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In my previous posts, I discussed Arsenal and Spurs and so now we will turn our attention to the Anfield outfit that has been on a downward spiral this season. Below are my top five transfer/ownership/managerial suggestions for Liverpool heading into the summer transfer window. Please add yours in the comments section!

5. Find Another Forward: Assuming Fernando Torres is healthy and sticks with the Reds next season, Liverpool still need at least one other capable forward if they are to challenge for fourth in 2010/2011. Currently, David Ngog and Ryan Babel, while decent (one even scored yesterday), just don’t cut it in terms of goals. So who can help the Reds out? Enter David Villa. Yes, yes, I know he’s been linked with about 4,000 clubs over the last few years but it looks more and more likely that he will ply his trade in the Premier League next season. Plus, we already know he and Torres play well with each other for Spain so, for me, this is a no-brainer, regardless of who the manager is next season (more on that in a minute).

4. Sign Gary Cahill: This rumor has really heated up in the last few days, especially since Cahill could figure for England this summer with half of the England back four either hurt, cheating on their wives, or quitting the team. Liverpool seriously need the services of a quality back four and Cahill would easily welcome a chance to Never Walk Alone…

3. Find New Owners: Hicks and Gillett have completely screwed up almost everything they have done since buying Liverpool. Seriously, I am American and I’m smart enough to know that these two guys have no clue what they are doing in English football. Somebody who loves the game and loves Liverpool needs to passionately take charge of this wonderful club. I’m trying to find anyone who disagrees with this so please let me know if you do and I’ll laugh at you when all the Liverpool supporters trash you in the comments section.

2. Find Yet Another Forward: Let’s think about it; you had Peter Crouch, Craig Bellamy, and even Robbie Keane and you let them all slip away. Any one of those gentlemen would be on the field before Ngog right now and, instead, two out of the three are on teams that are higher in the table than Liverpool and the other has scored 13 goals in 15 games (in the SPL, to be fair). For this suggestion, I will simply say that ANY experienced striker will do: Emile Heskey perhaps? Possibly Luca Toni (I know, dreamland). Or, dare I say it, Michael Owen (sorry, I had to). The point is, it doesn’t really matter who this player is; what matters is that they provide depth and leadership even if they only play a few minutes each week.

1. Fire Rafa Benitez: His time has passed. It’s as simple as that. The beginning of the end, in my opinion, was the loss of Xabi Alonso. It wasn’t so much the loss of him but what Rafa did with the money he got from the sale. Maxi Rodriguez and Alberto Aquilani just aren’t filling the void. But that’s water under the bridge at this point and Liverpool need a fresh start with a fresh manager who has fresh ideas. It looks like the Champions League is out of reach this season and the Reds will certainly benefit from a new manager who can get them back where their fans think they belong. Mourinho? Hodgson? You tell me!

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  1. First off, let me start by saying Torres is a world class striker and easily one of the best in the world.
    With that out of the way, I’ve been wondering as of late if it would pay off more for Liverpool in the long run to sell him for the 80 or 100 million euros Man City or other clubs were talking about spending on him and spreading the money out to 2-3 good players. They would come out making a profit… Maybe go after guys like Baliotelli(inter), Joe Cole, Rossi (villareal), Donovan(LA Galaxy),Aguero(Athletico) or a couple of guys in that range. This way you don’t have all your eggs in one basket and drop points because Torres is injured.
    If Torres stays healthy I believe he could easily drop 30 goals in a season but the issue that is very apparent and is that the guy can not keep healthy. Now, I don’t know if that is because of poor physio/trainers with Liverpool/Spain or what, but something clearly needs to change so the guy can reach his potential.

    Don’t crucify me too badly for this comment Reds supporters

  2. Getting rid of Rafa Benitez would be the worst thing that LFC could do. He is building something at LFC, and has only this season been able to really overhaul the scouting and youth programs, which will yield results. This season has been a blip for numerous reasons, but anybody who doesn’t think the current squad is miles better than the squad he inherited is delusional. Since Rafa came, Champions League latter stages is just expected. People forget this wasn’t the case pre-Rafa. 2nd place last season, with a record points haul, against teams spending a lot more than LFC. Five years of progress with one down season and people think he should go? Completely absurd. Put any other manager into the situation Rafa has been forced to endure with ownership, transfer budgets that change on a daily basis, and so many other problems within the club and I dare say they would do no better. Rafa has stuck with us in spite of it all and he is the one to take us forward.

