DirecTV Adding GolTV HD, But No Fox Soccer Channel HD or FS+ HD In Sight

DirecTV announced today that approximately 30 new HD channels will be added beginning in May. The good news is that GolTV HD will be available. However, Fox Soccer Channel in HD and Fox Soccer Plus in HD were not included in the list.

This is frustrating news for soccer fans in the United States because GolTV only announced three weeks ago — on March 29, 2010 that they would be launching a HD channel this summer. And now the news has been released that GolTV is following through with their plans.

On the other hand, Fox had been discussing HD since the summer of 2009 and soccer fans had been led to believe that HD would be available as early as January 1, 2010. However, it wasn’t until February 10 when the first TV provider, DISH Network, made Fox Soccer Channel in HD available. As of press time, personalities on Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus continue to plug that both channels are available in HD, but not one TV provider is showing Fox Soccer Plus in HD and the only ones showing FSC in HD is the aforementioned DISH Network and some Time Warner regional carriers. Technically both networks are being broadcasted in HD, but when only a relatively minor portion of the audience can watch the games in HD, you can see why it’s a frustrating experience for soccer fans in the United States.

At the same time, DISH Network doesn’t carry GolTV at all (even in SD), so there is no one TV provider in the United States who offers the complete experience for soccer fans.

What are your thoughts regarding the story? If you’re a DirecTV customer, are you considering moving to DISH Network? Or vice-versa?

In the meantime, read my related article, How to demand your TV provider adds Fox Soccer Plus or FSCHD.

75 thoughts on “DirecTV Adding GolTV HD, But No Fox Soccer Channel HD or FS+ HD In Sight”

  1. Dish Network isn’t the only provider that carries Fox Soccer Channel HD. Time Warner Cable in San Diego carries it as well. As a Directv customer, this is pretty disappointing. If they don’t carry Fox Soccer Channel HD by the start of the 2010/11 EPL season, bye bye.

    1. David, thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed that in the post. At the same time, not all Time Warner regional cable companies are showing it. Only some.

      The Gaffer

    2. Same, current DirecTV subscriber planning on switching to whoever has both (can’t be asking too much by August, can we) FSC and FS+ HD by the beginning of the next English season.

      1. Stephen, I have DirecTV and I’m a soccer fan across the board. While I get frustrated that there’s no FSC or FS+ in HD on DirecTV, I could never imagine switching. With DirecTV we get every Europa and Champions League game in HD, we get GolTV in the first place (and now in HD apparently) as well as free La Liga games in HD that are exclusive to DirecTV (just like the entire lot of Europa and CL games are).

        With the exception of not getting ESPN Deportes (unless you wanna buy a $20 Spanish package), we get every single match that is broadcast in the US in some form or another.

        But if you’re strictly just an EPL follower, then I guess it’s not a question of quantity, but quality.

        1. David, I have DirecTV and I wasn’t able to get today’s semi-final Barcelona game in HD. I checked their “special” channels in the 400’s and they were all blank for today’s game. To be honest I haven’t seen any Champion’s League games on those channels ever. Should I be looking somewhere else?

          1. Matt,
            DirecTV only shows the early rounds of the champions league in that channel region…
            When it gets to the knockout stages and all the games are on FSC and GolTV, etc…, DirecTV does not show them in that 400 zone.

            They have, however, shown every Europa League tie to this point in the competition, as it is not carried on any of the major American providers for matches..

          2. This is a reply to Dawes (the reply link isn’t showing on your post). Thanks for clarifying that Dawes. I got DirecTV not too long ago so I missed those channels for the earlier games in the season.

          3. For me, the UCL semi-final was playing on the FSN family of networks, not the special 47x channels. Check there.

          4. Matt,

            Yes, today game Inter v Barca was available in HD if you had checked the family channel of Fox Network channel such as NESNHD, CSNEHD, MSGHD etc.


          5. Check channels 630 and 634. They show one game from champions League on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Wednesday they don’t broadcast anything (no idea why). So, tomorrow will have to watch Barcelona in SD. Go Barca !!!

