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Los Angeles remains unscathed through four weeks of Major League Soccer action, getting two more goals from Edson Buddle to sit atop the conference in league, twelve points through four matches. In this edition of this Major League Soccer Talk podcast, Daniel Feuerstein and myself review that headlining match – Los Angeles and Real Salt Lake – as well as the weekend that was in MLS. .

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  1. Good insight on Dykstra and the Fire. Dykstra had a clean sheet in DC and looked good. Yes, I agree with Daniel that Busch’s sudden departure upset the team. He was a leader on the field and it will take a while for a new one to be found. Dykstra was tested in the DC game really for the first time and did well as the result shows. The Fire still has a problem with the finish after many a good run.

    As far as Richard’s closing remarks go, I feel after 4 weeks of play that the overall play is better, but there are still a major mistake or error by each team every week that leads to a score. We still having growing pains as a league but you will have that as you expand the league every year. As point out the league attendance is now something that is everyone has to stand up and take notice about. People in the stands and all the new stadiums lead to better play on the field. Things are looking up.

  2. Good podcast, thanks guys. I like the MLS reveiw show because I’ve only seen the Rapids games this year, so hearing about other teams gives some life to schedule.

    I concur with your reservations about public financing for stadiums. The MLS stadiums are a useful size for High School sports, small colleges, and concerts, and thus can be good assets for the suburbs in which they are placed. I’d like to think Commerce City is pleased with their investment in the Rapids stadium. I still don’t get why RFK must be torn down; why can’t DC united just stay there? Can’t they negotiate for a better lease now that they are the only tenent, or does the district have other plans for the land?

  3. I thought your analysis of RSL this season has lacked. RSL was without 3 of their starters and the majority of the squad that played against LA had come off of a 120 minute open cup game in San Jose on Wednesday. The points don’t show how good RSL is; they have suffered and will continue to suffer from poor officiating. We saw it in Houston, and we will continue to drop at least a few games every year due to poor officiating. The officials in the MLS certainly have a bias towards the bigger market teams, and MLS big wigs favor the bigger market teams as you can see from certain rule changes and exceptions they have created. But even with all of that, RSL and Columbus in the past few years have shown the bigger market teams that we can win even if the officials and the MLS execs are rooting for the other team and doing whatever they can to help them win without throwing the game. Give RSL a month or two and they will have caught up with LA in the tables.

  4. The reason DC United can’t conti ue playing at RFK Stadium is because the club does not control the revenue at this facility. In addition to paying a lease, they don’t get the benefit of revenue from parking, etc.

    The question about the lease is a good one. Maybe their lease is a more agreeable one, but not enough. Plus the whole single entity factor, makes me think this is something that’s less than thrilling for the league. They don’t want their teams leasing space, they want t be renting out their own property.

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