  3. Mourinho – has said he would not go to Liverpool with the current owners (which one of them was saying they have tripled the value of the team – they are obviously living in la la land – don’t be surprised if they are still there next season) I also don’t think he wants to go from Champions League to Europa League

    Hodgson – would he really want to go to Liverpool when he has a good thing going with Fulham?

    Hiddink – Turkish manager

    Hughes – he wasn’t that good when he had unlimited money

    Trappatoni – turned down Juventus, seems dedicated to Irish Republic

    Eriksson – Ivory Coast manager, possible but the guy has gone through fours teams in last 3 years.

    Grant – possibly but he seems pretty dedicated to Portsmouth

    Liverpool should have fired Rafa last season before he signed a new contract. Finished 2nd but the guy makes crazy selections, rejects players for unknown reasons that he signed. Gets rid of Keane a guy who at least showed some effort, keeps a guy like Babel that throws tantrums and is shite.

    Then the owners, these guys are going to drag this sale out as long as possible.

    1. Robbie Keane is a good player but what impressed me most last season with Liverpool was what he did … nothing, and on the other player, Babel, has been playing good these last few games coming on as a sub and makes something happen and when he started the match he also scored. On the other hand i agree that Rafa has been making crazy selections but I still don’t think he should leave because he always got Liverpool where we wanted or even more than we expected. This season has just been a really bad season for everybody in liverpool mostly with injuries the biggest one is of Fernando Torres and because of the injuries another problem had risen with not that great subs excluding Aquilani and Babel; but that problem came from our owners cause Rafa never had enough transfer to buy players and to buy one he always had to sell two or three players. I think that if everybody stays put in Liverpool except for the owners who needs to leave as soon as possible and hope that the new owner/s give Rafa the transfer budget he wants I think that Liverpool would really have a great season in 2010/2011 and maybe win some silverware. YNWA

  4. I for one believe that the reds need a player that can help torres. Not replace like instead of one striker put two which hopefully will happen with jokanovic. They should also try David silva. Grab a few players from the concacaf like Pacheco from el Salvador to help on defence on the left and attack unlike Insua. They should grab players from the us el Salvador Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago. Also if Benítez is there still why not use the youth system???????? Put Dani Pacheco upfront with Torres. Try for once 3 strikers. New owners definetly no questions asked.

  5. gary cahill while undoubtably a good, young, english centre back, that in an ideal world would be a good signing for lfc, however the priority signings have to be
    1. a quality striker to partner and/or cover for torres. Villa though getting on in age, would be a fantastic signing, and welcomed by any liverpool fan. jovovich (provided he completes signing this summer) will be the depth we need in terms of strikin options with ngog.
    2. almost if not more important for me is LB. insua is simply not good enough for a club that wants to challenge for major honours. his timing in tackling is atrocious he often gets got off balance and out of position and is beaten time and again far too easily for me, and he lacks pace to recover. his height is also a liability defending set pieces, which all can agree we struggled with this year.
    3. LW and RW, with genuine pace and skill on the ball. I’m a massive fan of kuyt he is a fantastic professional who scores important goals and i can’t think of anyone who works harder on the pitch, but his first touch is often lacking and he lacks pace and guile to get in behind a defense with the ball at his feet. silva and young would be some realistic options depending on the size of the kitty this summer.
    finally on rafa. i think he is in an elite group of managers around the world, but my hunch is that he is far too defensive minded to win the premiership. should he stay i won’t complain nor will i be bothered if he is replaced with someone of similar caliber.

  6. How about just play West Ham at home, they’d be world beaters.
    Mickey Mousers just annoy me… and I’m a different Patrick.

