Wigan Athletic 3-2 Arsenal: Open Thread

Football - Wigan Athletic v Arsenal Barclays Premier League

It’s an unbelievable weekend in the Premier League. Manchester United grab an injury winner against City to keep them in the race. Tottenham Hotspur deservedly beat Chelsea and opened the Premier League title race wide open. And then on Sunday, everyone expected Arsenal to win the match against Wigan — especially after the Gunners were leading 2-0 — to close the gap at the top.

But Wigan pulled back three late goals including one by Charles N’Zogbia in injury time to end Arsenal’s Premier League title race. Unbelievable.

There’ll be more insight and articles into Arsenal’s loss, but feel free to share your comments and vent here in the meantime. What a weekend in the Premier League, eh?

10 thoughts on “Wigan Athletic 3-2 Arsenal: Open Thread”

  1. Amazing weekend. This is exactly why the league system is so good – teams at the bottom fighting tooth and nail to stay in the EPL, rather than just sitting back and saying “ah well, we didn’t make the playoffs”. Other teams fighting to get into Europe next season, even though they can’t win the league. Brilliant.

    1. wozza…couldn’t have put it better myself. This system rewards hard work and consistency (as it should) and punishes complacency those prepared to throw the towel in prematurely. All in all, great value for money.

      1. Great point, wozza. It truly shows who deserves the championship over the course of the entire season because no team packs it in. It makes every game important and therefore a win for the fans.

  2. That was one of the most impressive choke jobs I’ve ever seen in sports. If Arsenal had decided at the 80 minute mark that they were going to throw the game, they probably would have been less obvious than that.

    I really don’t know how a club like Arsenal can be stuck with multiple keepers who cannot even be counted on to catch a ball.

    This season has had a few fun high points, but I won’t be sad to see the back of it.

    1. Sadly it’s down to a myopic manager who really should be looking at himself for not recognising the limited abilities of players such as bendtner, denilson, diaby, almunia, fabianski, rosicky et al. Time for a change at the top, Arsene knows. Does he any more ?
      Every empire has it’s course to run and although it’s, for the most part, been great it is now time to get a new manager with new beliefs. Although the board will never sanction it because they all make money finishing in the top 4 every season so won’t upset the status quo .

  3. aw you moron pls leave n take with you the load of crap players you have ,,buy decent gk ,cb,,,defender a must next season n buy players who can fight for the ball not pansys from france ,can the board pls tell wenger what a bloody idiot he is ,arsenal is not a fighting team they are a pussy team no fight in them just a load of wankers if i was on the board i would bloody cut there pay these players need to know who is the boss seems to me they are just there to collect there pay packet,don,t perform no salary that goes for mr wanker too..hate being a gunner im being given high blood pressur e every weekend can,t take this anymore pls pls buy decent players or fuck off wenger wenger you asshole,asshole stupid prick face chicken face you made arsenal the whipping boys of epl you stupid cunt………..

  4. hei..you should realize that your young guns doesn’t have a good mentality monsieur! maybe they have a good skill..good spirit, but every body knows,,every body watch it,that when the young guns got some pressure..then they’ll play like a nervous player in the field.,the’ll always loose the ball.,like a football player never training a football eh?? so i suggest to buy some good player with a good mentality..team need some player that can be trusted to play the ball in the field..not like bendtner who always loose the ball when his friend pass the ball to him..what a stupid player! come on monsieur.,you know what you need to do..don’t let the gunners (fans) being embarrased when we wear our proudly jersey outside! make us proud again to wear it!!

  5. As a Wigan fan, I can say that, despite their less than imposing stature in the game, I think they deserve better praise and headlines for not folding the tents, continuing to fight hard, and actually winning this match, rather than discussing their what their opponent did wrong.

    Also, Wozza nailed it above with that comment. As an American who has watched sports most of my life, I’ve never found anything that is as enjoyable to watch for an entire season as the EPL. The NFL as a league is a close second, but the overall TV viewing experience (when I can get it) and enjoyment is certainly second to none.

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