Poll: Will Man City or Tottenham Hotspur Win?

Wednesday’s match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur (2:55pm ET, ESPN2) is enormous not only because it’ll help decide which club will qualify for the Champions League, but it’s also an important crossroads in the history of these two important English clubs.

The victor in the race for fourth may decide who will rise to the throne and be accepted into the Big Four to replace Liverpool. Or, as has happened in previous years to clubs such as Everton, it may be a temporary stay in the dizzy heights of the Premier League. I may be completely wrong, but I’m inclined to believe that Liverpool’s inclusion in the Big Four is over and either Tottenham Hotspur or — more likely — Manchester City will take the place of the Reds.

Such is the enormity of this one match at Eastlands on Wednesday. There is so much to play for. There is so much on the line. And thanks to the fixture gods, we can all watch it in amazement and hope that the match is played at a feverish pace befitting the importance of the game.

Vote in the poll (see above) to tell us whether you think City or Spurs will win. And share your opinions in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Poll: Will Man City or Tottenham Hotspur Win?”

  1. “I may be completely wrong, but I’m inclined to believe that Liverpool’s inclusion in the Big Four is over and either Tottenham Hotspur or — more likely — Manchester City will take the place of the Reds.”

    Hoping that I can argue this point by August, Gaffer.

    Likely would settle for (1) Torres and Gerrard being sold abroad rather than domestically, (2) trying to talk myself into Aqua filling Gerrard’s boots, and (3) trying to talk myself into a starting striker with half of Nando’s talent.

    Will thoroughly research which Bundesliga, Serie A, or Ligue Un team I’m going to support if the Liverpool “brain trust” is insane enough to sell Torres to a blue (Tar Heel or royal).

    As for Wednesday, COYS! The team that I enjoy watching more as a neutral, and the team that I truly think is better thanks to their back line and Gomes.

    Ideally, a Defoe goal and a clean sheet (to hook up my fantasy squad).

    I think in reality, Spurs get the away draw and beat Burnley Saturday to pip City by a point.

  2. Neutrals shouldn’t be cheering for Citeh. If they make the CL, it’ll only further promote and promulgate splash the cash football. Would be great if they went out and spent all this money and got no CL for it.

    I am not a neutral though. COYS!

    1. whats bad about putting money into football if you have it?? also, man city will make the league stronger. everyone is just afraid of a city dominated future in football. well…. get over it. it’s inevitable now.

  3. Both of these clubs are on the up. I’m not convinced that Liverpool are washed up even though I’m no fan. The success of all the current 4th place contenders next season will have much to do with the improvement or stagnation of the top 3. I see Arsenal improving greatly, United and Chelsea staying close to the same. The two clubs certain to improve, regardless of who nicks 4th, are Spurs and City. City command the wealth and the CL spot will draw those big names (If Assou-Ekotto is a mercenary, someone like Ribery is certainly a warlord). Spurs aren’t exactly a pauper’s club either; Harry commands a deep squad. The influx of cash that comes with the CL would see Harry working some wizardry in the summer.
    I’m hoping for a performance akin to when Spurs put the kibosh on Chelsea 2 weeks ago. Certainly our best performance of the 3 clashes w/ the top and against Chelsea who, I begrudgingly admit, have been the best team in the league this season. If we play like that, watch out Man City.
    Spurs need finishing in this game. Pav had a great record coming off the bench and has finished poorly as a starter. I’d like to see Defoe start with Crouch and to see Crouch having a crack at the crosses that will be raining in from Bale. I’m not sure if Lennon can start yet and I think Bentley has earned a start on Wednesday. He lacks pace but he is cunning and has totally shed his image as a lazy defender. He has performed amazingly this season and would be the first choice on most squads. First half for Bentley, the second for Lennon. Attacking down the middle through Huddlestone and Modric into the strikers’ feet or down the wings via Bale and Bentley and into the air or to the onrushing fullbacks to bring it back into the center….. It is a potent and versatile attacking force.
    Man City are potent in attack when they’re up for it and they will be up for it. Glory lies in store for the victors and particularly for their goal scorers. Adebayor, Bellamy and Tevez, supported by Johnson and anchored by De Jong is a formidable attack. But City are much weaker in the back, a criticism formerly reserved for Spurs. That weakness in the back is going to punish City for any over-ambitious forward attacks. Spurs will be able to attack much more freely knowing that they’re back line can be trusted. Having a world-class goalkeeper in Gomes doesn’t hurt.
    It’s unfortunate for City that they’ll miss Given who I rate just as highly.

