Special 1 TV Returning to TV Courtesy of BBC 3

Special 1 TV, the cult TV show that was a hit on Setanta Sports from December 2007 until May 2009, is making a triumphant return to the airwaves this June courtesy of BBC. The new show, still under the “Special 1 TV” moniker, will be available on BBC 3.

The show was a bigger success in the United States than the United Kingdom. And I’m sure there were far more people who watched the episodes via YouTube in the States than in the UK.

The relaunch of Special 1 TV on BBC3 this summer is perfect timing especially with all of the fodder Mario Rosenstock – the man behind the show and the voices – will have available to him during the World Cup. Imagine what they can do with Jose, Sven (managing Ivory Coast), Rooney (hopefully winning the World Cup for England), Drogba and so many other characters.

“Special 1 TV episodes will be produced by production company Caboom for BBC3 and BBC online ahead of each of the England games, capturing the mood, atmosphere and anticipation from Jose’s South African studio in the lead up to what’s undoubtedly going to be one of the most exciting World Cup tournaments of recent years. With Wayne and Sven embedded in the tournament, Jose will be doing what he does best – shouting in his opinion from the outside,” according to a post on the production company’s website.

Damian Farrell from Caboom says that “We are delighted to be working with the BBC on a World Cup version and very excited in particular with the opportunities presented to us in working with BBC online to further build on the social media and online potential of content like this. The show will also feature a puppet version of England manager Fabio Capello whose approach and attitude to the beautiful game will undoubtedly stand in complete contrast to puppet Sven’s tactics of hanging out in South Africa for the month, on an all expenses paid trip courtesy of the Ivory Coast.”

“Special 1 TV” begins on BBC3 on June 11th with daily episodes available on BBC online during the World Cup.

14 thoughts on “Special 1 TV Returning to TV Courtesy of BBC 3”

  1. A good start. But someone needs to bring it back full-time (are you listening, ESPN UK?)

    Do it.

    And be champions.

  2. …so this is just a short run for the duration of the WC? Hopefully ratings will make the decision to bring it back full time. And it would be nice if an American broadcaster had the rights over here (FSC, FS+, or ESPN2).

  3. Will it be available via the Youtube channel? The BBC tends to protect its online content via IP restriction, so people like me in the States have a hard time seeing it.

    1. Dools, it’s an excellent question. In fact, in the first draft of the story I wrote above, I had a paragraph asking the same question since the Beeb are pretty good at tightening down the hatches to make sure folks can’t see shows outside of the UK.

      But, the article does mention that it’s also a social media experiment and the official image (above) features YouTube and Twitter logos, so we should be fine.

      The Gaffer

      1. I’ve been able to watch a certain Beb (misspelling intentional) program every week via Youtube. Not saying which one in case that’s just an oversight on their part, but in that case, at least, they haven’t been very vigilant.

  4. -squeals- Special 1 TV is EPIC.
    “Shut up, Sven.”
    “You have a Brazilian AND Arshavin? Very smooth, Voyeur.”
    “Get me the tank!”

  5. Wonderful news. You would’ve thought that a content starved Fox would have picked this up from the carcass that was Setanta US. I’m glad that one of the few truly funny shows has gotten a second chance.

  6. Any Fox Execs reading this then get on the phone to the beeb and secure the rights of this fantastic show.

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