EPL Weekend Viewing Guide, Gameweek 36

Fa Cup: Manchester United Come From Behind To Beat Spurs

Now that we have extraordinary choices in the US with the ability to watch most, if not all 10 weekly matches live, and many of them on-demand at foxsoccer.tv, let me give you my views for these last 3 weeks as we watch the battles for the league, 4th place/Champions League, Europa League and relegation.

My ratings system:

Must-see. Cancel all other activities. Do not even DVR as even in America you might hear the score!
Strong match. Worth watching live; DVR a must if you can’t see live
Flip through quickly — to see the goals, red cards, injuries, and perhaps watch the last 5 minutes + injury time if close
Only if you’re a die-hard

Matches shown in chronological order:

Saturday, April 24 (all times EDT)
Man Utd v Tottenham 7:45 am, ESPN2 HD
Massive implications for both sides in this important match. United can go top of the table again and put heavy pressure on Chelsea with a win. Spurs are now in the driver’s seat for the Champions League run-in, but can they really get 9 from 9 against the top 3? The green and gold of Old Trafford will be in full voice for this one. Spurs will be back to Manchester again in 10 days for the probable CL decider.

West Ham v Wigan, 10 am, FSC
Last weekend, both teams started horribly, Wigan down 2-nil home to Arsenal, and West Ham with the same score at Anfield. The difference was Wigan had the energy and skill to score 3 in 10 minutes to pick up 3 vital points, killing Arsenal’s title chances in the process. And the Hammers barely put up a fight losing 3-nil to Liverpool. Wigan guarantees survival with a win, and the Hammers probably do too, due to goal difference. A draw would be far better for the away side, but the Hammers will take every point they can get.

Hull v Sunderland, 10 am FS+ & foxsoccer.tv
Having earned only 1 points of a maximum 6 in their double-game week, Hull City is now approaching must-win territory to stay in the Premier League next season. A Hull City loss combined with a Hammers win over Wigan would all but relegate Hull.

Wolves v Blackburn, 10 am, foxsoccer.tv, 5 pm FSC delayed
Two stars only for the relegation scrap. Wolves are not yet safe, and any point could be vital.

Bolton v Portsmouth, 10 am foxsoccer.tv, 4 pm FS+ delayed
One to skip ; yes, in theory Bolton could still be dragged into the relegation fight, but they appear to have done enough

Arsenal v Man City, 12:30, FSC (HD where available)
Man City also control their own destiny for Champions League due to their mid-week clash with Spurs back in Manchester on the 5th of May. But even without Champions League implications, this one has been circled in my calendar as 4-stars all year, due to the return of Adebayor. He won the game in Manchester, and who can forget his 70 yard goal celebration sprint to the Arsenal away fans and subsequent suspension? Expect a very hostile reception for the Togoan at the Emirates!

Sunday, April 25
Aston Villa v Birmingham, 7 am, FS+ & foxsoccer.tv
Villa still have an outside shot at Champions League, and will be playing hard for Europa. Birmingham has done very well to stay up.

Burnley v Liverpool, 10 am, FS+ & foxsoccer.tv
The Liverpool and Fulham matches both moved to Sunday due to Europa league matches Thursday. Burnley cannot be relegated before this match kicks off, but it is almost certainly a must-win to have any hope. Do they have any remaining magic like in the home wins against Man Utd & Everton way back in August?

Everton v Fulham, 10 am, ESPN2 HD
Two good sides with nothing to play for.

Chelsea v Stoke, 11 am, FSC (HD where available)
Chelsea were outplayed in the London derby at White Hart Lane last week, and will be desperate to hold on to their title hopes by beating a solid Stoke City side. Tony Pulis’s group have done really well with their mid-table finish. Chelsea will have to defend a dozen or more long Rory Delap throws without their captain in central defense, as John Terry is banned for 2 games for his red card last week.

18 thoughts on “EPL Weekend Viewing Guide, Gameweek 36”

  1. Everton has nothing to play for? Unreal. They are absolutely playing for a chance in Europe. Look at the games in hand!

    Liverpool is in the 7 spot with three games left. One of them is against Chelsea and the other two are against relegation feared Hull and Burnley. Neither of those teams want to leave the top flight and will fight tooth and nail for three points. On top of that, Torres is out for the season and they’re coming off a very disappointing Europa match.

    Everton has three games left as well. First up is Fulham who really have nothing to fight for and are coming off a tough Europa match themselves. After them, it’s Stoke and Portsmouth. Stoke has nothing to worry about and Portsmouth has no chance of avoiding relegation.

    If Everton win out, and Liverpool win one and lose one, Everton can overtake.

    Okay. I know it’s a LONG shot, but Everton certainly has something to play for.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Obviously you *are* a die-hard, so enjoy the Everton match. Most neutrals with limited time will watch the other matches; die-hards like us will watch them all!

