Liverpool Transfer Rumors: Who May Be Coming and Going

A man walks past a Liverpool club crest on a gate outside the club's Anfield stadium in Liverpool

The season is over (save a Champion’s League final on Saturday) and the World Cup is not starting until mid-June. If other fans are anything like me, they are looking for a fix through whatever English football scraps they can find. Transfer rumors are these scraps. Every spare moment I would usually spend watching a match, I scour the internet for news of a new signing or the inevitable story that a star player is leaving a club.

Reading a rumor that a star playing is signing for your club next season can be exciting but you have to put these rumors into perspective. The English newspaper with the highest percentage of correct transfer predictions is The Independent (although The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian are close behind) with about 38% accuracy. Let me repeat that – the best predictor gets about one in three right. The worst is News of the World at about 12%. With no EPL teams left playing, this is what I’ve been reduced to.

I plan on doing a few articles on these early transfer rumors but to begin I want to look at a club dear to my heart, Liverpool.

There are some rumors I won’t even comment on here because they just don’t seem very likely to me. Joe Cole transferring in or Dirk Kuyt and Alberto Aquilani transferring out are just not going to happen if you ask me. Also, I think Kenwyne Jones would be a great signing for Liverpool but I just can’t see it happening after the transfer falling apart in January.

Here’s three Liverpool transfers in and three Liverpool transfers out that I think are among the more likely (but not necessarily welcome). By the way, I’m considering Albert Riera leaving Anfield to be a given here.

  • Steven Ireland – IN

Steven Ireland could find his way to Liverpool in a number of different ways. The latest rumor has Liverpool getting cash, Emmanuel Adebayor, and Stephen Ireland in exchange for Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. While that specific scenario is very unlikely, I believe Steven Ireland will be playing at Anfield somehow next season.

  • Milan Jovanovic – IN

This transfer appears to be just about final. The Serbian striker is coming from Standard Liege where he scored 13 goals for his side this season and won the Golden Shoe award. Will this be another Benitez signing like Torres or a disappointing flop like Aquilani?

  • Carlton Cole – IN

Liverpool needs a striker (or two) and Carlton Cole needs a better club to play for. Despite West Ham and Carlton Cole failing to impress this season, I believe Carlton Cole could turn into a world class player given the chance at a decent club. This transfer could be a win for the club and the player.

  • Fernando Torres – OUT

This would be the biggest loss to Liverpool and would improve any side in the world. No one at Anfield would want to lose the striker but the transfer money may be too much to pass up. Something to think about is Rafa’s role in this. Although Rafa Benitez is not very popular right now, his remaining at Anfield could have a lot to do with Torres staying at the club.

  • Steven Gerrard – OUT

To anyone that has asked me about this, I’ve replied in the same way all season: “Gerrard is going nowhere”. I still don’t think Gerrard would join another English side, however, he may still be lured to another European side. Again, maybe the cash will be too much to resist given the financial situation.

  • Yossi Benayoun – OUT

A number of clubs have shown interest in Yossi Benayoun and for good reason. While he has proven to be a great player, he just doesn’t seem to fit into the Liverpool side with Rafa in charge. Liverpool may look to cash in on him during the summer and rumors put Spurs as the latest to show interest in signing the Israeli.

What does everyone think are the most likely rumors to come true at Liverpool?

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  1. Good piece. I don’t think Torres will go anywhere this summer, whether Rafa is the manager or not. For me his decision to have his operation when he did (when Liverpool were all but mathematically out of the race for cl qualification) sent a clear message to Liverpool fans: that he was having this op to be ready for Spain in the WC and be ready for Liverpool next season. He would not do that then head off in the summer. Would he??

    1. bazarakus – Maybe he opted for the op when he did in order to be fit for a new club? Hope you’re right but I don’t think we can imply that he is staying from that.

      1. Torres might have the most filial of devotions, that doesn’t mean ownership won’t decide to sell him. There are numerous accounts of massive debt repayment problems and it does take time to sell the club. And current ownership isn’t renowned for their fealty to the LFC supporters. If Torres goes, I don’t think that you put the blame to Nando.

        1. Not that I’m too delusional, but I would like to think that not even our owners are so stupid as to sell the drawing attraction of the club in the middle of trying to sell said club. I understand the massive debt issue, but Torres will be more profitable over the long term then the immediate millions he’d bring in from a sale. Reina aside, I’d almost rather see anyone else go than Torres.