          6. i subscribe to the spanish channels package on DirecTv… its $15 a month and I get GolTV, ESPN Deportes (which by the way will be broadcasting the WC games in portuguese) and Fox Sports en Español. FSE carries EPL, Serie A from Italy and Copa Libertadores all of which can be heard in English on via SAP

  2. This was the day all football fans with DirecTV accounts were waiting for: the announcement of the highly anticipated rollout of new HD channels. “Finally,” we thought, “Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Soccer Plus in HD!” How disappointed I was when I read the list of new HD channels and found that neither was on the list. Yes, I was pleased to hear that DirecTV would be carrying Gol TV HD when it launches in August, but my joy was tempered by the punch to the gut I received when I heard the two channels I wanted most would not be coming.

    However, word on the satellite message boards is the channels listed in DTV’s press release are only the beginning. Those channels are listed an announced in the press release because deals are currently in place. Apparently, DTV is still in contract negotiations with FSC, FS+, BBC America and others as far as HD carriage agreements.

    What does this mean for me as a DirecTV subscriber, then? Should I jump ship and subscribe to DISH? The answer is no. DTV still provides the most football and promises to add more HD channels in the future. The new Premiership season doesn’t begin until August. Surely DTV will add FSC HD by then. Patience, as always, is the key and, hopefully, it will be rewarded.

  3. Makes me wonder what FSC is asking per line to broadcast HD. I was on FSC’s side till I heard this. Why? cause if Directv who is pushing the HD services as their competitive advantage isn’t adding it, it must come down to money.

    FIOS has been pretty quiet on it as well, and on the FIOS fan page on facebook, there are some pretty hardcore FSCHD requests…

    FS has really dropped the ball this season on so many levels.. they even stop running ads in industry rags like Broadcast Week and MediaWeek.

    1. I agree. I think that this may turn out to be similar to the DirecTV – Versus issue. It’s all about the carriage rights cost. At the same time, I am holding out for FSC and FS+ to be included in the initial rollout.

      I think today’s announcement is in direct response to the shot Dish fired across DirecTV’s bow yesterday in their HD addition announcement. Hopefully, DirecTV only announced the channels that the carriage rights agreements have been signed and that there is still room for additional channels in the initial rollout once the agreements are in place.

  4. I’ve also heard the announcers on FSC mention that some FSP games are available in HD as well and Fox Soccer Channel’s wiki page states that some TWC also carries FSP in HD in some regions as well. It was apparently the first to do so and only has it in a few areas.

    Either way, it’s annoying as hell that we’re someone how getting GolTV in HD so soon after the announcement but that FSC STILL isn’t on DirecTV in HD yet?

    The GolTV switch will be greatly appreciated though as it seems like their SD feed has gotten FAR worse than what it used to be. I don’t know what it is but when the camera is zoomed out to show the majority of the field from the side, it might be the worst picture I’ve EVER seen from a SD sports channel stretched across a widescreen television. I’m not sure what that can be attributed to but the quality of their normal feed has definitely dipped in the past few months.

  5. Sorry to double post, but why isn’t FSC showing the a CL match today on it’s station? I have access to it in “HD” on a local station but it seems odd that FSC wouldn’t take this game for itself.

  6. Gaffer,

    Your welcome. I just know of San Diego since my buddy has it. I guess for the majority of the country who doesn’t have FSC HD, you can see replays of the matches in HD on Fox Sports Regional networks usually on Monday’s. I just looked at DirecTV’s Twitter page. The majority of posts on there are people complaining and asking about FSC HD. Hopefully they’ll listen an add the channel.

      1. Thanks for the spoiler!! Some of us have to work and record the games to watch at night on do not want to know the score.

        In the future, please keep the scores to yourself!!

  7. Sam,

    Tuesday’s Champions League games have been airing on your local Fox Sports Regional network for the last few months or so. Since the majority of us don’t have FSC HD, I think that’s a good thing. Wednesday’s match will be on FSC.

