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Gianfranco Zola Serves Coffee to Sky Sports Reporters

Love or hate West Ham United’s performances on the pitch this season, you have to admire Gianfranco Zola. He’s always been the perfect gentleman both on the pitch — where he graced the Stamford Bridge pitch — and off the pitch, where he dealt with the pressure well at Upton Park

And now Tuesday, when Sky Sports reporters descended on his house to interview the Italian legend, Zola didn’t scowl at the media but instead served them coffee on a tray. Watch the video above.

Hat tip: Dirty Tackle

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9 Responses to Gianfranco Zola Serves Coffee to Sky Sports Reporters

  1. John Boschini says:

    Zola FTW

  2. Earl says:

    Legend. Absolute legend!

  3. Cuba Rebel says:

    absolute class; I hope a good club pick him up even as an assistant

  4. Sri says:

    compare this to gerrard’s actions after liverpool’s last match.

  5. Rob Dee says:

    Harry Redknapp has about 10 assistants at Tottenham, Maybe Zola could teach Defoe how to score again!!! All joking aside, i think he joined Chelsea in 97 and he’s always been the benchmark for how to be a great professional and a great man. I hope he stays in the English game because he’s given so much to the fans over the years.

  6. Mac Ingram says:

    @Sri Gerrard was having his capts armband stolen from him and was being surrounded by supporters that could have been up to anything…you cant compare the class of two people based on two different situations.

    Zola is top class and deserves to manage somewhere.nice guys always finish last or in this case 17th

  7. Patrick says:

    Zola the human being is beyond par, Zola the manager…
    I always had issue how he’d cozy up to top managers then we’d be destroyed by them. The David’s speak out before the Birmingham match we get a result.. Them a string of bad defeats including Wolves and Stoke… He didn’t understand how to set up defending set pieces nor the back line. e didn’t know how to manage senior players nor motivate the young ones.

    The man is pure class, but needed a bit more preparation then the Italian u21s. And if you remember back, Zola was taken when Mancini strung out talks with WHU and finally turned them down over money and control.

    I wish Zola all the best.

    Bring on Bolic.

  8. Gaz says:

    He’d be considered a really nice guy in whatever profession he was in, however, since his professional peers are football managers he comes out looking like an ‘effing saint.

  9. fsquid says:

    That is great. He knew they were doing a job and thought he’d be nice about it.

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