    1. You should have put a “/sarcasm” after your post.

      Seriously David Villa going to Liverpool? That man is an incredible player but Liverpool are about as likely to sign him as they are Messi or C Ronaldo. He would be in tremendous demand the very moment he went on sale and Real Madrid and Barcelona would be on it instantly.

      I’ll make a Youtube video of me eating a Liverpool shirt if he moves to Liverpool, quote me on that: Tyson 06:57GMT, 21/04/2010.

  7. Ok the transfers we need and we can get without spending the bank:
    1)Milan Jovanovic(SS/LWM)=free
    2)Gary Cahill(CB) solves our English porblem in 25 man squad=12mp
    3)Arda Turan(LWM/RWM) has been in sensational form and is an ardent Liverpool supporter=15mp
    4)Aleksandar Kolarov(LB)=10mp
    5)Miroslav Klose(ST)He wants to join Liverpool and is not getting much time in Bayern=5-7mp
    Would cost us=45mp

  8. I say hire Graham Souness. LOL
    Seriously, did anyone really expect Liverpool to play great and challenge for the title this season? I certainly didn’t, I thought they over achieved last year and would once again suck this season.
    Selling Fernando, may be good but he won’t go the amount mentioned above. He is to injury prone. If you got rid of him, you would have to find 2 good strikers instead of one. That could be difficult as which major players would really choose Liverpool over clubs like Real Madrid, Barca, Inter, Chelsea and Man Utd.

  9. any review on the transfer targets/review for man utd?
    i heard a lots of rumors of players linked to man utd but which player is the most suitable for man utd game?
    anyone man utd should sell? berba?

  10. 5. I would love to see David Villa at LFC, but he is to expensive. Jovanovic coming on free transfer will be a great help, but besides him we need someone who can play on the left wing or behind the striker. David Silva or Juan Mata perhaps.

    4. Cahill is a quality player, but isn’t worth the price tag. I would rather see half the money spent on an up and coming defender who is just as good.

    3. Spot on.

    2. Ngog and Pacheco are suitable back up strikers, especially as Rafa likes the 4-5-1 system.

    1. Obviously, you became a LFC fan during the time Rafa was in charge. If you look back to the previous managers reign, you can see how Rafa took LFC to a whole new level. He has made mistakes this season, even he admitted so, but he’s the best candidate to take the club into the next level.

    1. Actually, there are plenty of people who have followed the club for decades who see similarities between Rafa’s and Houllier’s reign. Take a look back, and I think it’s a reasonable question to ask: Has Rafa taken LFC as far as he can?

  11. I am no fan of Statler and Waldorf, and am happy to hear that it looks like they are finally willing to sell their stake in Liverpool…but I am tired of hearing excuses for Rafa being put solely at the owners’ feet. Rafa has had plenty of $$ to spend, and has brought in players like Maxi and Aquilani. Have they shown any quality for Liverpool? Have we in any way gotten our money’s worth there? And as the OP points out, we got rid of strikers like Crouch, Bellamy, and Keane for scrubs like Babel and N’gog??? And even the staunchist Rafa supporter has to admit his player selections and substitutions are enigmatic at best, insane at worst.

  12. First, Liverpool should get rid of Rafa Benitez and bring in a manager better suited to managing in the PL. After 6 years Rafa still does not know what it takes to win the PL title which is what most Liverpool fans want above everything else. Rafa is better suited for European competitions. Then, the new manager has to change the way the team plays. Under Rafa Liverpool have been absolutely unadventurous and after scoring they just sit back and try not to concede. None of the other top PL teams do this.
    Right now I’d much rather watch Burnley play with their positive approach than Liverpool with their boring, conservative style.
    The new regime should then have players that are not just hard workers but who have talent and can be creative. The present set of players seem not to know what to do if plan A doesn’t work. Much of the blame goes to the manager but some of the blame does fall on the players for not being able to change on the field.
    Finally, Liverpool need to go back to being the best in the PL rather than trying to be the best in Europe via the CL and Europa L.

  13. What’s the obsession with forwards? Yes, we are short on the forward count this season, but our priority signing has to be a leftback. We only have an Argentinian vampire tortoise who is thankfully out for the season so we can actually stop the goal leak from the said flank. I’m sure God is not the only one who knows how many games we’ve lost due to our youngster’s lack of pace and getting turned by crosses.