          1. Maybe. but currency fluctuation probably plays a part as well. The pound and euro look to be going down for a while and 50 million now might not be worth 50 million next year. It also matters how difficult they really are finding it to meet the payments. I really have no idea, I just see the articles like everybody else. I also really don’t think that Hicks and Gillett care at all about LFC supporters.

            There are several comments noting with interest the transfer rumour accuracy stats. You might find


            of interest. If you click on particular paper hyperlinks you’ll find the accuracy stats of different publications as well as a catalog of varying rumours flying around the tabloids. Hope I’m not being disrespectful to EPLTALK in momentarily diverting attention


  2. Thanks for the article, especially the paragraph regarding the percentages of Newspapers getting transfers correct…very interesting.

    After reading/listening to all the quotes from players and managers you can generally build up a trend of what is likely to happen with players coming in and out obviosuly this is subject to change if other clubs make bids etc and I agree completely with the Joe Cole (unfortunately), Dirk Kuyt, Aquilani, Kenwyne Jones wont be coming or leaving Liverpool.

    But judging by Torrees and Rafa’s quotes I would be extremly surprised if Torres left especially as he has said he could never play for another Premiership club (and I beleive he is the tope of player whose word means a lot) and for obvious reasons he wouldnt play for Real Madrid so the only obvious conclusion would be if he was to leave it would be to Barcelona who are not currently in the market for another Striker. So rest assured Liverpool fans it is highly unlikely Torres is leaving.

    I think Stevie is more likely to leave and to Real Madrid but again I dont think that will happen and the others mentioned coming in are more than likely depending on other clubs and valuations etc And yes it does seem Youssi will be the first big casuality of the fund rasing efforts.

    The big player to leave Liverpool this year judging by all the quotes is Mascherano which is a shame as he still has the best years ahead of him but he can and will be replaced!!

    1. I didn’t mention Mascherano in the article but I think you may be right. Maybe the dread I have of him leaving has something to do with my omission.

      Behind the captain, Mascherano is my favorite Liverpool player. We’d be losing a lot without him. Hopefully, Barcelona doesn’t come in for him – I think that’s one of the only clubs that can pry him away from Anfield. He’s said publicly that he would love to play for Barcelona and his family is not happy living in the UK.

  3. I would like to think that Torres would not leave because of the lack of Champion’s League football when the lack of the CL football is in large part due to the fact that he was unhealthy for over half this year’s campaign.

    Rafa’s also said he wants to stay at Liverpool, Nando has said he wants to stay at Liverpool (previously). And I think a lot of Rafa’s unpopularity is due to his actions which are heavily controlled/restricted by stupid Yank owners (and as a yank, that’s saying a lot).

  4. I’ve never understood why Benayoun has had such a hard time getting minutes in Liverpool. I’ll be glad to see him go somewhere where he’d play more if Rafa Benitez does stay.

  5. I found the transfer accuracy stats v interesting,

    but as all kopites know, when you walked through the strom of the last season, we will hold our heads up high ….
    and in the words of a famous poet …. There is a “tiger tiger burning bright”
    Its a case of “excusssse me raaaaaf-a” , who is it you plan to buy to keep gerrard and torres convinced that they will get the trophies they deserve as 2 of the best players in world football.

    I wouldnt mind losing yossi and kuyt- get in cole on a free (would keep gerrard happy) giving his latest praise, and get in Mata or a spanish player to keep torres convinced.

    YNWA –

    Alex Nishant Timothy

  6. I think Rafa is a disgrace since he let Sissoko the “black Mamba” leave the mighty reds and replaced him with that good for nothing Lucas!!!

    I also heard rumours that LFC are in the process of being bought out by a Somalian Billionaire and that as his opening ceremony present he will be unveiling one of the brightest prospects in African Football “Abdifarah Elmi” to Anfield’s faithful!

    This should lead to more commercial pulling power across Africa and also tie in nicely during the world cup fever in S. Africa this summer.


  7. Why would anyone send one of the top-strikers in the world to a club in the same league. I say Spain or Italy but not another club in the EPL.

  8. From Alfred wynne ( It is just my comment).
    I want Rafa to stay for one season.
    I am sure Gerrard will go and to
    Keep Torres, I think he should be given
    the captaincy
    we dont need Babel Riera could do with
    keeping Yossi and Aquilani Mascherano we know
    will go. So come on fella’s What do you think
    Its been glorious years and years for me. So every
    match the lads of today play they come at them
    as if it is a cup final. but god bless e’m

  9. Why? Lots and lots of money? Anywhere from 40 to 70 million has been floating around. :)

    It would really, really suck. Regardless, I think it’s a genuine concern. Liverpool are vulnerable to something like this with the current financial situation.