    1. I don’t understand, today’s CL game was broadcasted on FSC. I couldn’t find it anywhere else in HD. Why am I seeing the exact opposite of what everyone else is claiming?

      1. Matt, re-read the post. Tuesday’s games (today) are on your local Fox Regional Sports Network – NOT – FSC. Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) game will be on FSC. Next Tuesday’s will again be on Fox RSN in HD and Wednesday on FSC.

        Where do you live? I have the game on my DVR. Come on down to Oklahoma and BYO and you can watch it on my 50′ Panasonic Plasma in HD.

        1. I actually DVR’d Tuesday’s game (I’m a Barca fan) on FSC in lame ‘ol standard definition so that’s what confused me when you said it wasn’t on FSC. I’ll check the other Fox network channels next Tuesday for HD. BTW, thanks for the offer. I’m from CA so by the time I get there I might make it for next Tuesday’s games!

  8. I wish DISH would get GOLtv back!
    Has anyone complained about FSC+ running a ticker at the bottom of the screen during matches? Paying $15 a month and having a ticker pop up every 8 mins SUCKS!
    I can remember on Fox Soccer Phone In they ripped on ESPN for running their ticker during a UEFA match

  9. I contacted the DirecTV Twitter account last week and they confirmed that as of now – there is NO contract in place between FSC and DirecTV to carry the two channels in HD. No dates expected and no current negociating.

  10. Concur w/ David and the above posters that say that DirecTV basically has until the beginning of next season to get on board. With no FSC or FSC+ in HD on the horizon, and the NFL Sunday ticket prices absolutely skyrocketing, I see no further reason to be bound to DirecTV anymore. I never thought I’d say it, but I may be a Dish subscriber come August.

  11. Like some of you, I won’t be abandoning DirecTV because of this. I’ll be patient.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t shed any tears if ESPN picked up the rights to a few more games. Thankfully, I don’t mind the cursed tickers.

  12. how do you get gol tv and fox soccer channel on dish network? I was under the impressions that 1) you cannot get gol network and 2) you have to get one of the highest bundles to see fox soccer channel at all. On direct tv you can just get the sport package. I currently have the now defunct “italian” package which only has gol tv and fox soccer channel.

    1. You just sign up for the DirecTV Sports Pack and you get them both. Not sure how much the Sports Pack is priced by itself, as a charge of $26.00 appears on my bill for HBO and Sports Pack together. So, subtract whatever HBO generally costs and there you go.

  13. Screw DTV! I’m PISSED!!! On the tail of the Versus fiasco and the continued unavailability of Comcast Sports NW (i.e. no Blazers games), I’m getting ready to drop these fools.

    1. I think it’s the lesser of all of the evils. I’m mad they haven’t added FSC HD but I do appreciate the free UEFA channels that give us Europa and Champions League coverage. Not sure if any other provider offers that.

  14. I’m just about done with Comcast now, no FSC HD and for some odd reason I can’t get Goltv (sd) in my bordering suburb yet the City of Chicago has it city wide. Comcast has their head so far up their asses it makes me sick. I’m going to Directv in the fall if I don’t get FSCHD with Comcast, I guarentee Dtv will get it next.

  15. I can’t imagine Fox is giving up the fight as far as HD-availability. I think DirectTV is just sensitive about putting channels in their marketing materials until a definitive agreement is signed. Imagine the lawsuits if it said “We will have XYZ!” and then they couldn’t provide it after people signed up on that promise.

    I would suspect the DirectTV folks are aware of the demand for FSC HD, because they wouldn’t have added GOLTV HD first without knowing the marketplace for HD soccer.