  2. How the hell is a derby match, and one of the better Derbies in England at that, only “flip through quickly” in your rating scheme?

    1. Thanks Keith. I agree that the second city derby can be an incredible match, with flying tackles and extraordinary effort. For anyone from Birmingham, of course, it is must-watch football. For the neutral, I think there are 4 more meaningful games this weekend, at the top and bottom of the table. But I wouldn’t miss watching that match, I agree.

  3. Everton has nothing to play for? Wrong, they have a lot. The EPL is getting the 7th Europa league spot and Everton must win to keep it. Fulham played alright during the Europa game and tied Liverpool the weekend prior. I suspect this game is more 4* than 1*.

    Any slip-up could set them back bigtime.

  4. Shawcross is expected to get some time against Chelsea… “It has been a very frustrating time being out injured” says the Manchester United fan. I guarantee you if he gets 20 minutes, he’ll get a card.

  5. I just tried watching live games on foxsoccer.tv for the first time, but nothing is showing live – everything is on a long delay! Is that how it always works??

    1. Sorry, John. There were *definitely* live games this morning. I watched West Ham v Wigan on my main TV, and had the Hull-Sunderland game playing live on foxsoccer.tv on my computer. I also flipped over a couple of times to Wolves which was also live. The West Ham v Wigan game could not be shown live by foxsoccer.tv due to (unspecified) contractual obligations to the sponsors of the FSC live television match, if that was the one you were looking for. Same will be true for Arsenal-Man City, which can only be shown on foxsoccer.tv after midnight tonight.

      So the rule (for this season at least) is: any match on FSC will not be shown live on foxsoccer.tv, and will be available on demand after midnight. Any match on FS+ or that is not being shown on live television is available live on foxsoccer.tv and also on-demand within an hour or so after the final whistle. Any match shown on ESPN2 has NO on-demand availability on either espn3.com or foxsoccer.tv. So if you missed, say, Spurs v Arsenal and didn’t record it (or don’t subscribe to cable/satellite) then you were out of luck.

  6. For final day viewing, if Liverpool get at least a draw tomorrow, then the relegation fight is essentially over. Hull City now know they are going down, and Burnley will join them tomorrow unless they can win all 3 points, due to West Ham’s dramatic goal difference differential to those 2 awful sides.

    Hopefully there will still be a title race and a champions league scrap, and maybe, but less likely, a fight for Europa. Also possible that everything will have been decided, so enjoy tomorrow and next week! Next preview should be out Friday morning.

  7. This is shit.

    You don’t seem to rate relegation scraps, despite them invariably being entertaining.

    You just seem to rate the so called ‘big-games’. Hardly journalistic brilliance.

    1. Hmmm. I rated two games 4-stars. They involved 4 of the top 5 teams in the league playing each other! My next highest rated game was West Ham v Wigan, which was the best relegation scrap game of the weekend!! And that game did not disappoint, with 5 goals, a terrific game for the neutral to watch! The other ‘relegation scraps’ were Hull v Sunderland, a truly awful match, and tomorrow’s Burnley/Liverpool. Unless Burnley win tomorrow, the relegation fight is *over*, as early as I remember it, so I stand by my picks.

  8. I think FSC+ could write a better article what aload of bollicks.

    Everton do have something to play for so I don’t see the point in you giving the game 1*.

    As do Liverpool sadly.

    Guess your some boring Man Utd Fan.

    No wonder FSC+ and FSC is like an amateur run tv station when we have amateur articles and writers like this.

  9. Clueless article aimed at the “EPL fan” rather than true football supporters – there is a huge difference between the two.

    If i had to grade this piece – Must try harder!

  10. Thanks for all of the positive comments. Mostly, I thought I would give you one site to look to see when and where you could catch each of the 10 games. i.e. what time the delayed games are on; what channels, etc.

    It would be helpful if you gave me more feedback than “Clueless article…” with no explanation for what you think I got wrong.

    Grading myself, and having watched this morning’s derby, I should have given more stars to the Villa-Brum match. It may have been the hardest fought derby match I have seen all year!

    I think I got the relegation scraps exactly right. The Burnley match was dire and they are now down, Hull City match was tiny bit better, but they are down, and the one relegation scrap I rated was definitely a 3-star match, with Parker’s goal keeping West Ham up. All of the games involving teams at the bottom will now be rated 1-star so brace yourself.

    The Arsenal-City match did not live up to the billing, but it was very important.

    I am most definitely *not* a Manchester United supporter. I support West Ham, and have done so for 20 years. I assure you that is not a popular choice in the States!

    But constructive feedback appreciated for the final 2 weeks, and perhaps next year…

    1. Also, very sorry, Everton fans, I really enjoyed watching your team the 2nd half of this year, especially when Donovan was playing well on that right flank, but your shot at 7th is not good with Liverpool needing one point at Hull or v Chelsea.

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