    1. Financially, Liverpool have never been weaker in the modern era.
      One thing is for certain though, Torres will never, ever sign for Real Madrid.

  10. is this a comedy piece,

    Milan Jovanovic – Serbian midfield player is coming from Standard Liege where he scored 13 goals for his side this season and won the Golden Shoe award.

    he’s a striker, it’s called golden boot and if he only scored 13 goals in belgium he must be shit

      1. He’s a good player and a good pick up on a free. Probably has a few good years left before his skills start to erode. He and Ivanovic should cause some headaches for group D

    1. Hahahaha, wow. Frank Butcher. Take a seat. Well played Gaz for going about kindly. A lesser man may have made that more embarrassing.

  11. Is it really fair to describe Aquilani as a flop after one season, during most of which he was injured? And it’s not his fault Rafa seemed to handle him with kid gloves when he was healthy.

    1. You’re right – it may not be all that fair but to me he just doesn’t look like a player that should have cost the club 20 million (even in the games he was fully healthy).

      Hope I’m proven wrong. :)

      1. in my opinion aquaman will be there this coming campaign,the games he played gave liverpool a more attacking dimension,it put stevie back in his best postion center mid were he can drive into the box,fear not aquaman is a good player hence most of serie a wanting him,he will shine trust me.

        Stevie again imo will stay,he is born and breed liverpool and i feel that will be the final say,as for him going to another E.P.L side that is rubbish.

        Torres ummmmmm guilleme ballague said if villa went to barcelona then Torres would stay at liverpool i hope he is right

  12. Loved the predictions stat. Shows that even the best of us are no better than a dog chasing its own tail. It might be fun, but it’s pointless.

    On the other hand, as you say, it keeps one busy in the off-season. No harm, no foul.

  13. if any player is to go, let him go. the team (liverpool) is in a crisis so why not consider refreshing and obtaining desired results

  14. Being a Liverpool supporter I am on the fence about the possible sale of Torres or Gerrard. Obviously they are beloved Anfield icons and bring world class talent to the club, yet if you look at their performance value compared to what kind of money they could bring in, you have to weigh the options. It looks the the Anfield higherups have promised that any money made by Rafa during the transfer window would be reinvested in the club. The sale of Torres could bring in 70 million + the sale of Gerrard idk 45-60 milion? Torres is a perpetual injury threat playing in the EPL he has admitted that himself. Despite being a clinical goal scorer, he is out for a month at a time leaving LFC with little or no force in front of goal. His sale could bring in TWO quality strikers like a Benzema (wishful thinking?) and Carlton Cole or some other duo and have some left over. The same can be said about Gerrard whose, lets face it, best days are behind him and is in a possible downward slope coinciding with his age. His sale could also being in some more quality players for our future. Just something to consider given that something drastic needs to change with this team should we remain among the elite in the EPL.


    1. Jovetic would be a good buy. Aguero appears to be overpriced in that Atletico are consistently quoted at seeking £40-45 million and he is said to demand £160,000 a week. You could get a much better player for that sum.

  16. I would be shell-shocked if Torres left

    I think the entire fan base would revolt on the streets even if the bid was a record

  17. lfc fans need to boycott the season tickets and all games and sales in kits. The yanks r only into the cash. Remove that and they will vanish like david copperfields elephant. None scouse fans would not stick it out and there would be a split fanbase. Solidarity needed to remove the rats in charge.
    These money men are ruining the game, look at man u ,leeds,preston. Its unsustainable in the long term and the bubble will burst soon.

  18. I disagree that Aquilani is a flop. I’ve seen him play at Liverpool and I liked what I saw and I think if he’s going to be fit he’ll have a much better season. Many thought that he would replace Xabi Alonso, but he’s not that kind of player, was Benitez wrong? I don’t think so, but the price was a little bit high. From your list, the most plausible transfers are Torres OUT, Ireland IN and Jovanovic (which I think is a striker) IN. If Torres will leave, my guess is that Liverpool will finish again 7, maybe 8.

  19. Also remember Arda Turan and Simon Kjaer. Two great players that have spoken of their desire to play for Liverpool. Unfortunately, Liverpool probably wont be able to buy either of these players.