  16. I’m excited abut univision and telefutura in HD, this means we can see all of the worldcup games in HD, if you don’t know spanish just mute it or something, that’s what i do, lol

    MSNBC HD, ESPNU HD, Travel Channel HD, Hallmark Channel HD, Lifetime HD and Univision HD Are Among the New HD Channels to Begin launching in May

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif., April 20, 2010— DIRECTV, the world’s most popular video service, continues to deliver more full time HD channels than any other television provider in the nation with the addition of over 30 new HD channels. These new channels will begin rolling out in May and will continue in the following few months bringing DIRECTV’s total HD channel lineup to more than 160.

    Among the 30 new HD channels that DIRECTV will begin launching next month are:

    * CSN Bay Area HD
    * CSN California HD
    * Encore HD East
    * ESPNU HD
    * FSN Florida HD
    * GolTV HD
    * Hallmark Channel HD
    * Hallmark Movie Channel HD
    * HBO2 East HD
    * HBO Zone HD
    * Lifetime HD
    * MSNBC HD

    * Showtime Beyond HD
    * Showtime Next HD
    * Showtime Women HD
    * STARZ Cinema HD
    * STARZ In Black HD
    * Telefutura HD West
    * TMC Xtra HD East
    * Travel Channel HD
    * Univision HD East
    * WGN HD
    * Additional DIRECTV Cinema Channels

    “From day one we have led the way with HD and, to the dismay of our competitors, that has not changed,” said Derek Chang, executive vice president, Content Strategy and Development for DIRECTV. “While DISH Network is very skilled at grossly inflating their HD numbers, you’d be hard pressed to find an actual list of comprehensive HD channels that match their recent claims. We invite consumers to go to to see a list of all of DIRECTV’s 160 HD channels. We challenge DISH to publish a list of all their full-time HD channels so consumers can decide and count for themselves.”

    In addition to the new HD channels, beginning this June, DIRECTV will launch a suite of 3D channels, which will include N3D™ powered by Panasonic, ESPN 3D, a 3D DIRECTV Cinema channel; and a 3D DIRECTV on Demand channel.

    DIRECTV continues to lead the industry with the most sports in HD by broadcasting exclusive interactive sports packages like NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and NCAA® MEGA MARCH MADNESS™ all in crystal-clear HD. DIRECTV will also continue to add HD content to its DIRECTV on Demand platform. In addition, DIRECTV delivers local HD programming to 138 markets, representing 92 percent of U.S. TV households.

  17. I have DirectTV, and while I am frustrated as well, I have noticed that some big EPL games have been broadcast later in the week in HD on some of the higher FS channels. FSW had ManU vs. Man City in HD on Tuesday after the match was played. I know it’s not live, but it is nice to be able to see some games in HD. I just have to avoid any media telling me who won the games before I get a chance to watch them.

  18. Dish in my opinion is the best. Most of us here just watch the EPL, and that only comes out on FSC and ESPN. On dish, i have ESPN HD and FSC HD. Thats all i need. Although Directv gets Gol TV, i really dont seem it being attractive, especially when i have a Dish latino plan that gets FSC HD for REALLY cheap!

  19. TWC ( in NYC) just added FSC+ and FSC+ HD but suprisingly no FSC HD . I called TWC and as usual they informed me that they are sorry ,but they don’t have FSC HD for now??? they should start with FSC HD first considering that most of the EPL and CL games are in FSC???

  20. More than 30; the list posted are channels that are confirmed as of the press date. Don’t worry, fellow DirecTV subscribers, FSC and FS+ will be there in HD for the 2010/11 season kick-off, maybe in time for the Football League play-offs in mid and late May.

  21. My situation is a bit unusual for this site but I will not switch to Dish from DirecTV because Dish doesn’t get MLB Extra Innings or Gol TV. Yes, I love the EPL but no baseball or La Liga is a game killer for me; even if you cut out the baseball (because I understand it isn’t something everyone wants), I still have to get my fill of Real Madrid & Barcelona games. I will be patient but it won’t hurt too much if I still have to watch games in SD come August.