    Who will City start in the back? Is Dunne fit? Zabaleta is quality, Bridge will get minced. Why so many votes for City?
    Come. On. You. Spurs.

  4. This game is sure to be fantastic. I predict a 3-2 win for Spurs with two goals from Defoe – who will re-discover his great form from the first half of the season – and one from David Bentley. I must say, though, that I am a bit biased as a Spurs fan.

    A further prediction: Spurs will close out the season with a win against Burnley…and Arsenal will lose to an on-fire Fulham squad by way of two goals apiece from Zamora and Dempsey. Spurs will overtake Arse for 3rd place on the final weekend, and all will be right in North London. I guess I’m just in the predicting mood.

    1. Whoa, Ringo. Love the optimism (you sure you’re a Spurs fan? 😉 But let’s start w/ locking up 4th before worrying about 3rd…

      I just think that if Citeh get 4th, after pouring in all that money this year (with still an seemingly endless stream of cash to follow next season), and add to that CL money and the opportunity for CL football for potential new players, that they may become an unstoppable force in years to come. Could truly be the dawn of a new era for them if they get 4th. But if Spurs win, maybe they could stop it (or at least delay it a season or so :)

  5. Liverpool’s next couple of years are simply an unknown. There is no way to predict their attendant fortunes until we have an inkling of who the buyer is.

  6. City is favored because they have a decent home record this year (unless it’s United), and the Spurs have been dreadful on the road against the elite clubs. They haven’t won a single game.

    9/20 @ Chelsea 3-0
    10/31 @ Arsenal 3-0
    11/28 @ Aston Villa 1-1
    12/6 @ Everton 2-2
    1/20 @ Liverpool 2-0
    4/24 @ Man Utd 3-1

    1. the liverpool one is the one that stands out as bad since it was somewhat recent. the others were pretty early in the season so im not particularly concerned with those, since so much changes over the course of the season. and 2 of those games were draws, which is almost as good as a win for spurs. i voted draw. when you know thats all you need, its a lot easier to make it happen cuz spurs won’t be leaving themselves too exposed pushing for a goal while its still 0-0.

  7. i can’t see spurs getting anything from this. obviously im a biased city fan but i still see a semi-comfortable win for the future best club in the world. If city lose, then no problem. Everyone at the start of the season said 6th was the main target anyway. I see a possible title push for city in the next few years if things keep improving like they are.

    1. are you delusional? 6th was not the goal. city want to win and win now. gl with the “future best club in the world” stuff.

  8. I’m affraid you wrong City chairman Khaldoon asked for a 6th place or above finish, look it up yourself. Hughes was sacked because 22 points droped were not in line with this target.
    I feel the Spuds will win because if they get shots on target Fulop is truly bad and will fumble them in 1 way or the other. Unless City’s defence can keep them off him in which case its City’s game.

  9. I’d give Spurs very little chance of victory – maybe a draw though, and that will suit them just fine.

    I’d give Spurs a slight edge overall on getting 4th spot – maybe 60%. Very close though.

  10. I am taking off a couple of hours from work to watch this match and I can barely contain myself.
    Even while cheering on Spurs, I don’t begrudge Man City their future success. They are certain to be a force. Still, in this first season of the new regime things are greatly unsettled! The quality players can turn it on seemingly at will, but when disgruntled they’ve shown time and again that they can play lazy football. The open criticism of the manager in the press is another kink to be worked out.
    All that being said, someone, Mancini or not, will put a stop that nonsense and gain full command of a super-squad. On the season though, I think Spurs have performed better for their value and have improved greatly in defense while retaining one of the most potent attacks in the league. I think the 4th spot is worth more to Spurs than City this season and that they are more deserving. City will get theirs soon enough and I look forward to future seasons seeing these 2 clubs battling at the very top, not for 4th, but for the title. For now though…..

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