  20. The first thing that has to happen is Benitez has to go. The present squad managed by a more adventurous manager would have been in the top 4. Then, new owners need to come in and build a new stadium so that future revenues would go up. Let the new manager decide on the squad he feels will be able to do the job of getting the club back into challenging for the PL title. The priority should be to win the domestic title rather than doing well in Europe. So, players who will do well in the PL should be brought in. Players who will do well at Anfield and who may be available: Stephen Ireland and SW Phillips. I’ve heard Jesus Navas of Sevilla might be interested in moving to England and he is a terrific right winger. Arda Turan from Turkey on the left wing would be a good compliment.

    I personally think Gerard and Torres will stay if Rafa leaves but they might leave if Rafa stays.

    1. i disagree that benitez leaves,not because im pro rafa or anti rafa,u cant blame 1 poor season on one man,plus his win % is very high average of 53% even shanks and paisley dont match his win % on certain lvls,go to the spirit of shankley site there are compeling reasons why we shouldnt lose rafa

      also dont forget Torres has said publicly he only came to us because of Rafa and he has learnt alot from him,he wont be at another prem club for sure

  21. I may be biased since I am from North America, but there are a lot of really good American, Mexican, and other CONCACAF national team players that are much less expensive than the ‘fashionable’ European or African nations. If we are not going to have the cash to compete with the big boys, we need to start looking for diamonds in the rough.

    1. Im american too and i totally agree with you. Just look at how well Donovan did at Everton after “failing” in Europe previously. And Clint was hurt this season, but he is nasty at Fulham. It finding the right fit. I read a rumour that Benedict Rossi was being looked at by Liverpool. Would we consider him american?

    2. the biggest problem there is work permits,not all CONCAF member nations can get a work permit easily in England,i cant remember the exact criteria but basicaly they have to be full internationals and there country must be in the top 81 clubs,unless they can get a EU passport another way hence the brazilians able to go to portugal first

    1. I moved here at a young age and American words and spelling have been pounded into me (“c-o-l-o-r” instead of “c-o-l-o-u-r” took me ages to remember). The hilarity that followed me referring to a pencil eraser as a “rubber” will never be forgotten.

      Also, the Gaffer already made the point but let me elaborate.

      The majority of my education was in the US, I live in the US, the site is based in the US, and many readers are from the US. The real question is why would I use English spelling instead of American.

      Lastly, you seem intelligent so I’m sure you understood what the word was and also understand that different cultures have different words and spellings.

  22. I appreciate the topic of discussion, but, I can smartly state Gerrard and Torres are going nowhere. Let reality smack you in the face a few times and please stop reading the silly rumours about every good player on our beloved LFC wanting to leave for some lame reason. You’d think our team is full of a bunch of 13 year old spoiled brats, if the press were to be believed.

    However, I agree about Benayoun, possibly Babel, and definitely Riera.

    Players coming in: now this, I enjoy reading the rumours…especially David Silva, again, for the 3rd, maybe 4th year in a row! I’ll just pick three: Jovanovic, Schweinsteiger, and some experienced LB from a foreign country.

    Finally, relax. Read something else, watch the World Cup, or just escape to a desert island until the 2010-11 season starts when we’ll go 38-0-0 and win every game by at least 3 goals! Giggity!

    1. You’re absolutely right – he’s a striker not a midfield player. That’s a misprint and I’ll fix it now.

      As far as the deal being done months ago – I did mention that the deal is “just about final”. Both Liverpool and the player are basically saying it’s going to happen without a official press release or signed document (to my knowledge).

      The only reason I hesitate to call it final is you never know what can happen between now and then. In late March some reports came out that his transfer was in doubt due to suggestions of Rafa leaving the club.

  23. The Gaffer. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you choose to use English as your language, Rumours is always spelt like this.

    There is english and there is incorrect use of english. The author must decide to get it right or decide to get it wrong. That is the only variable.

    In this case it is wrong. There is no such thing as american english. Only incorrect use of english by millions.

    1. 1892, the blog is based in the United States. The writer lives in the United States. Most of the readers to this blog are American. “Rumors” is therefore correct in that context.

      We all know that the British English spells the word as “Rumours.” Your version is correct, but so too is the American version.

      The Gaffer

      1. I love a good debate about the British and American ways to spell things!

        it’s tire, not tyre. and color, not colour. and realize, not realise.

        The difference is, Americans are able to recognize that each culture spells some things differently and yet is still able to figure out what’s what without blasting people for “improper” English. It’s not incorrect. It’s different.