  22. For those of you who mentioned not seeing today’s Champions League Inter/Barca match… I also looked in the 461-460 UEFA channels and was surprised not to see it listed there. I did a broader search, though, and saw several of the regional sports channels in the mid-600s carrying it in HD. I grabbed it on 630-CSNEHD live…. looked great. So if you have the Sports Pack, keep an eye on those regional channels (several Comcast SportsNet channels carried it)…

  23. thanks Directv. we got Lifetime and Hallmark in HD, but no FSC. are you kidding me? I am ready to switch to Dish, but as a previous post points out, its probably smart to wait until the beginning of next EPL/Italian seasons in case they add it. With the World cup Coming up, there will be plenty of HD games to watch on other channels until then. Honestly i would be quite happy if ESPN got all the EPL games at this point and FSC disappeared. We shouldnt have to pay an extra $15 for SD programming.
    i would like to know what the problem is. is it really all down to how much money Fox want for this?

  24. It is disappointing to see how Directv continues to postpone the addition of FSC HD (and FSC+ HD) to their new HD line-up and how they keep quiet about this issue. They have managed to keep us, soccer fans, holding on to the hope that soon they would add these channels. But this has happened yet. This is really bothersome. If the source of the delay is FOX who may be putting pressure on Directv to pay more for these HD channels, Directv should inform subscribers about this situation and ask that they protest against FOX position so that they can come to a mutual agreement by which both side can benefit from. If it is Directv alone who has made the decision not to carry these channels, they also should inform subscribers. If the EPL is not broadcast in HD by the beginning of the next season on Directv, this service will definetely lose many of their loyal subscribers who most likely will go to DishNetwork to watch the EPL on FSC HD. When DishNetwork dropped GolTv, they explained the financial reason for their decision and many subscribers switched to Directv without further fuzz about it. Because FSD HD is already offered by DishNetwork, many Directv subscribers have started switching to DishNetwork. If Directv plans to add these channels (at least FSC HD), they should inform subscribers immediately to prevent an unnecessary move to Dishnetwork. It is by the quality of programming that I am subscribed to Directv. By adding quantity (more HD channels) over quality (channels I want to watch such FSD HD), Directv is not going to retain me as a subscriber for too long. I just hope that by the time I switch to DishNetwork, Directv doesn’t start offering FSC HD as part of their HD line-up. Directv, please speak up!

    1. Amazing, you echo my sentiments exactly, you could replace directv with comcast and it’s everything I would have said. Great comment.

  25. the season is coming to an end, who cares!
    they should launch at the beginning of the season

    Fox are doing a terrible job rolling out service. They suk.

  26. Per its broadcast agreement with UEFA, FOX is obligated to show one CL game a week (Tuesday) on one its affilliated regional sports networks (all of which have an HD channel). So that’s why there is a HD CL game on Tues and not one Wednesdays when FSC has the game (at least where FSC HD isn’t available).

  27. I am a Directv customer. While the customer service people are polite, they are absolutely no help and provide no information. Any request is answered this way and if you reply, a more senior csr emails you and very politely tells you too bad, they have no plans to provide it. Very frustrating.

  28. What really gets me is that you have a channel in SD already so you’ve already got a contract worked out for that. How much more difficult is it to just add the HD version of it?

    What I *really* want to know is when HD will stop being treated like some type of premium service. I can already get it for free over the air for my local channels. Maybe they can bring back black and white TV so they can argue over contracts and charge more for color programming.

  29. Like everyone else, I was pretty disappointed with that announcement from DirecTV. But I do have to say I’m really looking forward to having GolTV in HD and find it hard to believe that FSC HD and FSP HD aren’t on their way before next season. Even if not, as someone who’s gone back and forth between DISH and DirecTV several times over the last 12 years (solely for Liverpool FC, mind you!), I can’t see switch again anytime soon.

    I need FSC, FSP, GolTV and the UEFA channels – if they’re in HD, fabulous but I’ll take the SD any day vs not having them at all.

