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Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread

 Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread

Today’s Manchester City against Tottenham Hotspur match has a cup final feel about it. Even people who are Manchester United and Chelsea supporters have expressed to me how excited they are about watching this match. On paper, both teams are pretty equal so let’s hope we see an attacking, free-flowing game with plenty of goals.

While some of us will be watching this match live and others will watch it on delay, feel free to post your comments and feedback about the game in this post.

Could this be one of the most exciting games of the season? It certainly feels like it could and should. Enjoy!

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24 Responses to Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread

  1. I’m a Spurs supporter, and I’m an absolute nervous wreck. I can’t believe I have to wait another hour and 45 minutes for this game. I need to go to the liquor store.

    • ovalball says:

      Now, now, Kevin. You want to be able to *see* the match don’t you?

      Pulling for Spurs just to keep the big spenders in their place…..even though I have Teves on my fantasy team. I’d settle for he scores, but Spurs win. Not asking for too much. :-D

  2. Justin says:

    I’d love to see Spurs get into the Champions League, but I think City will have a far easier time getting to the actual group stages if they make it. Should be an interesting game. I’ll go for a 3-2 win for Citeh.


  3. Michael says:

    Stop moaning about the rich strapped. You wouldn’t be grumbling had it been Spurs with the money and i don’t hear anyone moaning about Chelsea anymore. Let readers read decent comments and not crying babies.


    • mw828 says:

      i guess you shouldnt have posted then by your logic. people are just used to chelsea now, the past can’t be changed. however, spurs winning today can set back city, right now, in the present.

    • ovalball says:

      What the hell are you talking about? Can you read?

      I was neither moaning, grumbling nor crying. Being a fan of neither team, if Spurs were the big spenders then I’d be pulling for City, just on the general principal of rooting for the underdog (monetarily speaking). However, I don’t begrudge City fans their joy in a chance to finish in the top four. To them it’s been money well spent.

      Unlike Kevin, I won’t lose any sleep no matter what the outcome of the match. No tears here.

  4. Greg says:

    Something tells me this game will end up a high scoring draw. 3-3 perhaps. Of course, a draw still benefits Spurs.

    • mw828 says:

      i think a draw seems likely, but i doubt high scoring. spurs could take a park the bus approach, especially if they get up a goal. thats what i would do.

  5. Tim says:

    I’m a city fan and also a nervous wreck. Long gone are the days when people wished City well, and now we are resented because of the owners money and investment. Lets not forget that Spurs killed us at WHL in December, hopefully we can rebound from that and win today. A draw and a Spurs win against Burnley sees that last gasp United winner as the defining moment of our season.

    • mw828 says:

      that was a very different game though. and krancjar scored a brace and unfortunately he is a longterm injury. hopefully by next season he will be fit and ready to go.

  6. MennoDaddy says:

    Word is, Gomes will start. That’s gotta help Spurs significantly. Don’t know about Ledley.

    Best case scenario is that Spurs jump to an early lead and then try and hold on for a win or draw. Honestly? I’d take a draw, if you were to offer it to me right now.

  7. Lennon says:

    I’d also gladly take the draw as a Spurs fan, but I think a win is within reach. I think the tiebreaker will be our strength at the back; Dawson and King might be the best central defensive partnership in England at the moment, Kaboul has been stellar filling in for Corluka at right back, and Assou-Ekotto is fine so long as he gets to play at his preferred left back position. Meanwhile, I don’t know if Zabaleta and Bridge are equipped to deal with the pace and skill of Bale and Lennon.

  8. It’s gonna be blood and thunder in the second half and i can’t wait.

  9. ovalball says:

    Two sides giving it everything. Even if it had ended nil-nil it still would have been fun to watch.

  10. That was funny as hell, Harry Redknapp was giving an interview for sky after the game and the tottenham players came out and soaked him with a massive ice bucket. Gaffer, you’ve got to get hold of that, probably be on utube soon

    • The_NZA says:

      i saw it on sky sports news via FSC, it was reallllly funny. I’m pretty sure David Bently is running around in his undies.

  11. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Easily one of the best matches I’ve watched all year. Crouchy is vastly underrated, and Fulop was unbelievable for a guy who was 3rd choice at Sunderland. Teams like these two are going to make the Prem even more interesting as the years go along…

    Congrats to Tottenham!

  12. Spurs Fan in SF says:

    Gaffer and all,
    I’ve been a Spurs supporter for 45 years since I was wee one in north London, now living in SF. What a result!! Kudos to Harry for going for it with an attacking team tonight! I was stoked when I heard Crouchie preferred to the stiff Ruskie, and Lennon in for Bentley. Every man played like a “MAN”! Dawson and King were unbelievable in the back. I think we won every ball in the air. We have have a great squad, but need some help in the starting XI to compete in Europe. Need another striker (the Russian has got to go!), a stronger holding mid-fielder (Carrick would’ve filled this role), and maybe another defender (though a healthy Woodgate would help!).
    With Champions League on the cards, not only will we keep young British players like Bale, Lennon, Rose, Dawson, but we’ll attract other top players from the continent.
    Americans have no idea what its like to follow a club for your whole life and finally have them achieve something! I am over the moon tonight. Would love to hear from any Spurs supporters in San Francisco, or anywhere – ( Nigel).
    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur! Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur….

    • ovalball says:

      “Americans have no idea what its like to follow a club for your whole life and finally have them achieve something!”

      Well, as long as you’re just talking EPL, right you are, Nigel. Enjoy!

      On the other hand, I have been a Phillies fan my entire life. They have lost more games than any team in the history of American professional sports. 1980 was a year I never thought would come. 2008 was just a bonus.

      All things come to he who waits…..unless you’re a Cubs fan.

    • Totthotspur says:

      Spurs Fan in SF: I’m with you all the way. I do take exception to your phrase “Americans have no idea…”. I’m a Spurs fan from Berkeley. I’ve followed Spurs since 1980 when I was a kid. I grew up idolizing the Crooks/Archibald partnership. I Lived in the UK in Croydon for a while near Palace, yet still made the trek across London to WHL. Saw Spurs beat Chelsea for Carling Cup at the Mad Dog in the Fog. So, let’s all celebrate, but please, some of us yanks grew up with this team and will luv Spurs ’till death.

      Or as Ozzie says…”Totting-ham”

  13. Gary says:

    COYSCOYSCOYSCOYS!!!!!!!!! I escaped from work by the skin of my teeth and watched the match in a packed Mexican restaurant by myself. The agony! The ecstasy! The terrified patrons who fell victim to my cries!!! City took it to us for long spells and were repelled one after the other! Crouchy! This bodes so well for Spurs, I am beside myself with joy. City fans, don’t worry, your time is nigh. But tonight? GLORY GLORY TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR!!!!!!!

  14. Martin says:

    Glorious!!! COYS!!!

    And “you’re welcome” to the rest of the EPL for at least somewhat curbing (hopefully) Citeh’s attempts to bring in everyone under the sun during the summer.

  15. i saw it on sky sports news via FSC, it was reallllly funny. I’m pretty sure David Bently is running around in his undies.

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