    2. One of the silliest comments I have ever read. You really need to find something better to do with your time.

  24. i plead with refa to please lokk closely before making bids for the player..if torres lives together with gerrad then it is doom for the mersi side.its all about tactics and name .please give us the best……..liverpool forever……

  25. After the Chelsea saga of the summer of 05 there is no way in hell that Gerrard will leave Liverpool. I can see Torres possibly leaving but after his public comments about staying if we bring in a few good players, I don’t believe he will leave.

    As for new players, expect to see Steven Ireland in a Liverpool uniform as well as a new forward. I’m hoping for Diego Forlan to show up at Melwood come August. Torres and him up front would be unstoppable.

  26. Would welcome Ireland with open arms…Though obviously not first choice,as long as he’s a better striker than Kuyt or Egg Nogg,Jovanovich could be a great signing.

    Think we’ll see at least one more season at Anfield from Torres & Gerrard…But even if things don’t turn around,I truly doubt we’ll ever see either of them in another English teams kit…Off to Italy or Spain.

  27. I think Gerrard and Torres will stay but yeah I see Benayoun going and if Ireland does come in will that be the end of Aquilani who could next season actually turn out to be a very good buy in my opinion but yes I would love to see Ireland and Cole at Anfield I think they would be great signings.Milan Jovanovic could be good but I have never really seen him,Gary Cahill could also be a great signing and then we just need a left back and two wingers with pace as Riera,Benayoun and maybe Babel are off,imagine how many more goals Nando could score if we get two fast wingers{maybe Navas} which other than Babel we have not had in many years and have two very creative midfielders in Ireland and Gerrard playing just ahead of Mascherano he could easily hit more than 40 if he stay’s fit for the whole season in my opinion. I really hope more than anything that Gerrard and Torres stay and I think that if we can add two perfect signings in Ireland and Cole,a good winger{or 2 depending on how many leave} and left back we will be a shoe in for a CL spot and its not bad being the underdogs next year who knows maybe we can go for the title.

  28. Anyone, anyone but Torres. I agree, he’s injured far too much. Yes, we could get two or three quality players with the money he would bring. However, I’m pretty sure this would tear my heart apart. At the very least, and this is probably my wishful thinking, I think Torres and Stevie G will stay one more year.

    Interesting stats about how often newspapers get rumors right. Just goes to show that we can’t believe everything we read. Or half of what we read, even.

  29. Americans recognising cultural differences on a blog about Liverpool Football Club. Now that is another thing we english love. Irony!

    The only thing your readership needs to know about Liverpool FC is that it was built up over 100 years and has been ruined by American’s sucking the lifeblood and money out of in 3. Placing their debt onto our heritage and leaving it years behind where it was before they got involved. A smell of a quick buck always brings the cowboys. Does this model sound familiar anywhere else around the world on a larger scale by any chance? Lets look. Oh yes! It does. If you really love LFC go back to men playing netball or wearing armour to play a bad version of rugby!!! SOS Thanks but no Yanks

  30. Always don’t trust newspapers they may give you headache some times so for me Torries , Gerrad will not leave Liverpool . Any think on that or if its true than Liverpool will not be in a position to win any cup . Also they should not think of selling Aquilano as he has already shown us how he can play in midfield . Same to Masherano no way to go . We need another midfield player stricker but the idea of bringing Raul from Real Madrid I don’t think is fine . We need young and strong stricker to help Torries in front . Kyut also should not go .

  31. 1892> I know the MLS is a joke, but do you really have to rag on all Americans for our club’s issues? Ive been a Liverpool supporter (from Texas) since I saw my first Red’s game at Anfield at 6 years old. Since then, Ive been to another 4 at Anfield, and 6 or 7 throughout the rest of England, which has cost thousands of $$$ on my part just to get there. So evidently you could live without my support of our team, but the funny thing is, I couldnt live without the Merseysiders. Seems to me that you dont really have anything to say about the footie, you just saw a chance to talk some smack to some “yanks”.

    As far as the POST is concerned, Im pretty convinced that we’ll have Nando for another season, and I hope that Stevie is still holding to that “I want to retire at Liverpool” quote he gave us last year. As far as the ins are concerned, I like the idea of J.Cole, Raul, Forlan, or Silva, but its prob. not gonna happen. Id be looking at C. Cole, M. Richards and Ireland as far as a real possibility. Although no RUMORS can back me up, I’d like to see Barry Ferguson in a Red’s kit next year…Rough season at BC, and he’s said hes not happy there, but would like to stay in the EPL. Good article Gaz.

  32. i think liverpool should concentrate on their attack by bringinging players like juisus navas , mata , or some other speedy wingers

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