    1. Amigo dejame decirte esto, vivo en San fernando Valley 91303 y aqui Time Warner Cable Ofrece desde el primero de Enero Univision Este HD, Telefutura46HD y Telemundo52HD muchisimo antes q Directv y actualmente soy suscriptor de Directvmas HD y apenas ayer pusieron UnivisionHD y TelefuraHD ahora faltan los locales en espanol HD…

  30. I am a Dishnetwork subscriber and I am not getting fox soccer channel in HD. Apparently they put the channel on a satellite that very few can receive on the east coast. To get the channel in HD i have to upgrade my dish and that would cost me at least $100.00.

  31. I believe Gol Tv is better than fox soccer, I will not move to dish network, I used to have and in 18 months they lost 14 Spanish language channels plus Lifetime, however they got it back (lifetime) instead Directv now is offering over 60 Spanish channels and FULL SOCCER leagues on Fox Sport en espanol, GolTV, ESPN deportes, Univision, Telemundo,Telefutura, Azteca Mexico, Telecentro, TyC Sport en espanol, Centro America TV plus Azteca America and (April28) UnivisionHD + TelefuturaHD, and in some days GolTVHD, now we will only wait for TelemundoHD., I will never gonna leave Directv.

  32. it’s official, directv launched today univision and telefutura in HD in the spanish package, they also added a new SD channel from colombia, but now we can watch the world cup in HD…i didn’t see any new english channels in HD

  33. I can live without GolTV. I watched Liverpool v Athletico last week and came across one of the worst co-commentators I have ever heard. Who was that Geordie berk? The main commentator wasn’t too bad, but this guy was insanely annoying.

  34. Did anyone else see the cutaway during the Madrid game on ESPN to show a score update from the Barça game? At the top of the screen it said something to the effect of courtesy of “GolTV/DirecTV.”

    I couldn’t find the Barça game on in HD anywhere though on DirecTV. Not even in the 400s. Any update on the specific day that GolTV is supposed to be coming to DirecTV? And furthermore, why would they show the GolTV/DirecTV thing if DTV didn’t have an HD GolTV feed somewhere right now? Who’s seeing it right now?

  35. Interesting that DirectTV had rights to some CL games. I bet that is where the stalling point is. Fox has all the rights to CL.

    I hope they sort it out soon, because I’m about to switch from Dish to DirectTV

  36. I’m with many people here, no HD for the EPL by start of the 2010/11 season, and they’re gone. I’ll be going to dish. Fed up with a substandard package from the “leader in HD”. Leader my arse. They need to get their act together. In this day and age, it is totally unacceptable for us to have been waiting this long, let alone for it to be nixed when even GolTV goes HD. What are they thinking/smoking at the DirecTV offices?

  37. Replying to SAM post 62

    Funny I was watching Barca game on ESPSN2 in HD (Channel 209), while the Real Madrid game was on Gol TV SD (620). I am in Mountain View, CA. And I did see during half time clips from the Madrid game with the curtesy of Directv/Gol TV note on top, sometimes clips are in SD, and some in HD! Yes, where can I see GOL TV HD?

    1. I’m guessing ESPN is getting the raw feeds from the International distributor rather than using the actual GolTV feed. Was there a GolTV logo on the feed ESPN showed?

      If there was, the other explanation could be that GolTV may already be in HD in anticipation of their August rollout.

  38. I went back and look at my recording and I was mistaken. The Real Madrid clips they showed on ESPN2 wee in SD with “Curtesia Direct/Gol TV” sign, but where it prints the game time, it says ESPN. Weird. It must be broadcasting on ESPND.

    Then I went back and look at Fox Soccer News recorded on that day. The Barca game highlight they showed was in HD (I can tell by the screen ratio, and where the gane time is shown). Even though FSC is broadcast in SD. At the bottom left of the screen, it says GOL TV Encore Presentation. But that logo isn’t completely in the screen, it’s in the bottom black area.

    The news highlight for Real MAdrid game was in SD though, with GOLTV logo in it.

  39. New tweet from DirecTV

    @DIRECTV: In addition to adding FOX Soccer Channel HD, we’re working to add live matches in HD on Fox Soccer Plus.

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