats going there.

  21. 1950 USA hero, Harry Keough and clan will watching at OB CLARKS in St Louis Missouri for the World Cup Kick Off Mexico v South Africa on Friday as well as Saturday’s USA England at the Soccer Park in Fenton Missouri

  22. Update: if you’re in Chicago there’s a few things I learned yesterday that might hinder your viewing options. If you were planning on going to The Globe they don’t want you there unless you’re a regular, apparently it’s going to be some private event for the US v England game, I was going back and forth with their owner yesterday, they claim there was a sign up in December for people to get passes to get in, no one I know they frequents the pub has a clue about this. So don’t go there. Also, Gingers Ale House on Ashland is going to be a ticketed event also, tickets just went on sale at Noon, 50 bucks a piece, that includes a few drinks and a buffet.

    I will most likely be going to Small Bar on Division, it’s first come first served, so get there early, very early, should be packed. As far as I know Fado on Grand is the same way.

    1. Cheers ‘Up the Chels’ ( you don’t know how hard that is to say when your an arsenal supporter) for the info re: The Globe…that other bar sounds good. I’m looking at Naperville also..Do you know that Quigley’s bar – is it any good for atmosphere?

      1. Late to the party with this info, but:

        Quigley’s Irish Pub
        43 East Jefferson Avenue
        Naperville, IL 60540-4905
        (630) 428-4774


        If you need directions, Dave, Mapquest is usually more accurate than Google Maps. I don’t know how much chance I’m going to have to be there, but I’ll see what I can do. I’ll probably be wearing blue, though!

        1. Hi Duke. You wear your colours proud! As you Chelsea fans sing ” Blue is the colour football is the game”.. Will try Quiqleys so.. although I hear there is a Sports bar in the DeKalb area called BWD ( I might have that wrong ) that could be a contender.. let me know if it is… Anyway thanks for the info and to all Have a great World Cup!!

          1. The only thing in the De Kalb area that sounds close to that is Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ll have a look around, though, and see what I can come up with.

  23. Some of my family are going to be at a soccer tournament in Princeton NJ on the day the US play England- anyone know of some good bars/pubs/other places that they could to watch the game there?

    1. If you heard back from anyone about viewing options in Princeton NJ, could you let me know as well. Thanks. MB

  24. Up the Chels, where did you read about the fan zone at Montrose Harbor? I cant seem to find anything about it.

  25. I’m in the Little Rock, AR, area and I need a place towatch the games on Friday and Saturday. Any suggestions?

    1. Did you ever find a place? I’ll be in LR on Saturday and would like a better place to watch than BWW or Hooters.

  26. Where to watch the world cup in the US? Check out the new Foursquare World Cup Badge.. It will show you a map with all the bars and which teams they are rooting for!

  27. Tavern on 7 is showing ALL GAMES.
    NORWALK, CT 06851
    ***we are between WalMart and DMV– across from Town Fair Tire

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