    We have the world’s best forward, but we don’t even have a single left winger who would make it into the Premiership’s top 10 list, nevermind the world’s top 20 list. Riera will not start next season in a Red shirt, so it is more imperative we should prioritise a left winger over a forward.

    Perhaps as important if not more important than a centreforward would be a replacement for Alonso. Aquilani may possess similar technical abilities and footballing intelligence, but it is evident he was brought in to vandalise parked buses and not take over Alonso’s duties. We should be expecting Javi Martinez this summer. Martinez is a now or never signing because deeplying playmakers are a rare breed and clubs in Spain are already taking notice.

    As for a centreforward, we should use Nemeth more often next season. He’s our next Robbie Fowler. If we are that desperate to sign another, then it should be Higuain or Kenwyne Jones. Higuain looks like he has got what it takes to cut it in the Premier League which isn’t exactly La Liga, Serie A or the Bundesliga. We all know about Forlan and Morientes who are brilliant in La Liga and we know how well Torres did back there. Villa may well be another Morientes. Jones has what we’re sorely missing in set pieces – accurate aerial supremacy. I’d even suggest we buy Rory Delap and Jones together and double sub them in in games where we can’t cut through defences. Just picture this – Long throw, header, goal.

  14. hye guys…
    i am from malaysia n i am a big fan of liverpool…
    my comment may make some agree n disagree with me…
    we start from top..

    torres need to stay… yes i agree that we need money by selling players… but why should it be torres? it can be other player…
    n we need other striker… approaching senior player like owen, toni is a great idea due to lack of budget… n maybe by selling babel n ngog can help to find younger n more talented striker…

    as for center… aquilani is not a flop to me… yes we did see much of him last season… for me this is because of the injuries… we can see towards the end of the season he preaty much have shown his talent right?

    so for me it is best that to replace lucas with stephen ireland or maybe just try to play other formation that doesn`t need liverpool to have 2 defensive mid fielder at the same time…

    liverpool for sure need to have agger replace insua`s place…
    and please find center back that won`t leave their position…

    reina: the best as far as we can see…

  15. As we are trying to compete for honours next season we need to bring in some decent players without spending big money as we are highly unlikely to get a massive transfer buget from the yanks anyway. Im not saying we need alot of players just a few good signings maybe four or five at the most. Jovanovic would be a quality signing if we get him (apparently he has already signed) and i think he and Torres could be deadly partnership, i also think Podolski would be a good signing as he is showing great form in the would cup, but maybe to pricey for us?? David Silva would solve our wing problem, Valencia may also be willing to sell due to their financial problems at the club, i reckon we could get him for around £15-20m. Another good signing would be Mesut Ozil from Werder Bremen, he has real quality and has amazing passing skills, something we have been missing since selling Xabi Alonso, would cost around £15m. Also Gary Cahill and Mata are currently being linked with a move to LFC and in my opinion would be great signings. As for spending no money Gallas, Ballack and Joe Cole are all available on free’s at the moment and would bolster the squad dramatically without spending anything.

  16. Hi guys……..
    I am big fan of liverpool and am from INDIA……..

    First Its Better to protect our players to keep in our side rather dan dey go to some other clubs….. Already Benayoun left to chelsa nd Kuyt is planning to leave…LFC cant reagin its form with signing of new players until our old players stay and perform… See dat Gerrard nd Torres continue for liverpool…. V just need a good striker dats it who can just support Torres to regain EPL title dis season..

  17. Well, with torres struggling to stay with us(reds)…time to reunite the team and give support to gerrard and torres. Let us go for a good striker first…sergio aguero/suarez(uruguay)/gyan(ghana)/Fabio Quagliarella/roque santa cruz/david villa would b a dream. Midfield needs to strengthen with the best deal for mesut ozil(germany+werder bremen)/mueller/khedira/stoch(slovakia)…would do wonders if lfc can get 2-3 of these players!! dying to c liverpool perform…get owen back coz he can only perform for liverpool…runs in his blood!!

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