Liverpool Transfer Rumors: Who May Be Coming and Going

A man walks past a Liverpool club crest on a gate outside the club's Anfield stadium in Liverpool

The season is over (save a Champion’s League final on Saturday) and the World Cup is not starting until mid-June. If other fans are anything like me, they are looking for a fix through whatever English football scraps they can find. Transfer rumors are these scraps. Every spare moment I would usually spend watching a match, I scour the internet for news of a new signing or the inevitable story that a star player is leaving a club.

Reading a rumor that a star playing is signing for your club next season can be exciting but you have to put these rumors into perspective. The English newspaper with the highest percentage of correct transfer predictions is The Independent (although The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian are close behind) with about 38% accuracy. Let me repeat that – the best predictor gets about one in three right. The worst is News of the World at about 12%. With no EPL teams left playing, this is what I’ve been reduced to.

I plan on doing a few articles on these early transfer rumors but to begin I want to look at a club dear to my heart, Liverpool.

There are some rumors I won’t even comment on here because they just don’t seem very likely to me. Joe Cole transferring in or Dirk Kuyt and Alberto Aquilani transferring out are just not going to happen if you ask me. Also, I think Kenwyne Jones would be a great signing for Liverpool but I just can’t see it happening after the transfer falling apart in January.

Here’s three Liverpool transfers in and three Liverpool transfers out that I think are among the more likely (but not necessarily welcome). By the way, I’m considering Albert Riera leaving Anfield to be a given here.

  • Steven Ireland – IN

Steven Ireland could find his way to Liverpool in a number of different ways. The latest rumor has Liverpool getting cash, Emmanuel Adebayor, and Stephen Ireland in exchange for Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. While that specific scenario is very unlikely, I believe Steven Ireland will be playing at Anfield somehow next season.

  • Milan Jovanovic – IN

This transfer appears to be just about final. The Serbian striker is coming from Standard Liege where he scored 13 goals for his side this season and won the Golden Shoe award. Will this be another Benitez signing like Torres or a disappointing flop like Aquilani?

  • Carlton Cole – IN

Liverpool needs a striker (or two) and Carlton Cole needs a better club to play for. Despite West Ham and Carlton Cole failing to impress this season, I believe Carlton Cole could turn into a world class player given the chance at a decent club. This transfer could be a win for the club and the player.

  • Fernando Torres – OUT

This would be the biggest loss to Liverpool and would improve any side in the world. No one at Anfield would want to lose the striker but the transfer money may be too much to pass up. Something to think about is Rafa’s role in this. Although Rafa Benitez is not very popular right now, his remaining at Anfield could have a lot to do with Torres staying at the club.

  • Steven Gerrard – OUT

To anyone that has asked me about this, I’ve replied in the same way all season: “Gerrard is going nowhere”. I still don’t think Gerrard would join another English side, however, he may still be lured to another European side. Again, maybe the cash will be too much to resist given the financial situation.

  • Yossi Benayoun – OUT

A number of clubs have shown interest in Yossi Benayoun and for good reason. While he has proven to be a great player, he just doesn’t seem to fit into the Liverpool side with Rafa in charge. Liverpool may look to cash in on him during the summer and rumors put Spurs as the latest to show interest in signing the Israeli.

What does everyone think are the most likely rumors to come true at Liverpool?


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