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Newcastle United Third Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo

newcastle united 10 11 puma shirts leaked 3 Newcastle United Third Shirt for 2010 11 Season: Photo

A photograph of what appears to be Newcastle United’s third shirt for the 2010-11 season has been leaked on the Internet.

Designed and manufactured by Puma, Newcastle’s third jersey is white with blue trim and features the words “Toon Army” sewn into the back of the collar.

newcastle united 10 11 third shirt Newcastle United Third Shirt for 2010 11 Season: PhotoYesterday we revealed pictures of Newcastle United’s new home and away jerseys.

The third shirt features a v-neck collar.

What do you think of the new design? Personally, I love it. It’s simple and clean — which every football shirt should be. Plus the blue trim throughout the shirt makes it look more modern and stylish without overdoing it.

Share your opinion about the new shirt in the comments section below.

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14 Responses to Newcastle United Third Shirt for 2010-11 Season: Photo

  1. tk says:

    better than what they had last year

  2. GeordieDan says:

    Very nice this shirt. Do we really need a 3rd kit though?

    Bloody vultures in the board are trying to get every penny they can already I see.

  3. brn442 says:

    I still think that last year’s orange kit worked well…..this one is ok – at least it is white. Georgie, you’re fighting a losing battle and if there is a team that needs the extra cash, it’s Newcastle.

  4. jimmybobnufc says:

    im not sure the 3rd shirt is football strip looks like a training top and 2nd there look loke copys from turkey cheap crap

  5. Gazzzz says:

    I’m disappointed with the home shirt, looks unbalanced with the Puma logo in the centre. The away shirt is ok. Regarding the 3rd strip, I quite like it, however I think Puma should have done a bit more research on what Toon Army stands for, don’t they realize the Toon Army is what the supporter are known as, not the players! ‘NUFC’ or ‘Newcastle United’ would have been more appropriate.

  6. Eious says:

    On their forums, they seem to hate it

    I love it and I am not even a fan of theres.

    Is simple and to the point

  7. I love how simplistic all the shirts are, I think sometimes they just add things for the sake of making it different because they’re worried it won’t sell.

    All the top clubs produce 3rd kits now, just to make a bit more money, but to be honest i’m not sure how well the 3rd kits actually sell, as I barely see many people wearing them!

  8. Gaz says:

    They’re fake – poorly done ‘photoshop’ efforts.
    Anyway the ‘Toon Army’ are the Geordie fans so wot’s it doing on the back of the shirt collar? it’s not the clubs nickname! If it had ‘the Magpies’ on the collar – it may hold some credibility.
    The club should have had the kit released before the end of the season anyway

  9. 1974 says:

    It’s a spurs shirt, Ashley is slowly bringing his favorite team into NUFC, get him out now.

  10. adhick nolan says:

    i like new costume magpies

  11. jake duffy says:

    got a black cat on your shirt . hahahaha cant wait till yas go down again n hopefully go bust stupid unwashed geordie filth .

  12. NUFC2010-2011 says:

    i love Newcastle and i think these home and away shirts are nectar

  13. Brad says:

    Newcastle has always been one of the football clubs I support. I wish there were more televised matches here in the U.S. But I like last years away kits much better! They were beautiful. These are a bit plain. Not what i expected coming from Puma

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