Man United Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: New Photos

New photographs of the Manchester United home jersey for the 2010-11 season have been leaked on the Internet.

Both images provide close-ups of what the new Man United home shirt looks like. The now familiar retro look continues to grow on me. It’s simple but beautiful. The traditional white collar is a nice touch as well as the white stripe down the arms. It’s a hundred times better than the new Manchester United away shirt.

Here’s another close-up photograph of the shirt:

What do you think of the new design? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “Man United Home Shirt for 2010-11 Season: New Photos”

  1. Like it — don’t love it. I actually prefer the away shirt. I do back the retro of the collar though. Will buy.

  2. Yes I love it, like the retro collar, will definitely buy one (2 actually, another one for my wife.
    United should bring back the green/gold one from some seasons back (That will stuff the protestors :)

  3. retro!!! you all love it???? are you mad we in the 21st century get with the times united and give us a nice top like the home one from season before last. and the away one looks like ulster rugby top. sort it out please

  4. if this is real, i’ll finally buy one. i was actually ready to buy my first united jersey last season until they rolled out that abysmal enterprise edition outfit. the away jersey though looks atrocious… i somehow still feel that they are both fakes but i definitely like the classic look. i still think the 07-08 was the best in recent years.

  5. i think it’s a wicked kit but agree about the thin white strip down the sleeve. Definitley will buy it.

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