Love Glazer, Hate United: Man City Fans Take The Mickey

Sports News - April 17, 2010

Manchester City supporters took the mickey out on Manchester United fans at Eastlands this past Saturday (see above picture), but it was the United supporters who were having the last laugh after Paul Scholes’s injury time winner.

Still, you have to give credit to City supporters for being creative.

26 thoughts on “Love Glazer, Hate United: Man City Fans Take The Mickey”

    1. how is that not creative?? Calm down. United have tons of posters like this about City, but I’m not complaining because it’s all part of the rivalry.

    2. I love how you your tryin to rip on us for not bein creative when you pull out a classic like “man shity” – thank you – you’ve actually just made my day xx

      One love

  1. Hang all the posters u want…end of the day its the trophies that count…Utd will be more than happy to see City keep on doing what they’re good at…hanging posters !!!!

  2. The funny thing is a new pro team kicked of this weekend in TAMPA the home of the GLAZERS(God bless em)and guess what colors they play in,yes green and yellow.

  3. United put city in there place. We were the better team for must of that much and greated the better goal scoring chance.Its typical paul scholes clinical and wat a player.
    I believe this would give us the chance to win the league again for the fourth time. I think chelsea will lose to liverpool and also arsenal out of the race, Thanks Wigan. COME ON UNITED!!!

    1. illiterate clown.
      ‘there place’ ?
      “We were the better team for must of that much and greated the better goal scoring chance” ?
      “Its typical paul scholes” ?
      “wat a player.” ? I guess this could be txt spk if you’re nine.

    2. Ha ha how wrong you were you red tosser!n Chelsea beat you to thr title and you just ended up with a mickey mouse cup that Baconface dint care about a few years ago!!!! ha ha

  4. I think the United fans take life too seriously. Take a chill pill folks, as the bin dippers would say ” calm down”.

  5. there is only one sign that United fans need when it comes to City:

    34 YEARS

    and yes, the Glazers are a blight on football and all of humanity … must be nice to have all of that sweet, sweet oil terrorist money to waste on winning f**kall!

    1. Classy United fans, Mansour is from the middle east, therefore he’s automatically a terrorist.

      What a clown you are.

  6. Can’t believe this is considered creative – did it take up all of half a second to think it up>>> therefore deemed creative???

  7. Great Poster. I love the Glazers. Their expertise in ownership brought Tampa Bay a super bowl in 2002. Go GLAZERS!! LOVE GLAZERS HATE UNITED!

  8. tbh honest united r just lucky they score last minute goals the time will cum so give up the loopey juice and it will be a blue ride next season. so fuck of bak to london!!!!!!!

  9. wow well done city fans considering the fact you all share a single brain amongst yourselves that is a pretty big achievement. Come on lads give them credit where its due….

  10. How quickly these City fans have forgotten… For years they suffered under Peter Swales and the club was also in debt for a long time…. Football rivalry is one thing, but wanting a fellow Manchester club to go under just sums this lot up… Mind you, what else can you expect form a bunch of morons that find air crashes funny?!

  11. “Hate United, Love Glazer”? Really? That’s somehow creative? Considering the only other crap City fans can come up with is “Who’s That Dying on the Runway”, I guess this is somewhat creative in comparison.

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